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15 Reasons You’re Miserable For Falling In Love With His Potential

15 Reasons You’re Miserable For Falling In Love With His Potential

1. The potential you’re in love with may never come true.

silhouette of a woman in susnet sitting in a national park

Everyone has the potential to do something. No life born is a useless life.

The thing is, some fulfill their potential, but some take a wrong turn and never do what they were capable of doing.

Therefore, by falling in love with a guy like this, the only thing you’re left with is misery.

2. You like him, and he knows it.

depressed young woman looking through the window while it's rainig outside

He will take advantage of the fact you’re in love with him—or better put—with his potential.

He will smile at you across the room, knowing he’ll sweep you off your feet.

You won’t be able to do anything about it because your love is just too strong. Your love has a mind of its own. Once again…misery, it is.

3. You can’t change him.

sad young couple fighting in bed

You don’t have the power to change anyone. That’s the most common misconception of every relationship.

People think they can change a person to their own liking.

That’s BS, and it’s better to face that fact now than later.

4. Deep down he is not sure about you.

silhouette of man by window

That’s the reason why you fell in love with his potential. He is not letting you into his heart.

He is not letting you see him for who he is because he’s not sure you’re the one.

You’re prepared to give your everything to someone who is not sure about you. Think about that once again, will you?

5. When you’re not around, it’s like you don’t exist.

silhouette of a beautiful woman by the window looking through the curtain

He won’t call you just to see how you are. He won’t show any interest in you unless you’re standing right in front of him.

Let me put this differently—if you’re not physically present, he won’t give you much attention.

This only shows that you’re convenient for him, for now. When he gets a better opportunity, you’re out of the game for good.

6. Is falling in love with someone’s potential enough?

sad woman with hands on her head in bed crying

Is it enough to make your lonely nights not so lonely, to hold your hand when you’re scared, or kiss you when you’re broken?

Is falling in love with potential worth breaking your own heart?

7. When a man wants something, he goes after it!

handsome confident business man with glasses standing in the middle of the road

A man will never wait to get something he thinks belongs to him—in this case, you.

You’re miserable because he is clearly not showing any interest in you. Better said, it’s the other way around. You’re chasing him!

8. He only gives you one piece of the cookie.

portrait of a sad readhead woman by the river in the city

He is charming. He treats you with care, but only when he feels like it. He flirts with you, and then he stops and turns around like he doesn’t even know you.

The only feeling you can get—and you do get—from situations including him is confusion. Does he like you or doesn’t he?

9. You’re unhappy because he’s immature.

handsome man with glasses laughing in the street

Sure, that relationship you’re trying to pull off looks perfect at moments. You go out on dates and dinners.

You have a lot of fun, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is an immature mama’s boy who is not ready to face the reality and take matters into his own hands.

10. You think—we all think—we are their saviors.

portrait of a gorgeous brunette in the street

Listen to me, a man like that doesn’t need saving.

We think that we can help those great hidden qualities come to the surface.

The truth is, they will never come out, as long as he keeps them in. It’s up to him, not you.

11. You can’t ignore the fact that there is still a spark of passion between you.

portrait of a lovely and passionate couple kissing

You can’t ignore the moments when your relationship looked like a real one, a true and everlasting one.

You can’t ignore the good in him, the freakin’ potential. It’s killing you. It’s making you miserable.

12. You accept only the amount he gives you.

silhouette of a sad woman sitting on the floor crying

You accept crumbs of his time, his attention, and his love.

You are completely subordinated to his will and his mercy of whether to give you attention or not.

13. He talks to other girls.

young couple talking and drinking coffee in a coffee shop

Since he doesn’t take your relationship seriously, he invests a lot of time in flirting and talking to other girls.

He does this all the time.

It can even happen when he’s with you. After all, to him, it’s all the same.

14. You are throwing your time away.

annoyed mature woman in a blue shirt leaning on the wall

The time you’ve spent with him is the time you’re never getting back.

Maybe you refuse to realize it now, but sadly, you will definitely realize it at some point.

Then, it will be too late to repair the damage he did to you.

15. You’re tired and miserable because you’re sick of making him see your situation from your point of view.

angry couple fighting and arguing on the sofa

It’s excruciatingly painful to try to show him how you feel and make him see the two of you with your eyes.

The pain you’re feeling is crippling. It’s destroying you from the inside. Yet…nothing changes.

For how long will you be keeping up this charade?

15 Reasons You’re Miserable For Falling In Love With His Potential