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20 Perfectly Legit Reasons Why Men With Tattoos Are Every Girl’s Dream

20 Perfectly Legit Reasons Why Men With Tattoos Are Every Girl’s Dream

Arm tattoos, chest tattoos, back tattoos, neck tattoos…

They all have one thing in common – they are a form of self-expression – mirrors of someone’s soul, lifestyle, and mindset.

Now, when we combine the word tattoo with men, we get one of the most powerful and sexiest three-word statements in the world – MEN WITH TATTOOS!

I’m pretty sure that the same second someone mentions tattoos and men in one sentence, every woman in the vicinity of three kilometres imagines the same picture in her mind:

A hot, sexy, mysterious, badass guy with (preferably) black hair, perfectly proportionate muscles, and addictive charisma.

Well, if you ask me, men with tattoos are so damn hot that there should be a sign above their heads telling all the girls to prepare: “Tattooed man approaching.”

They should have a separate section in a cafe reserved for tattooed guys only to make it easier for women to find them and admire them (from a safe distance, of course, in case they get too excited).

On the contrary, our mothers, fathers, and some other people probably don’t think that because society has declared men with tattoos as ultimate bad boys, drug addicts, or criminals who are only interested in doing dodgy things and, therefore, as such are not suitable for relationship or marriage material.

But, I’m happy to say that they couldn’t be more wrong – men with tattoos are anything but that!

They are romantic, artistic, passionate, devoted to the core, and sometimes a little impulsive (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing)!

And that’s why we’re so crazy about them!

Lo and behold, they’re everything a man should be!

They’re every girl’s dream for a reason and that’s why I have a strong urge to accentuate those reasons for the sake of doing society a favor and opening their eyes to see the real potential of these awesome, passionate, dedicated, sexy beasts that simply make the best boyfriends, fathers, and husbands!

1. They have that badass vibe

The very process of tattooing is extremely painful and that’s the main reason why we connect tattooed men with badass hot beasts.

Now, it’s up to the individual to decide if they’re going to see this badass vibe as something positive or negative.

As far as every girl out there is concerned, that badass vibe from a man who carries an inspiring piece of body art through life is priceless.

And this has nothing to do with the choosing of the best tattoo or spicing it up with a perfect hairstyle.

Men with tattoos have that sex appeal in their auras and with their every move, it feels like they’re constantly re-telling an inspirational story of their life.

Their badass vibe is a combination of the following ingredients: wisdom, respect, motivation, appreciation, and determination to which no woman can stay indifferent!

Unlike couch potato guys wearing the label of a huge turn-off, tattooed men’s vibe is a major turn-on in every sense of their being because they actually care about things.

They are driven by fuel called effort and motivation to contribute in making the world a better place.

2. They’re expressive

Men with tattoos are ten times more expressive than inkless men.

Their decision to enter a tattoo shop and indulge in the inking process is driven by their desire to share something with the world and people around them, to express themselves with the help of tattoos, since words are often not enough.

Their tattoo ideas speak a lot about the message they want to send to the world, their past life, their life goals, and their overall personality.

Both a tattoo artists’ urge to create and a tattooed man’s desire to tell something meaningful speaks a lot about their praise of real values instead of fake ideals.

Also, statements like “Men with tattoos are illiterate or uneducated” are total bullshit.

Every recent study and new study claims that more and more educated students are getting inked.

Indeed, just think of how many famous and intelligent people are carrying a piece of body art.

To help you out, here is the mini list of hot, famous, and intelligent tattooed men: Johnny Depp, Adam Levine, David Beckham, Eminem, Colin Farrell, Ryan Gosling, Lenny Kravitz, you name it.

3. They’re committed to the bone

If this is your first time dating a tattooed guy or if you ever happen to date one in the future, know that they’re committed to the bone!

Yes, feel free to forget everything you’ve heard about their bad reputation. It’s plain bullshit.

The moment a man decides to get a tattoo, he chooses to make a commitment with something he truly believes in, that matters a lot to him, and that’ll probably accompany him for the rest of his life.

Such a decision requires lots of courage, devotion, and love.

So, trust me when I say: When a tattooed man has feelings for someone, he instantly makes a decision to protect that person, make an effort to be the best he can be, and commit with every fiber of his being.

And inked guy doesn’t play with other people’s feelings.

He understands the complexity and beauty of emotions.

He sees commitment as something sacred.

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4. They’re mysterious

Just think of Johnny Depp.

I swear to God, every time I see that man, I cannot stop contemplating about what the hell is going on in his head and how he manages to succeed in capturing my undivided attention without even trying.

