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If He Does These 10 Things He Is Emotionally Immature And You Should Avoid Him

If He Does These 10 Things He Is Emotionally Immature And You Should Avoid Him

1. It’s all about him

His only interest is himself. He will make sure his needs are met, disregarding everybody else around him.

He likes to speak highly of himself and he often comes over as arrogant.

He is trying to cover up the fact that he is insecure by stressing how confident he is. His behavior has narcissistic notes and it’s only going to get worse.

If you are involved with somebody who matches this description, run for your life. His behavior gives you an insight into how he will treat you.

He is one of those self-absorbed men who will always put you last. He will most likely play mind games and make you feel like you should be grateful to be with them.

2. He says one thing but does the opposite

He will promise you the world, he will tell you the most beautiful tales but he will never back them up with actions.

He is all talk but when it comes to making actual efforts or investing in a relationship, he sits still and does nothing.

The bottom line is he can’t be trusted. If he shows this kind of behavior in the beginning, he won’t change much in the future.

Before you know it you will be sucked into a one-sided relationship and you will be the only one doing all the work. So, pay more attention to his actions rather than his words.

If he tells you lies about the little things he will surely advance to bigger lies in no time. That’s a red flag of an emotionally insecure man you can’t build a future with.

3. His feelings are his best-kept secret

Men, in general, have a hard time expressing their feelings. But over time he is bound to have some emotional expression, if not in words then in actions.

The thing with emotionally immature men is that they feel they are losing their power if they show their feelings.

They don’t want the game of chasing to stop and more importantly they are scared to be vulnerable, they are scared of getting hurt if they open themselves up to love, that’s why they are hiding their feelings.

In most cases, an open conversation would solve everything. But you can’t really speak to an emotionally immature man.

He will skilfully dodge the subject for as long as he can. However immature he is, if he really has feelings then his actions will show even if he lacks the courage to speak his mind.

If he doesn’t at least make an effort to show them, I am sorry to break it to you but he most likely doesn’t have them.

4. The word ‘commitment’ is not listed in his dictionary

Regardless of his age, he still feels like he is not ready for any kind of responsibility or anything long-term.

As soon as things in a relationship start to evolve into something more serious, he will start to pull away. He still isn’t in a place where he can see himself in something long-term.

You will recognize the symptoms by his inability to make any future plans, he will avoid calling you his girlfriend, he will not introduce you to any of the important people in his life, etc.

This is something he has to solve on his own. It may pass but his emotional immaturity and fear of commitment can follow him until he is sixty. So be careful with your time.

Don’t let him waste too much of it. If you think you have given him enough time and understanding already, maybe it’s time to stop waiting and let him go.

5. He goes to his mom for everything or still lives at home

Is there anything that screams immaturity more than a man who goes to his mom for everything?

It’s nice when a guy has a great relationship with his mother but it’s too much when she meddles and decides about every aspect of his life, especially the life he shares with you.

He will always compare you to her no matter whether they have a good or toxic relationship.

He will want you to be more like her or her complete opposite. In any case, it’s too exhausting and you will always have the feeling like there are three of you in the relationship.

6. He is too needy

He relies on you for everything. Whatever the situation, he depends on you to solve it. He needs you to reassure him that everything is going to be OK.

He needs someone to boost his fragile ego all the time because he lacks faith in himself and his capabilities.

Soon enough you will start to feel like his cheerleader and not his girlfriend. You will also lack support because he will be too concentrated on his needs to worry about yours.

You will spend days and nights hearing about his pointless dramas. But when it comes to hearing you out, he is nowhere to be found.

7. He has a false savior complex

He pretends to be your knight in shining armor but in reality, he finds your bad days comforting. Your misfortune tells him that he is not doing so badly after all because you are in a worse place.

He pushes his own problems and issues aside and deals with the ones of the woman he is with, which makes him feel more masculine, powerful and stronger in the process.

His intentions aren’t pure. His heart is not in the right place. He is not there to help, he is there to make things worse.

That’s why a woman who encounters a predator should run as fast as she can and as far away from him as possible.

8. He is way too jealous

Not only is he immature, he is also deeply insecure. That’s why he is jealous of everybody around you. He will be on your case nonstop and he will want to know your every move.

He also might turn the game around and use other women to provoke your jealousy on purpose.

If he was really confident and mature he wouldn’t have to go to these lengths to provoke a reaction and confirm you have feelings for him.

Relationships with overly jealous people can be really suffocating. You will feel trapped inside of the relationship and it will ultimately make you unhappy.

Jealousy is one of the characteristics of an emotionally immature man; he simply doesn’t have faith in himself so he lacks faith in you.

Making you jealous really reeks of immaturity. A mature and confident man would never resort to such lengths.

9. He avoids all serious topics

Immature men, in general, lack real communication skills. It’s all fun and games and the conversation runs smoothly until the topics get a bit more serious.

He can’t handle an open and honest conversation. If he doesn’t want to hear you out, how will he know what is going on in your mind?

How will he know that something about his behavior is bothering you? How will you know something is bothering him if he doesn’t talk about it?

The truth is he can’t know. Two-way communication is the key to a good relationship and it’s what holds it together and improves any relationship, especially a romantic one.

Sadly, he is too immature to know that—that’s why your relationship will be stagnant and never-changing.

10. He never assumes responsibility for anything

He is never the one to blame and his way is always the right way.

A man who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and who can’t listen to or acknowledge other people’s opinions is downright immature.

With him, there will be no going forward. He would much rather play the victim than admit that he has done something wrong.

Everything will always be your fault and you will be the one to blame. An immature man will never admit he has done something wrong and you will hardly ever hear him say, “I am sorry.”