When you look back at all those dysfunctional couples you have met throughout your life and the heartbreaks you have endured because of unhealthy and toxic relationships from your past, you only see a waste of time.

Naturally, everyone wants to be in a healthy and mature relationship that can give each person what they want and show them that the world still has love in it.

Healthy relationships have a lot of characteristics that are completely different from all the relationships that you have seen up until now.

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Of course, no relationship is perfect, but people in healthy relationships are well aware of that, and they give each other space to grow and learn.

The secret of happy couples is in knowing and applying the characteristics of healthy relationships.

To help you understand it better, I will be listing down all the characteristics of a healthy relationship that may inspire you to change the way your current relationship works or to give you the knowledge needed when you’re starting a new one.


1. Partners don’t need the relationship; they want it

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When you become needy and clingy in a relationship, you tend to become insecure.

You start thinking that your partner will leave you and that your life won’t make sense after they leave.

In healthy relationships, that’s not the case.

One of the biggest signs of a healthy relationship is both partners’ having the tendency to WANT the relationship instead of NEEDING it.

And when you want something, you give your best to fight for it every day no matter what.

It is no coincidence that the number one reason for potentially abusive relationships is linked with being needy or clingy.

But, when both partners are equally independent, the relationship simply gives them one more reason to smile every day. (This is especially important in new relationships.)

Now, this doesn’t mean that they won’t be there for each other when needed or that they’re OK with losing each other.

It means that they will continue loving themselves even if the relationship doesn’t work out. Awesome, right?

2. They don’t take each other for granted

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Not taking each other for granted and making an effort to surprise each other on a daily basis is also one of the crucial characteristics of a healthy relationship.

You know that you’re in a healthy relationship when even after years of being in a committed relationship, you still know how to surprise your partner.

You still know how to show each other the importance of being a part of their life.

You know you have something special when you never miss a chance to make your loved one feel appreciated and taken care of at the end of the day.

By doing all of this, neither of you will feel unappreciated because knowing that your partner is grateful for having you in their life is the best feeling ever!

3. The relationship is in balance

serious couple talking on the floor
It means that neither of the two partners takes the upper hand or tries to dominate the other by name-calling or similar.

It’s not just one person who’s in charge of making decisions, but rather they do it together. They are both equally respectful of the opinions of their partner.

Also, it means that it’s not one partner who’s doing all the work in the relationship.

They are both well aware of the fact that the relationship can only work if they both take it very seriously.

They both know how to show their partner kindness and take some work off of their shoulders once in a while.

If one does something sweet, it’s probably because they deserve it by doing the same and vice versa.

4. Both partners handle arguments amazingly

young couple having discussion
Many people think that couples in healthy relationships seldom or don’t ever fight, but this is not true at all.

The secret of being in a healthy relationship is in knowing how to handle arguments instead of avoiding them.

It is totally normal to have the need to discuss your differences and show each other your opinions.

But the difference here is that people in healthy relationships don’t judge one another.

They don’t raise their voices, and for sure they don’t throw things at each other. Instead, they deal with issues in their own way (a healthy way).

Now, dealing with arguments can become a burden, but these couples know that, to a certain extent, these arguments and fights are necessary for the relationship to evolve.

Also, there’s no need to ‘sleep it off’ because they are confident enough in their relationship to know that they can address their issues right away.

That is the real magic of every healthy and mature relationship.

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5. They make each other a priority

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How many times have you heard that a relationship was torn apart because he/she wasn’t able to put the relationship as a priority? I bet too many times, right?

When you’re an option to someone, you can’t even expect them to be there for you because you know in advance that they won’t.

But when you’re a priority to your partner, everything will be left aside, so he can be there for you because nothing is more important than your happiness and well-being.

In a healthy relationship, work isn’t something that’s keeping you away from your partner because you are able to manage your time.

So, you always make your partner feel loved, wanted and needed no matter what.

6. They don’t give up on each other that easily

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This doesn’t mean that you should fight for an unhealthy relationship because there is simply no reason to. You know that it’s not your job to fix toxic people.

But when both partners see a future for their relationship, when they see that a stupid little fight has come between them, they are willing to easily forgive each other and constantly work on their relationship to make it better.

When you’ve been in a happy relationship for years and if your partner forgets to do something for you once, it’s not a reason to throw a tantrum and break everything up right away.

Remember that everything can be settled and dealt with if you have a great foundation of trust, mutual respect, and appreciation for each other.

7. Both partners are willing to forgive

man comforting sad woman
Of course, forgiving massive things like cheating will never happen, but forgiving minor mistakes when the couple has bumps in the road on the way to complete happiness is normal.

