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20 Things You Must Know To Help Yourself Heal A Broken Heart

20 Things You Must Know To Help Yourself Heal A Broken Heart

1. A broken heart is not something a person recovers from in a jiff.

Before healing, you must realize that you’ve been seriously hurt. You’ve been emotionally betrayed and used.

Your trust was violated and no matter how hard you try, for some time, you’re not going to be the same person as before.

Healing takes time. Period. 

2. The sadness is the key to lasting happiness.

Heartbreak hurts like hell, but you’re in for a surprise after it’s done.

Life is kind of fair and it can reward you if you stay persistent and don’t give up. 

3. Let yourself grieve in peace.

The tears that want to burst out – let them. The pain that desperately wants to see the light of the day – let it.

Don’t hold anything in, because if you do, it will sit inside you until it rots and corrupts the person you once were.

It will turn you into a bitter, cynical shadow of the person you once were. 

4. You can choose a loveless life as a result of heartbreak.

You can live alone for all the years to come.

You can choose to look at happy couples and reassure yourself that you’re happy, that it’s your choice to be single forever, and that it’s the best thing you’ve ever done.

Deep down, you know that’s a lie. Stop it! Face the truth. 

5. Embrace the negative thoughts, don’t fight them.

The more you fight them, the more you ignore them, the more miserable you will be.Embrace negative feelings and find a way to cope with them.

Make them your friends – help them if you need to. In that way, you help yourself. 

6. Let your friends know what you need.

Don’t hide anything from anyone.If you feel like shit today and you’re not up for company or hanging out, don’t pretend you are.

Friends are there for you, no matter what.

If you need space, if you need company, if you need a shoulder to cry on, a real friend will give everything you’re asking for without thinking twice about it. 

7. Settling is never a good option.

Staying in an unhappy relationship is never a good choice.Staying and ignoring the inevitable future is not going to make it any less painful.

If nothing, it’s going to be even worse in the end.

8. Be careful not to fall into the trap of depression.

The line between grief and depression is pretty thin.You must be aware if you crossed it.

But, it’s not that hard to see the difference after all.

The first and the most important sign telling you something more than just grieving is happening to you is if you simply don’t care about anything.

If you don’t have the strength to get out of bed for anyone, if you’ve lost the reason to live, that is depression.

And if you let yourself get stuck in that state, you’re not going to find your way out that easily. 

9. Make room for yourself.

You’ve been putting others before yourself for a while now.It’s about time to put that poor self-treatment to an end.

It’s about time you start asking yourself what it is that you want and what ultimately makes you happy.

Make room in your life for yourself and the heartbreak will be so much easier to bear. 

10. I know that you’ve put yourself in “protection mode.”

You’re being extra careful not to fall into another heartbreaking trap.But, life cannot be played safely.

The line of life you’re supposed to walk on is not straight all the time.You can’t see what’s next and it’s foolish to even assume.

With that being said, there is no way to play it safe.

You need to take risks; you need to start trusting someone once again if you want to taste love ever again.

Even if you think you don’t, that’s just anger and denial talking out of you for now. 

11. Revenge is childish.

You’re not going to feel better if you get back at your ex.Nothing will change and your heart will remain broken.

Instead of turning into a vengeful bitch, please try to find it in you to forgive him. On second thought, even try to be kind to him.

Let him know that you don’t hold any grudges and go through your heartbreak in a dignified manner. 

12. Grief comes in waves.

Prepare yourself for the days when you’re going to feel extraordinary and the next morning you’re going to feel like shit like your whole world has come crumbling down.

That is completely normal and nothing to be worried about.There is nothing wrong with you.

It’s how the human mind works. But, the thing you can truly take from your behavior is that you’re on the right road to “Healville.” 

13. In this excruciating pain and agony you’re going through, you’ll see something inside of you that you never knew existed.

You’re going to see a new side to yourself.You’re going to see that when things get rough, you know how to keep yourself standing.

You’ll see the strength you never knew you had.In short, you’re going to surprise yourself. 

14. If you’re feeling pain, give love in return.

Don’t unleash the pain you’re feeling onto others.That won’t affect you positively. Give love to anyone, anywhere.Love is never enough to give or receive.

Be the one to spread it despite that you’re hurting.You’ll be paid back with interest. 

15. Accept what happened and move on.

You did nothing wrong.You got a lousy hand and you had to lose.

There was nothing you could do to prevent your heartbreak from happening.

It was destiny and maybe even a good lesson to be learned. 

16. You’ve been to the bottom and you know how it feels down there.

That’s why you’ll always be grateful in your life for everything you get.

You’ll have loss and deep despair to compare everything positive happening.

The bottom line is, you’ll appreciate life and your role in it.

17. You can’t predict when the pain will come or how long it will last.

You can’t time the pain, so you can’t feel it only when you’re alone in your room.

No… the cannonball of sadness can hit you in the middle of the street, in a crowd of people.

Don’t try to stop it or put it off for another time, because… you simply can’t. 

18. Heartbreak isn’t just reserved for the ones who’ve been in a relationship.

One-sided love causes heartbreak, too.

Recovering from being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back is as awful as being dumped.

It’s a process that lasts as long as any other recovery.

It’s something you need to sort out in your head and deal with like with everything else. 

19. Once someone breaks your heart, everything will be different.

You’re going to look at the world around you differently.You’re going to see people in a different way.

You’re going to think differently.Heartbreak is going to change you, but it’s going to change you for the better. 

20. You cannot rule your heart out and just think rationally.

That’s impossible because you’re not a machine.No matter how hurt you are, you’re always going to let your emotions run wild.

The catch is, don’t let them overrule, but don’t exclude them either.Find the balance and you’ll find the peace. 

20 Things You Must Know To Help Yourself Heal A Broken Heart