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12 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Good Guy For The Rest Of Your Life

12 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Good Guy For The Rest Of Your Life

He’s different.

Nothing he does resembles your previous guys. He is unique and he’s next to you. You can never predict his behavior or his reaction because he never ceases to amaze you. The moment you think you have him figured out, he proves you wrong by doing something different than your exes did.

He’s not letting you go.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how bitchy you get sometimes, he can handle it. Whenever you’re pulling away from him, he finds a way to make you notice him again. You can’t push him away since he knows that you need him next to you. He knows you don’t really want him to go.

He remembers.

He remembers your favorite book, your favorite movie, he knows your favorite color, and why you like to tuck your shirts in your trousers. He knows that you love flowers in your hair and that you only paint your nails dark blue. He remembers what you said about something and he’ll always do his best not to repeat something that you don’t like.

He’s there when you need him.

Even though you don’t know you need him, he can sense it. He knows when you’re feeling alone and when he should not let you alone with your thoughts. No matter if you need house-stuff-help or heart-stuff-help, he’s there to save the day. You’ll never cry to your pillow because he always runs to offer you his shoulder to cry on.

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He keeps his promises.

If he promised you’ll watch that movie, that he’ll buy milk, or how he’ll take your dog for a walk, he’ll do it. There isn’t much difference between his big and his small promises—he’ll keep both of them.

He’s always trying.

If you don’t like him having the same hairstyle, he’ll try new things. He’ll try to meet your expectations. He’ll do his best to know what it is that you need or want from him and he’ll always put an effort in things you’re interested in just to find new ways to have you around.

He’s perfectly aware of who he has next to himself.

There isn’t anybody else who needs to prove your value to him. He’s discovered it on his own. He doesn’t need somebody else to want you in order to think about what you mean to him. He doesn’t need anybody else to point out your good side—he’s been there already. He knows what he has in life when he has you.

He loves everything about you.

He loves you. You are a whole package and he’s not trying to change anything. He’s accepted you the way you are and you know it. Even though you’re struggling to hide your insecurities, even though your anxiety is scaring the hell out of you, it has nothing on him. He’s accepted it and he even loves that part of you. The secret is, he knows that he needs to love your not-so-nice side in order to be allowed to love your beautiful side.

He’s not rushing anything.

You can take as much time as you need. He’ll wait for your kiss, for bed time, and he’ll wait with popping the question. He doesn’t want to scare you away—he’d rather have you comfortable around him. And it’s working!

You can’t scare him.

Your past doesn’t scare him, your fears don’t scare him, and your desires can’t frighten him. He’s ready to fight you in order to have you. You might be scared of yourself, but he’s got you.

He understands.

He knows you need some time to heal. He understands that you’ll watch 3 seasons in one night because you feel like it. He understands your silence and he knows you need some time alone. He understands that you need space and a bit more time and he knows you love him and that you’ll come out the moment you feel ready.

He’s there for good.

He has chosen you. You’re his choice over everything else and over everybody else. He’s the one who will pick up your 3 am phone call and he’s the one who will hold your hand and tell you everything will be OK, even when you yourself don’t believe it. He believes it because he believes in you. That’s why you should choose him.

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