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22 Basic Healthy Relationship Characteristics And Qualities

22 Basic Healthy Relationship Characteristics And Qualities

Just as there is no perfect person, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. We all need to understand that when it comes to romantic relationships, we shouldn’t be striving for perfection.

Love. We should only strive for a reciprocal type of love that adds value to our lives and avoid loveless relationships. Mutual respect and a constant desire to improve are what make a strong and good relationship.

Well, there are also a few more elements, to be completely honest. I don’t want to prolong your agony any longer, so let’s discover the key healthy relationship characteristics and plenty of valuable relationship advice

What Do Healthy Relationships Look Like?

A good, mature and healthy relationship is one where both partners feel emotionally fulfilled. It’s the type of relationship that can show us that the world still has love in it.

A healthy partnership is filled with positivity, love, respect, trust, understanding, acceptance, and loyalty.

Red flags are also a part of a healthy and successful relationship… However, healthy couples recognize them in time and deal with them in a healthy way.

Colleen Clark Lay, LCSW, said, “No one gets along all the time.” The fact is all couples go through ups and downs in their journey of togetherness, but they know how to use those hard times to improve their relationship.

They grow through challenges instead of allowing those hardships to push them apart.

As I already said above, no relationship is perfect… But people in healthy relationships are well aware of that, and they give each other space to grow and learn.

The bottom line is that the key secret of happy couples lies in knowing and applying the characteristics of healthy relationships.

It’s all about respect…

Respect is one of the most important elements and stepping stones that constitute a healthy relationship. You see, if you respect someone, you’ll notice and appreciate their efforts and try to reciprocate in the same way.

In my opinion, respect should be a synonym for love. ‘Cause it’s definitely the purest and most honest form of love.

Showing someone respect means you don’t want to lose that person. It means they have a special place in your life. And as long as they have your respect, they’ll have your love. As long as you respect them, you’ll never be able to hurt them.

And treating others the way you want them to treat you

You teach people how they should treat you through your actions. You can’t give nothing and expect everything in return. The real strength of a successful relationship lies in the power of reciprocation.

So, speak to others the way you want to be spoken to. Listen to others the way you want them to listen to you.

And, most importantly, give the same quality and quantity of love to others as you hope and want to receive from them.

What Are The 4 Qualities Required For A Healthy Relationship?

We can talk about healthy relationship characteristics for hours because there are truly so many of them. On the other hand, there are not too many things required to build a good relationship.

Those healthy relationship must-haves are:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Healthy communication
  • Loyalty

If a relationship lacks any of these, it’ll never be able to work and last. If a couple neglects any of these healthy relationship essentials, it’ll grow like a thorn in the side of their relationship.

22 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship

The fact is that every healthy relationship rests on the same foundations.

To help you understand better, I will list all the qualities of a healthy relationship, which may inspire you to change the way your current relationship works or give you the knowledge needed when you’re starting a new one.

ALERT❗ Keep in mind that each and every one of these elements is equally important. And if you want to build a good relationship, neither one of them should be neglected or avoided.

So, here are the things you should be looking for in a relationship:

1. Mutual respect is the basis of every healthy relationship

Disrespect is still the most common cause of romantic relationships breakups. It’s also one of the clearest unhealthy relationship characteristics.

If someone doesn’t respect you, it means they don’t truly love you. To me, it’s as simple as that.

They don’t care for you because they obviously don’t care whether their disrespect hurts your feelings or not. And if you keep putting up with it, it only means you’re giving them the green light to keep disrespecting and hurting you.

Not being respected by someone you love can make a person feel unworthy of love. It can influence our emotional and mental health in the most awful way possible.

And disrespect doesn’t only include name-calling and verbal abuse. Setting ultimatums, violating boundaries, lying… Those are all huge red flags of disrespect in a relationship.

2. Then comes the trust

Trust is and needs to be a fundamental aspect of all relationships and partnerships in life. This element needs to be at the very top of your relationship needs list if you want it to succeed and last forever.

Building trust is CRUCIAL.

Mutual trust means that you have no problem with your partner going out with their best friends to have a few drinks because you know that they would never do anything that would hurt your relationship.

To trust your partner means that you are not going to snoop through their phone or go through their messages or search history when they’re asleep.

When someone says they trust you, and they show it to you, always keep in mind that person has put their heart in your hands. So, pretty please, don’t let this person down.

For that same reason, mutual trust is extremely important in relationships.

3. Which finally leads us to healthy and honest communication

For good and open communication, both partners need to improve their communication skills. Without them, how are you going to know how to approach your partner when you notice that something is happening with them?

