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13 Things That Define A Truly Attractive Man

13 Things That Define A Truly Attractive Man

When we say an attractive man, by default we think about outside appearance. But when we think about it a bit harder, women always fall in love with more than that.

They fall in love in what they hear, feel and see. They fall in love with the whole package.

These are the things that define a truly attractive man:


There’s nothing more attractive than a man who exudes confidence.

He is satisfied with whom he is and where he is going. He doesn’t need his ego boosted or his insecurities soothed by compliments.

He doesn’t need to feel bigger than anybody. The only one who he is competing with is himself. He is comfortable with whom he is and is very grounded.

A sense of humor.

Marilyn Monroe said, “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” Girls love a good sense of humor and they find it even more appealing than just good looks.

A man who has a good sense of humor is always perceived as more intelligent. And there’s nothing sexier than intelligent yet funny conversation.

No games.

An attractive and confident man doesn’t resort to playing mind games to get what he wants.

He is straightforward and he doesn’t want someone wasting his time so he wouldn’t do that to anybody else. He is like a breath of fresh air in a world filled with players.

Driven and decisive.

He has his goals and he knows how to reach them. He knows himself well and knows his likes and dislikes.

“I don’t know,” is a sentence that he uses very rarely and women appreciate that.

His ability to rationalize and make quick decisions are things that women find very appealing.


A woman would rather be as far away as possible from a lazy man. So if a guy spends all his time playing video games and wasting air, he is not attracting a real woman.

Even if they are just starting to date, women like to think ahead, so they skip to the part ‘if this turns into something more serious’ and they don’t want a deadbeat in any case.

If a man is hard-working he is a provider and though this may sound primal and even though women are more than capable of providing for themselves, it gives them a sense of security.


There’s nothing more attractive than a genuine conversation.

Connecting with somebody’s mind is sexy on a whole different and more profound level.

Problem solver.

He doesn’t see the need for unnecessary drama. If he has a problem in front of him he will solve it the best way he can.

He won’t complain or cry about how hard his life is and think about the unfairness. He will show his teeth and fight harder.

When in a relationship he will do the same; he will try to find solutions for problems and he will fight for the woman he loves.


He is mentally strong and he knows how to control his behavior.

He doesn’t get agitated easily and will be calm and collected most of the time. Women prefer somebody who can calm them.

He might not be so into speaking about his emotions but he will prefer to show them.

Respects women.

He would never disrespect or talk badly about any woman, let alone about the one he is involved with.

He is not one to brag about the number of women he has been with or to tell stories about his intimate life.

Women know that those who don’t brag much do so much more in every aspect and that’s attractive.

Knows his way around the house.

He has no problem with cleaning up after himself, doing household chores and cooking.

He knows he is not a child anymore and that this is not something that should be considered admirable—it’s normal.

There are a lot of men who can take you out for dinner but not a lot of those who can make one for you.


He has no problem with picking up the tab in the restaurant and he will gladly carry grocery bags for his lady.

He won’t be embarrassed to hold the door for you or help you with your coat. Small displays of affection are what it’s really all about.


He won’t spend his days lying on the couch. He is a man of action.

So, it will be no trouble for him to make plans to go to a concert, to the movies, or on some outdoor activity with friends or his girlfriend. He might even plan a short or a long trip.

He has been to a lots of places but he wants to see and experience more.


If he gives you his word, it’s as good as done. He won’t lie, he won’t manipulate and hewon’t make promises he can’t keep.

If something is impossible or unimaginable for him to do, he will make it clear.

He is true to his words. He is someone a woman can rely on completely.