He and his crew are either some sort of supernatural beings, or perhaps, their tattoos greatly contribute to making them appear mysterious and irresistible to us (regular) human beings.

Since we don’t have any proof of the first hypothesis, I bet it’s the second one.

Indeed, every tattoo is a mystery in itself because only the person who has it knows the real meaning of it and how much value it holds for them.

The perfect examples are tribal designs that are so hard to decipher, even when you spend a day staring at them.

And that’s why we simply can’t get enough of men with tattoos and their powerful enigma!

5. They don’t play by society’s imposed rules

If you ask a man or a woman with tattoo about what they think of society and their preaching about how we should live our lives, they’d say to you that they couldn’t give any lessof a fuck.

Because it’s damn true!

Both men and women with tattoos certainly don’t give a shit about what other people think about them, let alone society.

Because if it was so, they’d never even opt to tattoo themselves.

They don’t care whether society will classify them as criminals, drug addicts, or whatever else – they themselves know the real truth.

And they refuse to play by any of society’s imposed rules, like marrying before thirty; having a boring, conventional job; and buying things the media wants them to buy.

They don’t care about being popular, and they can’t stand a routine and doing things only because others are doing them.

They’d rather spend their life pursuing what they’re passionate about instead of keep being miserable with a job they couldn’t hate more.

And we totally dig them for it.

6. They’re the new kind of romantic

Whoever said that tattooed men simply cannot be romantic or don’t know how to be romantic was utterly wrong.

Just because men with tattoos are not the regular kind of romantic, this doesn’t mean they’re completely devoid of romantic feelings.

As a matter of fact, they are the new breed of romantic, which is ten times more sexier and exciting!

Their badass vibe creates darker shade of romance that is sensual, powerful, and extremely passionate.

They are really good at making a woman feel special, protected, and appreciated because they feel like it’s their job to do it and they’re masters in doing it subtly and wisely.

7. They’re adventurous

Having different tattoos means having different perspectives, conveying different messages, or re-telling of a unique story.

And to retell a story or to be able to create a story, you need to be willing.

You need to be adventurous and ready to try new things.

Men with tattoos are exactly that.

Their every tattoo has a story to tell.

Each of their tattoos means they’ve experienced something life-changing that’s inspired them to turn it into body art.

Inked guys are like walking inspiration by telling the world that they’ll never stop exploring life and learning valuable lessons on their way to becoming their true self.

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8. They have an exciting history

I personally have never in my life met a man (or anyone else) with a tattoo whose personality or past life was dull or boring to the core.

And that’s why I wholeheartedly and proudly feel free to declare that men with tattoos have an exciting history!

I mean, how couldn’t they?

Their mysterious, badass vibe had to have been created somehow and it certainly didn’t form overnight.

Their badass vibe was shaped by their exciting history and active role in their life, instead of the role of an observer.

Men with tattoos have experienced some deep shit, which always come to the surface once you start connecting with them.

They talk about their experiences with such grace, ease, and enigma.

It’s simply irresistible and breathtaking in its every form.

9. They think outside the box

As already said, men with tattoos are not just plain observers.

Instead, they always think outside the box and find meaning everywhere they look and in everything they do.

They see life in a different light and motion.

While some people see only a dragon with a wicked connotation, tattooed men (and other tattooing crew) see something completely different, because to them, that particular object represents their own idea and interpretation of something.

And tattoos are an excellent tool for portraying your ideas and thoughts on canvass called body.

And that’s why every tattoo deserves special admiration and appreciation of one’s self-expression.

Every tattoo is born out of unique idea.

It deserves to be noticed – both the tattoo and especially the tattooed person, or in this case, tattooed man.

10. They’re passionate

Passion is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and it can be manifested in multiple forms.

For example, some men enjoy cooking, swimming, gaming, drawing, etc.

And some people are passionate about tattoos.

And being passionate about tattoos also means being passionate about life, because you want to make the best out of it.

You want to mark every special moment.

You want it to have meaning.

Men with tattoos want all of that, too.

They are passionate about this mysterious thing called life and tattooing is one way of expressing it.

They refuse to be a part of mediocrity or anything ordinary.

They know that there’s so much more to everything they have experienced and are about to experience.

They choose to be expressive and passionate about life because it’s the only way to live it to the fullest.

That’s why we simply can’t get enough of them.

11. They can handle pain

Believe it or not, there are some men who can’t handle a simple flu, let alone pain caused by inking up at the tattoo shop.

But, not men with tats.

They are masculine and bold because they’re not afraid of a little pain and needle.

In fact, they don’t even think about the pain because they’re solely concentrated on the final product – the art.

