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22 Signs You Are Perfect Wife Material (According To Men)

22 Signs You Are Perfect Wife Material (According To Men)

1. You want to keep on learning things. You want to nurture your intellect and you look at life’s battles as new opportunities to learn something new. You are very curious and you want to find out about life as much as you can.

2. You’re laughing. No matter what, you will always find a reason to put a smile on your face. Even when you are sad and alone, you’ll find a silver lining because you are a positive person. Your life’s philosophy is that the glass is always full and not empty.

3. You are the one who is going to fight by his side. You’re going to be his support in every life’s challenge.

4. You will surprise him from time to time with doing something beautiful because you love him. As you want him to do that for you, so he wants you to do that for him.

5. You are trustworthy and he has complete faith in you. He knows that you’ve got his back and that he can talk to you when he’s feeling down. He knows that you’re going to nourish your relationship with him because you care.

6. You know how to listen. You are not one of those girls who just waits for her turn to say something. You will hear him out and really help him with his problem and not just move on to yours.

7. You challenge him on a daily basis. You challenge him emotionally, physically and intellectually. You make him want to evolve on all possible levels.

8. You make him want to be a better person. You make him want to learn new things like you and by your side, he feels like he can do anything he likes. By influencing him, you are making him the best version of himself.

9. You know how to crack a joke and you have a great sense of humor. Not only do you know how to make a joke, but you know how to take on. You won’t get offended or take something personally and that’s what he wants because he needs someone to laugh with.

10. You motivate him to believe in himself. Whenever he falls down and starts doubting himself, you’ll pick him right up and help him get back his confidence.

11. You are independent. You have your own life which you live and you don’t need him in order to be complete. And he wants you to act like that. He doesn’t want you to be codependent on him.

12. You will never judge him for his past mistakes because you’ve also made mistakes and you know that no one is perfect. You’re going to love him with quirks and all.

13. The sex is really good. Period.

14. You care for him and you show it. You’re not just full of empty words, but you fulfill your promises.

15. You like the same things as he does, so life with you is so easy. There is no arguing about what to do or where to go. You’re simply on the same page.

16. You are a good cook. Let’s face it codependent men love women who know how to cook because after all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

17. You always say what is on your mind. You will never keep quiet when you have something to say and he loves that side of you. He wants his wife to speak her mind and never keep quiet.

18. You are strong and you can hold him when he falls. He knows he can count on you because you have what it takes to help him when he is feeling down.

19. You are interested in his hobbies. You want to know what he likes and you want to take part in it because you love him. He loves you back and wants to share things that are important to him with you.

20. You have an adventurous spirit. He loves the fact that you are able to leave everything behind and do something that pops into your mind. You have no restrictions and that is what makes him crazy in love with you.

21. You share his values. You aspire to the same things and your ultimate goals are similar.

22. You are his best friend. He knows he can rely on you for whatever he wants to do.