Also, without good communication skills, you will never be able to express genuine emotion.

Physical touch can build a strong intimate connection between two people. However, nothing can improve intimacy in your relationship like those deep conversations when you’re up until 3 am. Emotional attraction and connection are more powerful than you think!

Two people in a healthy and stable relationship feel safe opening up to each other. They share mutual respect and trust, and that’s why they feel safe to confide in one another.

Besides, it’s impossible to set clear and healthy boundaries in a relationship if a couple lacks healthy and open communication. And I hope we are all aware of the enormous importance those personal limitations have for our relationships.

4. This one goes without saying, but here it is―Unquestionable loyalty!

Loyalty is the most important quality of every healthy couple. It’s undoubtedly the key characteristic of every healthy and serious relationship.

Just think about it… How can your relationship be healthy and successful if one of you is thinking about someone else?

How can it be a good relationship when one partner is unsatisfied with their sex life and finds what they want in someone else?

Loyalty is holy. It’s undeniably the most sacred proof of true love.

Now, many people think that the only form of infidelity is being with another person. Unquestionable loyalty means that you’re faithful to your partner both emotionally and physically.

The truth is that even micro-cheating (flirting and similar) can also ruin your relationship for good. So, don’t play around and stay loyal!

5. And, of course, a healthy sex life to keep the spark alive

I know that there are couples out there who choose to keep the intimate part of their relationship within their own four walls. However, in a healthy relationship, even when a couple tries to resist PDA, their strong chemistry can be felt in the air that surrounds them.

Physical attraction isn’t something to just forget here. It’s not the most important thing in the world, but it’s also not something to be overlooked.

Here’s the most valuable relationship advice: Compromise, being open to trying new things, and reciprocity are three crucial things for a healthy sex life in every relationship.

Similar sex drive, being open about what you want in bed, knowing your major turn-offs… Those are all characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship.

6. Both parties are in it only because they sincerely want it

When you become needy and clingy, it awakens insecurities in the relationship. You start thinking that your partner will leave you and that your life won’t make sense after they leave.

In healthy relationships, that’s not the case.

One of the biggest signs of a healthy relationship is when both partners WANT the relationship instead of NEED it.

And when you want something, you give your best and fight for it every day, no matter what.

It is no coincidence that the number one reason for potentially abusive relationships is linked with being needy, clingy, or codependent.

But, when both partners are equally independent, the relationship simply gives them one more reason to smile every day. (This is especially important in new relationships).

Now, this doesn’t mean that they won’t be there for each other when needed or that they’re OK with losing each other.

It means that they will continue loving themselves even if the relationship doesn’t work out. Awesome, right?

7. The relationship is based on equality

Forget about male/female-led relationships. A good relationship doesn’t have one partner that takes charge. It doesn’t involve dominance or control.

In a healthy partnership, there’s not just one person in charge of making decisions, but rather they do it together. They are both equally respectful of their partner’s opinions.

It also means that it’s not just one partner who does all the work in the relationship. One-sided relationships are deeply unhealthy and toxic, and those kinds of relationships are doomed to fail.

They are both well aware that the relationship can only work if they both take it seriously. They both know how to show their partner kindness and take some of the stress off their shoulders once in a while

8. Partners share the same desire for closeness

Healthy couples work on cultivating their emotional bond. Over time, they become emotionally attached to one another. They become one.

This characteristic of a healthy relationship is highly important because it shows that the partners are on the same page when it comes to their relationship.

That desire for connectedness also awakens passion in a romantic relationship. It’s also proof of intense and strong emotions between partners.

9. Take care of one another’s well-being

This is why people with the ENFP personality type make the best romantic partners. They’re fun, loving, caring, and dedicated to fulfilling their partner’s needs.

Happy couples strengthen their relationship muscles by taking care of one another. After all, their bond is so strong that they are able to feel each other’s emotions. They share a telepathic kind of connection that allows them to read each other’s thoughts and emotions.

If you see that your partner is having a hard time, offer your support. And yes, I said support, not help.

Sometimes, when we experience a rough patch in life, all we truly need and want is someone who’ll just be there with and for us. We need someone who is able to understand our silence.

10. Commit to fulfilling each other’s emotional needs

In a healthy partnership, each partner is mindful of the other person’s needs. They try hard to learn and speak each other’s love language.

It’s so nice to hear romantic expressions of love from your partner like ‘I love you‘ or ‘I appreciate you,’ but adding meaning to those words is what really counts. And that can be done only by proving those words through sincere deeds.

The bottom line is that words, no matter how heartwarming they sound, mean nothing if they aren’t supported by actions.

