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23 Things That Happen To People Who’ve Been Friends Forever

23 Things That Happen To People Who’ve Been Friends Forever

1. They’ve seen you at your worst and your best. No one can see you through their eyes. They’ve seen your fashion failures and your brightest moments, your worst fails and your best accomplishments.

2. Months can go by without hearing from each other, but the moment you finally see each other again, you just pick up where you left off. A best friend’s love never vanishes. In fact, it can only grow stronger as time passes.

3. They are friends with every person who comes into your life or just passes nearby. They remember who your crush was in the second grade, and they will never forget the guy who broke your heart when you just started dating nor the undestined love you had when you finished high school.

23 Things That Happen To People Who've Been Friends Forever

4. If they call you in the middle of the night, even if you have to work tomorrow or you have school or an important exam, you will ignore everything and run to be with them—as long as they need it. Even if they just need you to hold them or to listen to them. Your presence is enough.

5. They’ve listened to you, too, patiently over the years. They are the only ones who know how to calm you down or tell you to shut up and move on with your life when you need to. They will always say what they think and will never pretty up the truth not to hurt your feelings. Best friends are honest, no matter what because they know it’s for your own good.

6. They’ve been there after every party holding your hair while you’ve thrown up. You’ve carried each other to the car and put each other to bed at the stage of utter drunkness. The option was either leaving the drunk person at the front door or tucking them in—the choice was more than obvious.

7. They have a hunch every time someone you don’t want to see is about to walk by, and no one can replace them in their mission to save you the awkward situation of having to say ‘hello’ to the last person you want to see at that moment. That never fades away.

8. For every moment in your life, no matter how insignificant to others but important to you, they will be first in line to support you. Even if you have an exhibition in some God-forsaken place with a population of one thousand people—5 of them actually attending your exhibition—they will be there—the proudest ones of all.

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23 Things That Happen To People Who've Been Friends Forever

9. They know exactly what you’ll say before you even say it. You may start, and you don’t need to finish. This especially goes for a funny situation which has happened to you. Judging by who you are and how you act, they are already laughing because they know how the story will end.

10. You have their mom in your phone contacts, and you talk to her almost regularly. I don’t even have to mention that you feel like you’re at home when you come to visit them. You love their parents almost as much as you do yours.

11. If someone gets mean to you, they defend you with their lives. Sometimes, you cannot believe what they are capable of doing just to protect you.

12. You act like an old married couple. You fight all the time. You argue about trivial things yet you can’t stay mad at each other longer than half an hour.

13. You have no personal boundaries, whatsoever.

14. If you are mean to someone, they will make sure you know you’re acting like a complete b**ch for no good reason, and they will make you make amends

23 Things That Happen To People Who've Been Friends Forever

15. You can be quiet for hours, and there will be nothing uncomfortable about it. The two of you can let the room be filled with feelings instead of words, and you’ll still have a great time.

16. If someone you like doesn’t love you back, they won’t let you waste your time. They will tell it right to your face along with: “Screw it; you are better than that person anyway.”

17. They will never blow off your friendship. Even if you are in a relationship, they know you’re going to have less time for them, but you would never leave them because friends are forever—unlike most relationships.

18. You know what’s bothering them and what goes around in their minds by just glancing at them. They could never hide anything from you.

19. They will never let you do stupid things all alone. They love you too much to let you embarrass yourself. If you persist on doing something stupid, they will do it with you to share the embarrassment so you feel a bit better when you finally realize what you’ve done.

20. Selfies get uglier as the friendship deepens. The amount of grossness in the photos you send each other is incredible yet funny as hell.

21. You never keep up with who spent how much money on whom. When you drink, the one who has money spends it all. That’s how selfless and true friendships work.

22. You always take food from each other’s plate—except for the food you know they like because getting stabbed with a fork is not something you’re willing to risk happening.

23. You are each other’s significant other. You are each other’s soulmate. Forever.

23 Things That Happen To People Who've Been Friends Forever