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12 Clear Signs You Are An Emotional Alpha Female

12 Clear Signs You Are An Emotional Alpha Female

Have you ever heard of alpha females? You know, those strong and independent women?

Do you think they are really that strong or that is only their exterior?

Hmm, I am wondering the same thing.

Well, the good thing is that you can always find out something about the person by watching them carefully.

There are some signs that are telling us even you are an alpha strong woman, you are still emotional lady with a golden heart.

Let’s go through them together!

1. You are always in the center of the attention

And it is not because you want so, things just happen that way.

When you are at the party people will want to talk to you because you are confident.

When you are at your workplace your colleagues will ask you for advice about some project.

They always rely on you because you are some kind of leader and they can see that by the way you are handling situations.

2. Your life has a purpose

You have some goals in your life and you are working hard every day to achieve them.

It just describes you as a person and frankly speaking you don’t know how to live differently.

You are the one who is working on herself every day to be better and stronger.

Being an average is not your cup of tea.

You were born to be a winner in all aspects of your life and you won’t calm down until you achieve your goal.

3. You feel good being alone

You know some people feel bad when being alone? Well, you are not one of them.

Being alone gives you time to recharge and spend some quality time thinking about your life.

You don’t feel good if you don’t dedicate at least one hour daily to yourself.

You like to think about the things you did and find solutions for problems. But that’s not only thing you do when being alone.

You like to please yourself with filling a tub and drinking a cold champagne or watching your favorite TV show.

4. You know how balance is important

Balance is important in all aspects of your life and you are working hard to make it happen. You take care of your body because that is your holy grail.

On the other hand, you are trying to develop intellectually because you know that wisdom and knowledge can intrigue people more than a beautiful face.

Simply, you are trying to find balance in everything that surrounds you and you are freaking good at it.

5. You don’t have problems with change

Real alpha woman won’t be scared of change.

In fact, she will embrace it like the most normal thing in the world. It can be moving to a new apartment or buying a new car, it will be okay with you.

The most important thing is that the change is positive and not negative.

People who don’t change are like statues and that’s why it feels great for you to change something about your life here and there.

6. You love people

This is the most normal thing for you.

You think that all the people in this world are meant to help others so you love without an exception. Your love is unconditional, true and faithful.

While others have problems with approaching to the opposite gender you are pretty okay with it.

If you see someone you really like it won’t be a big deal to meet him and get to know him.

Things like this make you a real emotional alpha woman.

7. People don’t understand you all the time

There are certain things you believe in and others can’t change the way you think or feel.

We are living in a world where all the people are trying to be the same.

They wear the same clothes, their makeup is almost identical, they drive the same cars. But you are something else.

You don’t want to be part of them because you have your own cozy world where you feel great.

8. You love taking risks

You know that old saying: “He who dares, wins!” Well, the same is with you.

You like trying new things and taking risks.

It just makes your blood run faster and that feeling is moving you. What others see as a risk you see as an opportunity and in most of the cases, you are right.

You are a natural risk taker.

9. You NEVER give up

This is one of your best qualities. It helps you to be successful and sets you apart of the rest of the society.

You are persistent and stubborn when you want to achieve a goal.

You are 100% sure that you can make things better and nobody can convince you to the opposite.

10. You hardly ever show emotions

Even your whole world is falling apart you will still have a smile on your face.

People around you don’t need to know if you have some private problems.

You just don’t want to overwork them with bad things you are going through. If you need it, you will cry in your private space and not somewhere where people can actually see you.

That is what alpha women always do and that makes them so amazing.

11. You help your friends with their problems

Even that’s none of your business you always consider your friend’s problems your own.

If someone is bothering your friends you will confront them, but only after you think about the consequences.

You are very patient in listening and people like to reveal your secrets to you. They are sure that you will keep them forever.

You never hurt people unless they deserve it. In that case, you can be a real beast!

12. You can read people so easily

Even people are not aware of this fact you can read them very well.

You just need to pay attention to their body language and see how they act in front of you.

You can figure it out whether they are liars, haters or good ones!