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15 Problems Girls With Big Booties Have To Deal With

15 Problems Girls With Big Booties Have To Deal With

Big booties have become a real trend for some time now. Just think of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and other female artists who are proudly showing and embracing their “big assets.” And all of the other women (who were not that lucky) and, of course, men can’t stop but stare at those powerful women with divine big butts.

Some of us get really determined to hit the gym and start working on our gluteus (just like myself) and indulge in hardcore sessions of squats and lunges in the hopes that our butt will recognize our efforts and transform overnight.

While the concept of having a big booty sounds really appealing, there are also some problems that only girls who have them are perfectly aware of.

To be exact, there are 15 problems girls with big booties have to deal with on a daily basis!

1.  Short shorts

Short shorts?! It is really hard for a girl with big booty to wear short shorts and look decent at the same time.

While they might fit perfectly both the waist and the backside, this is not the case with the under side. They reveal the bottom half of a big booty girl’s cheeks for the world to see.

2. Dresses and skirts

Dresses and skirts?! No matter what size the dress, it will always be too short in the back and it is really annoying as fuck to constantly have the need to pull down your skirt while walking down the street. (And Lord help you if you decide to sit!)

3. Wrong size

Going (bottoms) shopping is the number one enemy to girls with big booties.

It is a real nightmare to spend five hours trying all sizes that exist in the universe only to find out that none of them fit you.

It is really hard to find that perfect pair of trousers without fearing that they will tear at the seams at the most inopportune time.

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4. Waist to booty ratio

Another problem that occurs is waist to booty ratio. Either the waist is too loose despite the behind part fitting nicely, or it happens that the waist fits perfectly but it is way too tight on the back end and you end up looking like a potato sack. It is really impossible to fix this problem without visiting a tailor.

5. Sitting

Sitting in a skirt, shorts, or tight dress is pretty much impossible to girls with big booties. And you might already guess why.

Because their gluteus reveal a little bit too much and become the center of attention.

And the anxiety and stress they have to go through while worrying that all the people in the room are looking at their seated booty is a real nightmare.

6. Flowy and baggy are out of the question

While girls with flatty booties can wear it perfectly and look like princesses, this is not the case with those with a more robust booty.

To them, wearing flowy and baggy clothes equals impossible unless you want to look like a box.

7. The matching tops and bottoms struggle is real

Matching tops and bottoms is a real struggle. Since girls with big booties have problematic waist to booty ratio, their tops and bottoms will never be the same size, which means forgetting about buying matching bikini sets, and having to spend more money to buy it separately. (Also praying to God that they have your size).

8. Slacks

Wearing slacks or a business suit with slacks and trying to look professional is the same thing as wearing mini skirt and trying to look professional.

Why? Because wearing slacks will make you look too sloppy or frumpy and it will look more suitable for clubbing than attending a business meeting.

All of this drama will often prevent you from showing up at work on time.

And there’s certainly no point in explaining all of this to your boss, right?

9. Unwanted grabs

Many women have experienced unwanted grabs at some time, but the truth is that this happens a little bit more frequently to those with bigger booties.

Guys simply can’t keep their hands to themselves when they see a goddess with a perfect, round, big butt and causing discomfort to those ladies. (But, after all, who can blame them?)

10. Underwear struggle

Finding perfect underwear that doesn’t turn into a pair of thongs while you’re doing squats is as scarce as finding an alien in your backyard.

The underwear struggle is eternal and really profound with big booty women.

When it comes to panties, the only rule that these girls pay attention to is: “If it fits, I wear it.”

11. Knocking things over (without realizing it)

Having a big booty means accidentally knocking things over (with your booty) without even realizing it.

And sometimes people can get really mad about it (especially if you break their favorite sculpture or something more expensive and valuable).

And when that happens, the only thing they can do is blame your booty for it.

12. Leggings

While leggings fit your legs perfectly, on your bottom they turn see-through. Yup.

They stretch to the extent of breaking and your booty becomes visible to anyone within eyeshot.

So, wearing a long T-shirt to cover your leggings is not really an option. It is a must (unless you really want to show off that asset of yours).

13. Your booty is the best pillow (to everyone)

You come home tired from work looking forward to get some rest, but the first thing that your pet or boyfriend does (when they see you lying down) is use your booty as their pillow.

Add the heat of summer days and you have a perfect recipe for drama in your house.

14. Biking

For girls with big booties, biking is a real pain in the ass. You know why?

Because the sizes of the bicycle seats are simply not big enough for that booty to fit properly.

And there’s no point in replacing with another bicycle size because, for the size seat you need, you would look totally ridiculous (or maybe not).

15. Leaning against a pole on public transportation

Just imagine a very big booty and a pole and now imagine that booty leaning against that pole.

Understand what I’m trying to get at? For girls with big booties, public transportation is one of those places to completely avoid because of poles and unwanted grabs as well.