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12 True Signs You’ve Got A ‘Bestie’ For Life

12 True Signs You’ve Got A ‘Bestie’ For Life

True friendship, like true love, is hard to find. Many of us change friends in our lifetime (some people change them like socks), but there’s always that one person who is there for you in all stages of growing up.

If you recognize some of the following signs in your relationship with someone, you can be sure that she is ‘The One’. Therefore, keep and nourish that bond because a true and a loyal friend is someone who makes your life beautiful in a special way.

She always gives you support

Even if you’re wrong, she will be there for you. She is the person who will be honest with you when you need a straightforward answer the most.

Even if you’re delusional and you don’t want to admit to yourself that you did something wrong, your best friend will tell you the harsh truth—because she cares about you.

The honesty is the most important thing in your relationship—as in love, as in friendship. If you’re being brutally honest with your friend, that means you’ve scored a friend for life.

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You talk about ‘yucky’ stuff

You have no problem with talking about anything—including the ‘yucky’ stuff. Maybe someone finds indigestion a delicate matter, but not the two of you.

You will talk about all the happenings in your digestive system in detail and you will have no problem with that. That’s how much you trust your friend.

You don’t feel any shame to talk about literally anything.

People ask if you are related


It is true that people who spend a lot of time together start to resemble each other. People say this is also true in a dog-human relationship and you know there is no better friend to a human than a dog.

Even if you don’t look alike, people will assume you’re related because they see how close you are and how connected you are.

She ‘threatens’ the guys you date

A true and caring friend takes on the role of your parents in taking care of you in certain situations. She is there to make sure a guy you’re dating doesn’t hurt you in any way.

She will give you advice and believe me, you will recognize that she genuinely cares for you. She will joke with your date and subtly say to him: “Seriously if you hurt her, you’ll have to answer to me.” And then she gives a cute smile, but her eyes are deadly serious.

You don’t judge each other

She won’t judge you if you’re watching soap operas or some silly reality shows. Instead, she will sit calmly and patiently, listening to your retelling of what happened in your favorite soap opera or what the Kardashian’s were fighting and obsessing about this time.

Even if she hasn’t got the slightest interest in these kind of things, she will listen to you and talk to you about it—that’s how much she loves you. Don’t ever let her go.

She’s seen you at your worst

She was there for you when your world was falling apart. She has seen your face covered in tears.

You know that you can cry your heart out in front of her—you don’t have to hide because you know she is there for you.

You trust her so much that you have no problem with crying like a baby in front of her. She is there for you to make you feel better—she is your rock.

You know what she likes

If you see something, you will know instantly if she is going to like it or not. You know how she likes to dress and what her favorite color is.

If you’re shopping and you see something you know she likes, you will buy it for her—just because you love her and want to surprise her.

You prefer spending Saturday night at home than going out

You having fun together doesn’t mean you have to go out and chase guys. Sometimes, it’s enough just to stay at home with a movie and a bowl of popcorn.

You confide in each other


You will talk about your boyfriends. Even if you have some intimacy problems, like those concerning the bedroom, you will share them with her.

A true friend won’t enjoy your suffering. She will hear you out and emphasize with you—and of course, she will give you advice.

Time apart won’t separate you

If you haven’t seen each other for some time, you will just pick up from right where you left off as if nothing has happened.

When you meet again, you won’t have the feeling that a lot of time has gone by. You will feel like you’ve seen her yesterday.

You love the same shows

Because you’ve been hanging out for years, you’ve developed similar, if not the same, tastes in everything.

Sometimes, you end up talking about your favorite TV show and its characters. Heck, you even may go out and give life to your favorite character—just for fun.

You say the same thing at the same time

People that spend a lot of time together, start talking in the same way—they start using the same phrases.

Sometimes, you have the feeling you are mind-readers because you say the same thing at the same time. You know each other so well that you finish each other’s sentences.