And such a man who has his priorities and doesn’t give up on certain obstacles when it comes to reaching his goals is a man worth dating and celebrating!

I mean, no one likes to be with a man who’s going to constantly look for excuses in order to justify his cowardly behavior.

A real man finds a goal and makes sure to achieve it no matter what.

Tell me that’s not sexy as hell!

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12. They’re genuine

As already said, men with tattoos certainly don’t give a shit about some irrelevant opinions by random people.

Tattooed men strive to be genuine because they can’t handle being fake or anything of the sort.

They’d rather stand out from the crowd than follow it blindly because they know they wouldn’t be themselves were they to listen to other people’s opinions.

The moment they’ve decided to get that tat, they’ve resolved to tell the world to shut the fuck up and present them new ideas and life perspectives without fearing that someone might not like it.

And that’s why they totally deserve to be praised and adored!

13. They celebrate imperfection

Since we’re living in times of advanced plastic surgery and other tools invented to make us look “perfect,” body art is the biggest sign of celebrating imperfection instead of blindly seeking perfection.

Men with tattoos see their body as an imperfect canvass that needs to be filled with inspiring things in order to have meaning.

They don’t bother with reaching perfection because they know that it doesn’t exist.

They’re not wasting their time following fake ideals because they’re too busy creating and praising their own artistic stories and moments.

14. They’re honest about their past

Men with tattoos are honest to the core and the fact that they were ready to put some vulnerable tattoos on their bodies speaks a lot for their boldness and honesty.

Instead of trying to forget it like most people, they look beyond to see it as something valuable that’s taught them numerous valuable lessons.

They’re not afraid of who they were, who they are, and who they’re becoming.

They celebrate each phase of their life and they consider it as something worthy of noticing, remembering, and praising.

They can’t stand lies, deceit, or any kind of negative emotions.

The only thing they believe in is pure truth.

15. They’re sensitive

Even though they look all fearless and badass, inked men have also their sensitive side.

They experience everything with lots of emotions and feelings, and that’s why they get inspired to put those feelings into drawings – tattoos.

Men with tattoos are sensitive souls looking for the meaning of the world we live in, searching for their own life purpose, and questioning everything that’s worth questioning.

They’ve been hurt in the past, they’ve been taken for granted, but every time they decided to rise, man up, and deal with the consequences.

That oxymoron of being a sensitive badass is something really powerful, sexy, and a total panty-dropper.

No girl can stay indifferent.

16. They’re spontaneous

Men with tattoos are not dreamers.

They live in the moment, they bleed, they laugh, they care.

They’re spontaneous by nature and their motto is: “Seize the day!”

Now, I can’t explain the connection between tattoos and living in the moment, but there’s definitely something mysterious about it!

17. They know what they want

Deciding which tattoos you’re going to have on your body for (probably) the rest of your life is no easy task, just as deciding which person you’re going to marry.

And men with tattoos know exactly what they want in life, how to get it, and how to preserve it.

They make a choice and they stick to it.

They don’t decide to do something on a whim and then make excuses when things become too much for them.

They’re not boys.

They’re grown ass men who always fight for what they want instead of waiting for someone to serve them.

18. They’re not afraid of the future

Men with ink aren’t afraid of the future because they’re not scared to make important decisions and trust their gut.

The best examples of it are their tattoos.

When a man is brave enough to pick a tattoo that’ll be his fellow companion for years to come, he’s also brave enough to make other more important and life-changing choices.

And every woman likes to know that her man is capable of taking care of both himself and his life, because this is definitely one of the sexiest attributes a male can possess.

19. They look amazing in (almost) everything

Leg tattoos, full sleeves, animal tattoos, tribal tattoos, and various trending tattoos have the power to lift every clothing combination and accentuate certain parts of their hot bodies.

Just imagine a tanned tattooed man with dark hair and fit body wearing white tee that perfectly accentuates every inch of his chiseled physique.

Or imagine a tattooed man in a plain white, dirty undershirt.

Or in a black, short-sleeved button up.

I could go on like this forever because they simply look hot in (almost) everything they put on (even though we prefer seeing them wearing their tattoos only)!

20. They’re great in bed

When we combine all of the signs above, as a result, we come to the final reason:

Men with tattoos are great in bed. Period.

If you’re wondering why, let me remind you of their artistic, expressive nature, their sensitive side, their fiery passion, adventurous spirit, and spice it all up with a perfect amount of mystery.

Yup. When you combine all of that, you get a man who’s absolutely amazing in the sheets!

One who’s a true art in himself.

And it’d be a shame not to let him teach you his ways, right girls?

Hell, yeah!

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