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13 Reasons Why You Don’t Deserve Her

13 Reasons Why You Don’t Deserve Her

1. You don’t appreciate her

Girlfriend and boyfriend sitting next to each other angry, couple fighting
You don’t cherish what she has nor the things she’s doing for you.

Whatever she does for you or for the two of you together goes unnoticed.

All her efforts are in vain. You just make her feel unworthy. You make her efforts so small.

2. You don’t love her

a deceitful man in the embrace of his wife

When a man is in love, one can tell. When a man loves, he does everything for the girl he is in love with.

You might be loving, but she’s not the one you love. You don’t break people you love.

3. You don’t pay attention to little things

portrait of woman listening to her man outside

You don’t know what’s her favorite song, what’s her favorite food or her favorite book.

You don’t know what was the name of her first dog, or where she got that scar on her knee or how she tucks her hair behind her ear when she’s nervous.

You don’t know that she bites her lip when she desires a kiss from you and you don’t see her stay-a-little-longer look in her eyes when you start walking towards the door.

4. You are not there when she needs you

Sad thoughtful girl sit alone on sill looking through window

In the most needed moments, you are away. God knows what you are doing.

Even if you are physically near, even if you’re just a stretch of the arm away, you are still not there when she needs you.

You don’t hold her; you don’t let her tell you how she feels. You don’t want to see how much she needs you.

5. You let her go easily

Would you even notice if she wasn’t there? You act like you wouldn’t. Because you don’t care, you’re letting her go. And it’s so easy for you.

6. You don’t keep your promises

Pensive fearful business woman looking away

Because you keep forgetting everything you say to her. That’s how ‘big’ a role she has in your life.

You don’t even apologize for breaking your promises. You just go on without a ‘sorry’ with some lousy explanation thinking she believed it.

She didn’t, but she cares too much for you to let you go so she pretends to not see.

7. You let her be without you

You’re taking from her the thing she loves the most in this world. The one person she dreams of being with is you, and you’re denying her yourself.

8. You’re not even trying

young upset couple sitting on a park bench

For you, everything is whatever. Whatever happens, happens.

You are untouchable and it doesn’t really affect you whatever happens between the two of you. If it did, you’d make an effort.

9. You’re a self-centered prick

side view of man with sunglasses leaning on wall brick

It’s all about you. You want this, you want that. You’re going out, you’re spending the night out, she doesn’t need to know anything, why is she being so noisy?

Well, maybe because she loves you and wants you beside her, you prick!

10. You have no idea what you have

couple on top of cliff

You are so blind that you don’t notice the person next to you. You don’t have the slightest clue what has she done so far for you. You have no idea what has she given up on just to be with you.

You have no idea how she’s waiting for you to realize you could be happy with her.

She needs just a little effort from your side to be happy. She needs to see you care.

But you don’t. Because you have no idea how valuable she is and the things she’d do for you.

11. You are a liar

Couple arguing at home

You lie that you didn’t see the message. You lie that you didn’t hear the phone.

You lie that you couldn’t call her for days because you were busy.

You lie when you say you didn’t mean to hurt her. You lie when you hold her hand because it’s a promise to be there and you’re never there.

12. You keep making her jealous

worried woman typing on her phone during night

Going out with this girl, that girl, this one was ‘by accident’ at your table—it’s your friends that brought her there.

The girl you’re texting is just your friend and the hand on the hip of that girl doesn’t mean anything.

13. You don’t deserve her because she deserves somebody better than you

man hugging woman around waist outside Somebody who’ll love her, who’ll appreciate all the little things she does for him.

She deserves a guy who’ll keep his promises, who’ll be there when she needs a shoulder to cry on.

She deserves somebody who won’t let her go, the one who’ll be scared of letting her go because he’s aware of how worthy she is.

She deserves a guy who’ll treat her right and the guy who will love her. She deserves more than you. 

If you don’t pull your shit together and become the good guy soon enough, there will be somebody else out there who’ll be able to give her the love she deserves. Only then you’ll realize what you had and what you lost.

13 Reasons Why You Don’t Deserve Her


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