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15 Things A True Gentleman Does Differently

15 Things A True Gentleman Does Differently

He’s sexy. Actually, he’s smokin’ hot, and that’s not just because he looks good. There is something so appealing in guys who act like true gentlemen. They have a special aura around themselves.

We love them because they make us feel special. These are the guys that we can bring home to meet our parents, and be sure they will enchant them.

We can keep our heads up high when we’re in public, because the guy next to us is so freaking delightful.

Here are some things that a true gentleman does differently:

1. He opens doors for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re entering the restaurant or your apartment; he will always open doors and let you go first. There are still some rare men who open car doors for ladies. Kudos to them!

2. He has a firm handshake.

There is nothing worse than a guy with a weak handshake. A true gentleman will make sure he leaves a good impression with a firm handshake and eye contact.

3. He treats waiters, receptionists, and shop assistants with respect.

Gentlemen are never rude, and treat everyone with respect, no matter their social status. They never look down on anyone. You can be so proud if you have a guy like this next to you.

4. He has table manners.

He will always make sure everyone’s plate is full before he starts eating. He doesn’t talk with his mouth full or chew with his mouth open.

5. He always keeps his word.

You don’t have to be anxious whether he will fulfill his promises or not. If he tells you he will do something, consider it done.

6. He can keep a secret.

You can sleep tight because you know he doesn’t have a big mouth.

7. He offers you his jacket.

Yes, he is like one of those guys in movies—he will offer you his coat or jacket because he wants you to feel cozy.

8. He offers you his arm.

A gentleman will never let his lady walk alone. He will offer you his arm as a gesture of affection and respect. Moreover, that is him telling the world he’s so proud to be with you.

9. He picks up the check.

It doesn’t mean that a lady should always let him pay, but a true gentleman will always pull out his wallet. He will always offer to pay for your dinner.

10. He gives up his seat.

A gentleman will always get up and offer his seat to a pregnant woman or elderly people on the bus, on the subway, or in the waiting room. It’s just courtesy all men should practice.

11. He gets you safely to your door.

You went out and you had a good time. After a date or dinner, it is gentleman’s duty to make sure his lady gets home safely. He always thanks her for her company before he leaves.

12. He always smells good.

It is scientifically proven that ladies fall for guys who smell good. Also, women love when men pay attention to hygiene.

13. He looks neat.

A true gentleman always looks neat. He shaves his face or trims his perfect beard. He always wears clean clothes. He keeps \good posture, too. He knows that fine shoes open many doors when it comes to women or business.

14. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

He will check your broken car even if he’s wearing a tux. He is able to make a delicious breakfast even though he can’t really cook. He will always get things done and you can count on him.

15. He doesn’t play games with you.

A real gentleman will not beat around the bush. If he likes you, he will let you know that. He’s confident and you know he will do his best to win your heart. If he’s not into you, he will explain it to you politely.

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