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10 Things Men Do In Relationships That Make Women Insecure

10 Things Men Do In Relationships That Make Women Insecure

It’s always said that women are the ones who are complicated and so hard to please, while all we’re looking for are little things. For example, we don’t need fancy dinners and expensive dates—loyalty will do just fine.

There is no point in taking us to dinner if you’re going to stare at the waitress all night. And there’s no point in buying us roses every time you screw up, when you still don’t do a thing to change your behavior. S

o, here’s a list of the things men do in relationships that make us feel insecure.

Hiding his phone

The first thing that pops into your mind is that he’s cheating. No matter how sure of his love you are, it has to make you feel worried.

What’s so important on his phone that he has to hide it from you? And especially if he is constantly active on the phone, smiling at text messages and having mystery phone calls; any woman would feel threatened.

Taking hours to reply

The thing about this one is that with time, you get to know what kind of person he is.

If he is the type of man who isn’t so active on his phone, then waiting for his messages seems a little less concerning. But if he’s always on the phone but still takes hours to reply, then it’s completely normal to worry.

At first, you’re wondering what he’s doing, then you’re wondering with whom he’s doing it.

Having a wandering eye

That wandering eye when he looks at the waitress when she’s passing by or the lady on the street wearing a tight dress, that wandering eye he thinks you don’t see but you do. We can feel it and it hurts us more than we care to admit.

It’s not the fact that he’s looking at the other women, it’s the frequency of those stares and the look on his face. And if he’s in awe, it hurts even more.

Flirting with others

When your man is openly flirting with others, it can rock any woman’s confidence. It’s the fact that he needs that ego boost or the desire to prove himself but to any woman it looks like he’s looking for a substitute, for someone better than her.

And sometimes it’s just the way he is.

He can’t help it but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. And, well, there is always the possibility of him being a fuckboy.

Criticizing her appearance

No one can be immune to this. If he’s always nagging you to go to the gym, to buy a certain dress that would make you look better or even suggests you try out that hairstyle his ex used to wear, ditch his ass. Or at least let him know what he’s doing.

If he still refuses to change, then he’s not worth it. Honestly, if he needs to put you down to make himself feel better or to get the feeling of accomplishment for being such a ‘great’ boyfriend, he’s not in his right mind.

Being secretive

Keeping secrets from your partner is never a good thing but if he’s always mysterious about the times when he’s not with you, if he locks his phone and keeps you in the dark all the time, they are just signs that something is off in the relationship.

And when he’s keeping you out of his life, then it’s completely normal for you to feel insecure. No woman feels good when she knows her man is keeping her in the dark on purpose.

Holding off on sex

He’s suddenly cold and not interested in late-night activities. Nothing kills a woman’s confidence like her man not wanting her.

It’s really hard to feel good about yourself if he’s not interested in you.

Not introducing her to his family and friends

Keeping you a secret is the worst thing a man can do to a woman, because you wonder if there’s something about you that he’s ashamed of.

Maybe you’re not good enough or interesting enough for him to introduce you to his friends and family. Or maybe he’s not into you enough to make it serious.

Thoughts are running through your mind every time it happens and each one of them hurts more than the previous one.

Talking with and about his ex

It makes you wonder whether maybe he’s not over her yet or he wants to try again. Maybe there’s an old spark they are trying to ignite and you’re just a rebound girl who did her job.

Exes are what bothers every woman, so, dear men, please leave your past where it belongs. And please keep it clear. Shady past relationships and crazy exes are not what we signed up for.

Making fun of her skills

Whether they’re cooking skills, dancing, playing or putting on make-up, making fun of what you worked hard for or making fun of something you put effort into, hurts. No matter whether he’s the one making comments or hinting at them, they still hurt.

It’s his duty to protect you, not break you. If there’s something you didn’t do well, there are millions of ways of letting you know but making fun of them is sure as hell not the right one.