Healthy partners are willing to forgive and not hold grudges against each other because they know that it’ll make both sides miserable.

They won’t remind each other of some mistakes they’ve made just to prove a point.

Instead of foul language, they are always ready to use love language instead in order to restore peace and harmony in a relationship.

They also don’t immediately think negatively or jump to negative conclusions.

Instead, they give each other the benefit of the doubt, no matter how difficult it is sometimes to do so.

8. They think about each other

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Thinking about each other even when you are not physically present means that you two have a strong, emotional connection.

To remember to bring your wife roses and to remember that your man is tired so you bring him home a beer are little things that mean the world to people.

No one wants an egocentric partner who will think about himself and his needs only.

We all want someone who is able to remember us and call, text or simply show up at our door at 3 AM if needed just because they thought that we were lonely.

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9. Healthy sex life

attractive couple kissing passionate
I know that there are couples out there who choose to keep their sexual lives private, but in a healthy relationship, even when they don’t talk about it, it can be felt in the air that’s surrounding them.

The physical attraction isn’t something to just forget here. It’s not the most important thing in the world, but it’s also not something to be overlooked.

Compromise, being open to trying new things, and reciprocity are three main things crucial for a healthy sex life in every relationship.

So, if you both have the same sex drive and you are open about what you want in bed and what is a turn-off, then it really is a sign of a healthy sexual relationship.

10. They support each other

couple supporting each other
If you love hearing about what your partner’s passions are and what plans they have for the future, then there is a super high chance that you two are in a healthy relationship.

It’s just that easy! Sometimes those passions can physically take them away from us, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is toxic or unhealthy.

When you support your partner fully and they support your dreams and aspirations as well, you two are happy with each other, and you will be able to go very far because no matter what happens, you know that you have their unconditional support.

11. They maintain mutual trust

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Trust is a fundamental thing in almost all the relationships in our life, but when we are talking about romantic relationships and characteristics of a healthy relationship, IT’S CRUCIAL.

Mutual trust means that you have no problem with your man going out with his friends to have a few beers because you know that he won’t do anything that might hurt your relationship and vice versa for you.

To trust your partner means that you are not going to go through his messages or his search history when he’s asleep.

When they trust you, always know that there is someone who’s putting their heart into your hands, so don’t let this person down easily.

For that same reason, mutual trust is extremely important in relationships.

12. Good communication

happy couple talking on coffee date
Communication skills are needed because without them, how are you going to know how to approach your partner when they are not really feeling too good?

Without communication skills, you would never be able to express a genuine emotion.

Sometimes kissing is just enough, but nothing can improve intimacy in your relationship like those deep conversations when you’re up until 3 am.

You have to believe me that these are the most sacred moments in every relationship because every healthy relationship is founded on trust and good communication.

13. They are always ready to compromise

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I had a boyfriend who was actually afraid to compromise.

He said that he was afraid I would take advantage of him that way, even though the things I was suggesting were completely fair, and we would both get what we wanted.

What I’m trying to say is that in order to have a healthy relationship, you really have to learn to compromise.

I know that it can get a bit difficult to find solutions that work for both of you, but don’t back down. Keep on trying! Your relationship is worth it.

14. Loyalty

couple laughing on the couch
This one goes without saying but I think that it is very much needed to talk about it more. Loyalty!

How can your relationship be healthy and successful if one of you is thinking about someone else?

How can that be a good relationship when there is someone unsatisfied with their sex life and finds what they want in someone else?

Loyalty is holy. Now, many people think that the only form of infidelity is being with another person.

But, the truth is that things like micro-cheating (flirting and similar) can also ruin your relationship. So, don’t play around. Be loyal.

15. They love each other

couple hugging on bed
Saved the best for last! A healthy relationship is founded on some reasonable stuff, rational stuff that keeps you together with your partner.

But the most important aspect of all is the love that both partners feel for each other.

Love is the reason why two people start a relationship in the first place! For that same reason, you should be falling in love with each other every day, over and over again.

Love is what will keep you together, and love is what will help you maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Final Thoughts

beautiful woman hugging with man
Communication, mutual trust, reciprocity, and loyalty are key ingredients and the main characteristics of a healthy relationship.

Without it, it would be difficult to establish balance or a foundation for a serious, reciprocating relationship.

And love is what unites all of the above!

If you truly love each other and appreciate every second spent with your partner, listening to them, fighting for their happiness and making them feel special will come naturally to you.

Remember that it’s all about EFFORT and being ready to fight for your relationship no matter what because it won’t be easy.

Every road is a bumpy road until you make it smooth.

So, roll up your sleeves, take the hand of your partner, and learn together to swim in the sea of love, respect, and happiness!

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Top 15 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship