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15 Things I’ve Learned After Breaking Free From A Toxic Relationship

15 Things I’ve Learned After Breaking Free From A Toxic Relationship

1. Sometimes, love is just not enough.

2. You listen to people who love you. At the time, you didn’t listen. You loved him more than anything, and you thought your best friend was overreacting. It turned out, they were right all along. Now you know better. Now you know they were only trying to help you.

3. You have to set boundaries. You can’t let anyone have control over you. When you say something, stick to it; otherwise, they’ll walk all over you.

4. Words don’t mean anything. They are only spoken to give false hope. He did that to me all the time. He promised all kinds of thing just to calm and fool me. Words don’t mean anything. Actions are what counts.

5. Forgiveness is a blessing. You can’t stay mad forever. The sooner you forgive yourself and make peace with what happened, the better you’re going to heal. It’s the hardest and most important lesson I’ve learned.

6. Don’t put yourself at stake just to save a relationship that is actually not worth saving. Nothing will go down the drain. Life won’t stop if you break up with him. On the contrary, things will be better, and you’ll be happier. Nothing is worth destroying yourself over.

7. Dealing with difficult people gets easier. You’re not going to make the same mistake again. Next time, you’ll see all the signs, and you won’t shut your eyes and go for it. No, your heart is too precious for that.

8. If there is only one person who cares in the relationship, then you know there’s something wrong with that picture. Don’t even bother to stay and find out what’s next. It’s pain.

9. Fight for the relationship that is worth it. After you’ve been in a toxic relationship, you know what it feels like to be at rock bottom, and that’s why you’ll give it your all to fight for the relationship that is worth it.

10. Take care of yourself. After you’ve been around someone who never gave a fuck about how you feel and who always thought of you as less important, it’s essential that you take care of yourself. Bring back your confidence and devote all the time in the world to yourself until you get better. Do. it.

11. Your gut is not lying to you. You felt that something was wrong at the beginning, but you didn’t want to admit it because you were having a great time. You didn’t think about the future, but it turned out that the future bit you in the face. If you feel that something’s wrong, then it probably is.

12. Don’t compromise on everything. Set rules, and be clear about what can be changed and what cannot. This may look a bit selfish, but it’s not. It’s just taking care of yourself.

13. Your beliefs shouldn’t change. You should stay the same, and your perception and moral codes should never change. If a man loves you, he’ll respect you for who you are, and he won’t try to change any of those things. He’ll embrace them.

14. Love yourself. Learn to take care of yourself and finally put yourself first. Do things you love and things that make you happy because life is shit if you aren’t happy. And you get only one, so…

15. You can’t change someone and make them a better person. You can see the potential in someone, but you can’t fall in love with the potential. You have to fall in love with a person as they are.