11. Have regular check-ins

I already mentioned that good communication is a good and healthy characteristic of a relationship. And constant check-ins create healthy communication between partners.

Those check-ins allow both partners to see if they are on the same page when it comes to their relationship. It also helps them recognize red flags in time and deal with them successfully.

Above all, that relationship audit strengthens their emotional bond and helps them build healthy expectations in the relationship.

12. Embrace each other’s weaknesses

Are you struggling with low self-esteem? Do you have a poor self-image? Are you lazy, irresponsible, impatient, selfish, arrogant at times? Does your partner love you despite all of your flaws?

You’re a lucky gal/boy. It’s so rare to find someone who will accept you the way you truly are these days.

However, acknowledging and accepting each other’s imperfections, fears, and weaknesses is the essence of every healthy and strong relationship.

That’s what true love is all about – knowing that your partner isn’t perfect but choosing to love them despite it all.

You don’t try to ‘fix’ or change the person you love. You should only love them and let your love motivate them to become the best possible versions of themselves.

13. And stick together when hard times come!

Even the healthiest and strongest relationships are not always sunshine and roses. Even the happiest couples run into some obstacles that put their relationship in danger.

However, the important thing is how they choose to deal with those speed bumps. They don’t just run right over them and move on. Instead, they dedicate themselves to solving their problems properly.

And, most importantly, they don’t give up on each other, no matter how big those obstacles between them are. They’re committed to one another, which means there is no fleeing or giving up on their love.

The truth is, one person can never carry the total burden of those hard times in a relationship. Well, they can, but it’ll be fatal for their relationship.

When your relationship is going through a rough patch, that’s when you need to prove how strong your love is and how deep your bond truly is because those hardships in relationships are nothing but the ultimate test of love.

14. They never take each other for granted

Not taking each other for granted and making an effort to surprise each other on a daily basis is also one of the crucial characteristics of a healthy relationship.

You know that you’re in a healthy relationship when, even after years of being in a committed relationship, you still know how to surprise your partner.

You still know how to show each other the importance of being a part of their life.

You know you have something special when you never miss a chance to make your loved one feel appreciated and taken care of at the end of the day.

By doing all of this, neither of you will feel unappreciated because knowing that your partner is grateful for having you in their life is the best feeling ever!

15. And think about one another even when you’re miles apart

Thinking about each other, even when you are not physically present, means that you two have a strong, emotional connection.

To remember to bring your wife roses and to remember that your man is tired, so you bring him home a beer are little things that mean the world to people.

No one wants an egocentric partner who only thinks about themselves and their needs.

We all want someone who is able to remember us and call, text, or simply show up at our door at 3 am if needed, just because they thought that we were lonely.

16. They solve their conflicts in a fair and healthy way

Many people think that couples in healthy and exclusive relationships seldom or never fight, but this is not true.

The secret to being in a healthy relationship is knowing how to handle arguments instead of avoiding them.

It is totally normal to feel the need to discuss your differences and express your opinions to each other.

But the difference here is that people in healthy relationships don’t judge one another.

They don’t raise their voices, and they definitely don’t throw things at each other. Instead, they deal with issues in their own way (a healthy way).

Now, dealing with arguments can become a burden, but these couples know that to a certain extent, these arguments and fights are necessary for their relationship to evolve.

Also, there’s no need to ‘sleep on it’ because they are confident enough in their relationship to know that they can address their issues right away.

That is the real magic of every healthy and mature relationship.

17. Are willing to forgive

Of course, forgiving massive things like cheating will never happen, but forgiving minor mistakes when the couple encounters bumps in the road on the way to complete happiness is normal.

Healthy partners are willing to forgive and not hold grudges against each other because they know that it’ll make both sides miserable.

They won’t remind each other of the mistakes they’ve made just to prove a point.

Instead of foul language, they are always ready to use a love language to restore peace and harmony in their relationship.

They also don’t immediately think negatively or jump to conclusions.

Instead, they give each other the benefit of the doubt, no matter how difficult it sometimes is to do so.

18. And compromise to reach a place of understanding

I was afraid of making compromises in romantic relationships. It’s really no wonder all my relationships in the past were so unhealthy and toxic.

I was afraid that compromising would make me lose myself. I was afraid that my partner would take advantage of me that way.

What I didn’t know is that there are boundaries in making compromises too. I wasn’t aware of all the advantages of compromising– that it’s the easiest way for both partners to get what they want.

Thanks to my present partner, I’ve finally learned the amazing art of compromising. All I can say right now (and from my own experience) is that as much as you try, you’ll never be able to build a strong relationship without compromising.

