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70 Early Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

70 Early Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t tell what a guy wants from you?

As much as you try to get to the bottom of his intentions, you simply can’t figure him out.

Is he just being nice? Does he find you attractive but nothing besides that?

Is he trying to get in your pants? Or does he want something serious?

Well, we’re here to your rescue because you’re about to read some of the cutest early signs he wants you to be his girlfriend.

1. He gives you nicknames no one has. Cute or funny and it doesn’t have to be just one.

2. He notices when you’ve changed your hair, got a haircut or dyed it. He remember small things about you because he listens to you and he genuinely cares about what you’ve got to say.

3. He is not forcing you to have sex with him. He’s waiting for the two of you to get to know each other better and connect more on an emotional level.

4. He cares about his looks because he wants to impress you. He carefully picks out his clothes and wants to make himself more appealing to you.

5. There is a crazy chemistry going on between the two of you. It all fires up as soon as he touches you. He teases you and makes you laugh.

6. He is acting like a perfect gentleman. He opens doors for you, pulls out your chair so you can sit on it, and lets you walk into a room first. It’s like he is from another time. Well he isn’t, it’s just romance that is sadly mostly dead nowadays.

7. He is not looking for one night stands. Hookups are ancient history as far as he is concerned. He wants to commit to you and love you for the rest of his life. He just really wants you to be his girlfriend.

8. He is well aware that he fell in love with you for a reason. He fell in love with the person you are and he will never try to change you. You are who you are and that is what he likes the most about you.

9. He will never stop trying to surprise you and planning dates for you. He wants you to know that he cares, so he will invest in your relationship as much as he can.

10. He is not wearing a mask. He shows you his real face and his genuine feelings. He’s not afraid to be vulnerable in front of you because he wants you to see the real him and not just the façade.

11. He is honest with you and asks you what you want from him. Do you want a long-term relationship?

12. If he doesn’t like your friends or family, he will treat them with respect because he knows you love them. And if you love them, it’s a valid reason to get over his troubles and suck it up like a real man.

13. He will never let you worry where he is. He will tell you his location (because he wants to) and who he is with.

14. When he meets you, he will tell you all about his day and he will want to hear everything about yours.

15. He always roots for you. He will be by your side whatever you’re doing, cheerleading like a high school girl.

16. He is always honest with you and he would never hide things from you, no matter how harsh the truth might be. He knows you deserve an answer.

17. He never forgets your birthday or any other date which is important to you. A guy who wants you to be his girlfriend would never forget your birthday.

18. He will never fight with you in public. If he has some unsolved issues with you, he’ll wait until you’re alone and then he’ll try to solve whatever was bugging him.

19. He gives you space and respects your time.

20. He is so proud of you and wants to show you off because you’re just awesome.

21. He takes care of you when you are sick.

22. He sends you texts.

23. He says he misses you.

24. He calls you in the middle of the day just to see what you’re up to.

25. He texts you back instantly and if you end a conversation, he finds an excuse to prolong it.

26. He thinks highly of you.

27. He compliments you on your looks and your abilities. He really admires you and not just to get into your pants.

28. He wants you to meet his friends and he is constantly talking about you to them. He can’t stop because he is simply infatuated with you.

29. He wants to know everything about your love life. He wants to let you know he likes you by asking around if you’re dating anyone. He’ll ask your friends things about you.

30. He acts in a silly way on purpose because he wants his feelings for you be so obvious. He wants you to know that he likes you.

31. He never hides anything from you. You can take his phone whenever you like and he won’t hide his password to his social media accounts from you. He is an open book.

32. He will always put you first and he will never do anything that will hurt your feelings or upset you.

33. He is not holding backups just in case the two of you don’t make it. He has no backup plan because he has his heart and his soul invested in you. He wants you to be his girlfriend and no one else.

34. He will never let you pay.

35. He shows a bit of jealousy when he notices that another guy likes you more than just a friend which is totally okay, as long as it’s not over the top. It’s kind of cute, actually.

36. He asks you a million questions and never gets sick of hearing you talk.

37. He makes you aware that you are the most beautiful girl to him. He tells you this every day.

38. He has no problem with doing ‘women’s’ chores. He will cook and he will clean. No job is too difficult for him when you are in the picture.

39. He make sure he is healthy and in good shape.

40. He can get you to smile even when smiling is the last thing you want to do.

41. He makes you laugh so hard your stomach hurts.

42. He makes sure you have everything you want. He treats you like a queen.

43. When you are together, he doesn’t look at his phone, not even once. It’s all about you.

44. He will always find a way to meet you. Even when he is too busy, trust me, he’ll find a way.

45. He treats you like a priority.

46. He never talks down to you because he respects you too much. He knows that you are a mature grown up and you can solve any problem together by facing it and discussing it.

47. He will never yell at you when he’s angry. If he has some unsolved issues he needs to take care of, he’ll retreat to some place alone and never let his anger get the best of him and hurt you in the process.

48. He plans his future with you.

49. He rarely says ‘I’ but he almost always says ‘we’.

50. Others respect him and only talk positively about him.

51. Sometimes he calls you just to hear your voice. He misses it and he needs to hear it.

52. Sex is just perfect and it only gets better. He knows what you want and he knows how to please you.

53. He is not afraid to kiss you or hold your hand in public. On the contrary, he likes you and he wants the whole world to see it.

54. The word ‘sorry’ is in his vocabulary and he knows how to use it when he knows he’s wrong. He is not a stubborn jerk who doesn’t know how to apologize.

55. He has hobbies and he is passionate about them. He wants to include you in them and if you don’t like them, he’ll do his best to be interested in your interests.

56. He is not perfect, but he is there when you need him.

57. His flaws and his quirks are what makes him unique and just adorable.

58. He cares about what you think about him. He wants to make you proud of him and show him off to the world just like he brags about things you’ve done.

59. He has proven to you that you can trust him.

60. He is flirting with you and will never stop because he’ll never stop trying to win your heart, even when he has already won it.

61. He will never make a promise he can’t keep. His words aren’t empty and when he says he’s going to do something, you can be sure that it’s going to be done.

62. He would never dream of making you feel less worthy. On the contrary, he will make you feel like the most beautiful person alive who deserves all the love she can get.

63. He never judges you. He trusts you to make adult decisions on your own. Even when you make a mistake, he won’t rub it into your face. He’ll stand by your side and help you get through it.

64. He will help you learn from your mistakes.

65. You are the first person he will call if he has bad or good news. He has to share it with you.

66. He always secretly checks you out.

67. He deletes all the apps that he no longer needs now that he’s with you.

68. He sends you funny gifs.

69. You are always going to be his plus-one. Wherever he has to go, he will ask you first because a day without you is a day not worth living.

70. He’ll stick with you through thick and thin, and the passion between the two of you will only continue to grow