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If You Can’t Do These 6 Things Together, He’s Not Your Soulmate

If You Can’t Do These 6 Things Together, He’s Not Your Soulmate

I believe we all have a soulmate somewhere out there; someone who was made just for us.

Sadly, we sometimes mistake our soulmate with someone temporary, and the best way to distinguish the two is through actions.

It’s all about the things you do together as a couple that speaks volumes about your connection and chemistry.

But more importantly, it’s the things that you can’t do together that give you a clearer view of the other person and determine whether or not he is your soulmate.

Be honest with each other

If you can’t be open and upfront with your partner there is a red flag right there. Without honesty, relationships are destined to fail.

If you can’t speak your mind, be yourself around your partner, and you are keeping things from him, he is definitely not your soulmate.

Enjoy the silence together

It sounds pretty trivial, but it’s actually very important. Soulmates can handle the silence without making it awkward.

It just feels natural to them, and they are comfortable with simply enjoying each other’s closeness.

If you have to force conversation and feel the constant urge to blab about anything to break the silence, I’m sorry I have to break it to you, but you aren’t with whom you are supposed to be.

Give each other space

True love is about belonging, but it’s not about trapping one another.

You don’t have to spend every waking moment with your significant other for love to be real.

You don’t have to be glued to each other without any respect for each other’s personal space. If you do that, you will only suffocate your relationship.

Love is more real when you trust one another just the same whether you are close or apart.

Love is each of you leading your own lives, and cherishing and prioritizing the one you share together.


It sounds so simple, but this is where most couples fail. They forget to listen to each other. They forget to sit down and have an actual conversation.

You should be able to talk to your partner about anything and everything. You should be able to share your joys as well as your sorrows.

You should be able to speak your mind without fearing that they will leave if they hear something that doesn’t suit them.

You should be able to communicate your problems and find common ground.

You really should do all of that with your partner. If you can’t, you are in a wrong relationship.

Back each other up

Sadly, there are so many relationships these days in which one partner has to make the other one feel small, insignificant, unappreciated and overall like they are not enough.

Get out ASAP if you are in a relationship like that. Soulmates are always kind to one another, always supporting each other and growing together.

Everything else is less than you deserve, and it’s not worth your time, efforts or self-esteem.

 Have fun together

Playfulness is a great indicator of a healthy relationship. Two people who are relaxed and comfortable around each other are bound to have a lot of fun times.

They aren’t afraid to be goofy or weird with each other. They have a shared sense of humor, and teasing and tickling are on their to-do list at all times.

Ordinary things are extraordinary just because they are together.

If fun doesn’t come naturally to you and your partner and if he makes you crazy more often than he makes you laugh, he is not your soulmate.