I know that it can get a bit difficult to find solutions that work for both of you but don’t back down. Keep on trying! Your relationship is worth it.

19. They’re each other’s die-hard fans

If you love hearing about what your partner’s passions are and what plans they have for the future, then there is a super high chance that you two are in a deeply healthy and committed relationship.

However, be careful because it’s not that easy! Sometimes, those passions can physically take them away from us, but that doesn’t mean our relationship has to become toxic or unhealthy.

If you support your partner fully, and they support your dreams and aspirations as well, it’s the strongest sign of true love.

Conscious relationships always have the potential to go far because, no matter what happens, both partners know that they have each other’s unconditional support. They know that they always have someone standing right beside them, encouraging them to reach for the stars.

20. Their relationship is at the very top of their priority lists

How often have you heard that a relationship was torn apart because the couple couldn’t make their relationship a priority? I bet too many times, right?

When you’re just an option to someone, you can’t expect them to be there for you because you know in advance that they won’t be.

But when you’re a priority to your partner, they will drop everything to be there for you because nothing is more important than your happiness and well-being.

In a good relationship, work isn’t something that keeps you away from your partner because you are able to manage your time. You know that your partner is your top priority, and even when you have the busiest schedule, you’ll make time for them.

If you want to build a healthy and strong relationship, you always need to make your partner feel loved, wanted, and needed… Always and no matter what.

21. They’re a team, and they’re committed to their relationship 100%

A healthy couple is a two-person team who are willing to put all in, to put maximum effort into making their relationship work together. They share everything together… Tears and laughter, good and bad times.

They’re on the same wavelength, which helps them understand each other so well.

They feel happy about one another’s achievements, and they offer each other a helping hand whenever one of them falls. That’s exactly what allows their relationship to flourish.

22. And, over and above all of this, they love each other unconditionally

I saved the best for last! A healthy relationship is founded on reasonable stuff, rational stuff that keeps you and your partner together.

But the most important aspect of all is the love that both partners feel for each other.

Long-distance, age gap relationships, and even rebound relationships can succeed only if partners are united by real and honest love. And, of course, if they’re willing to put effort into making it work.

Love is the reason two people start a relationship in the first place! For that same reason, you should fall in love with each other every day, over and over again.

Love is what will keep you together, and love is what will help you maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Why Are Healthy Relationships Important?

Well, tell me honestly, what would this world be like if all our relationships were toxic and unhealthy? If domestic violence and verbal abuse became a ‘normal’ part of all of our relationships? It would be very close to hell on earth, right?

That’s exactly why good relationships are important. They make this world a whole lot better, happier, and healthier.

And while unhealthy relationships destroy our mental and emotional health, healthy relationships, on the other hand, have the power to boost our mood and our overall well-being.

Healthy and strong relationships spread love and positivity in our lives and make us work on ourselves. We become motivated to become the best versions of ourselves for the sake of our relationship and the person we love.

The relationships you have with others define your life

Humans are social beings, which means our relationships represent a huge part of our lives. They actually define us and help us discover our true selves.

Of course, the most important thing is how you see yourself. However, to be honest, how others see you affects your self-image.

You’ll struggle to discover your true identity until you build a healthy and strong relationship with another human being. Only then will you be able to understand what your biggest flaws, weaknesses, and qualities are.

Healthy and meaningful relationships lead to a meaningful life!

When you look back at all those different types of couples and the deeply dysfunctional and unhealthy relationships you have met throughout your life… When you remember all the heartbreaks you have endured because of toxic relationships in your past, you see a huge waste of time.

They spread toxicity in your life and make you forget what is truly important. Unhealthy partnerships will only make your life lose all meaning.

On the other hand, when you’re in a good relationship, you feel happy and safe because you know you have someone beside you.

You have someone who loves you and who will care for you and have your back no matter what. And that, my dear, is the whole point of life.

Healthy Relationship Characteristics Are United By Love

Communication, mutual trust, reciprocity, and loyalty are key ingredients and the main healthy relationship characteristics. Those are the things that need to be on the top of your couple goals list.

Without it, it would be difficult to establish balance or a foundation for a serious, reciprocal relationship.

And love is what unites all of the above!

If you truly love each other and appreciate every second spent with your partner, listening to them, fighting for their happiness, and making them feel special will come naturally.

Remember that it’s all about EFFORT and being ready to fight for your relationship no matter what because it won’t be easy.

Every road is bumpy until you make it smooth.

So, roll up your sleeves, take your partner’s hand, and learn to swim in the sea of love, respect, and happiness together!