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27 Cute Things Every Man Needs To Do For His Girlfriend

27 Cute Things Every Man Needs To Do For His Girlfriend

A man gets to the point where he starts thinking that there is nothing more he should do to please his partner because she’s already been won over and there is no need to do anything further to continue to keep her by his side.

Well, that is not the truth. Absolutely not. We need to make each other happy in the relationship for it to stay healthy and loving.

We need to show affection to each other and the man needs to make her feel loved for her to see that he really is the real deal. There are so many cute things to do for your girlfriend.

After you’ve been in a relationship for quite some time now, it’s easy to get into this routine and forget that you need to do something special sometimes to make it more interesting and to bring the spark back into the relationship.

To every man out there, here is a list of 27 romantic and cute things you can do for your girlfriend to make her feel loved:

Buy her something small but meaningful.

She probably doesn’t want you to give her the whole world. You’re her world. Just give her something that is meaningful and is a small token of your appreciation.

Like a necklace or flowers. It’s extremely romantic and she will feel special.

Make time for her.

You’ve probably had too much work these days and you didn’t have enough time to spend with her. Change that. Put everything aside and go out with her.

Call her and tell her that you’ve left all the work for tomorrow and that tonight is reserved only for you two.

You don’t even have to go out—buy a bucket of ice-cream and binge watch a series. It’ll mean the world to her.

Leave cute notes all throughout the house.

Or put glue them in a heart-shaped form somewhere in the house. Write some cute things on those little notes.

Write down everything that you think about her, feel about her. Express into words what you see when you look at her and show her that you are putting effort into the relationship.

Make a bucket list for your relationship.

And start clearing it. Sit down with her and write down everything that you want to do together. There are probably many cute things you can do with your girlfriend.

If it’s to eat a jumbo pizza together, get that pizza the same night. Show her that you will do everything that will make her future with you more than awesome.

Paint a portrait.

There’s no need for it to be perfect. If you’re being lazy one morning, just take a piece of paper and draw her.

Even if it is funny and even if she looks like a donut on the painting, it doesn’t matter. Give it to her so it can always remind her of how goofy you both are and how much fun you have together.

Surprise her.

If you have some time on your own in the house, surprise her with doing her chores or making dinner. Write “I love you” with petals on the sheets or send her a good night paragraph.

Doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you show her your affection.

Be there for her.

Let her know that, whatever happens, you will always be on her side. Show her that her tears aren’t a burden for you.

It’s the perfect time to show her how she can count on you when life gets tough. Don’t bring her down and make her feel unworthy of your attention.

Don’t hold back the cute messages.

If you think that sending her a cute text message will make you look weak and make you too vulnerable… well, it should! You’re in a relationship with her, so you need to be vulnerable.

Send her a text message every time you think of her and tell her how important she is to you. Or even send her the link of a song and write part of the lyrics—the part that makes her see how loved she is.

Make her feel safe.

Protect her. Make her feel cared for. Walk her to her doorstep or to her car. Show her that you’re concerned and that she is safe with you no matter what.Be a gentleman.

Open the door for her. Let her order first. Let her pick the movie. It’s what a gentleman would do. Have manners and show your good side. It’s the cutest thing you can do for your girlfriend.

Make ”love coupons”.

When I heard that this was a thing, it blew me off my feet. If you want to do something cute for her, this is it!

Make a booklet of love coupons that might say something like ”good for a hug”, ”good for a back massage”, ”good for one dinner” or something along those lines.

It’s extremely cute and she will think it’s funny but still the most beautiful thing ever.

Whisper something sexy in her ear when you’re out in public.

Of course, be sure she’s in a good mood for this. If she’s happy and laughing tell her how sexy she looks and what you’d like to be doing to her if you were alone.

It’ll bring great things later on for you and it’ll make her feel sexier.

Accompany her when she’s afraid to do something on her own

Like going to the dentist. For example, I cry every time I have to go to the dentist, so my boyfriend always accompanies me.

You can do this for her when she goes on a meeting or to the doctor. Doesn’t matter what it is. Just knowing that you are there for her will calm her down and make her feel safer.

Share secrets.

It’s scientifically proven that people who talk about intimate things are more attractive than their counterparts.

So tell her something intimate about you that will make her remember that you trust her and that she can trust you, too. Tell her a dark secret that only you two share now.

Kiss her hand and fingers lovingly.

Kiss her hand instead of her lips. She will melt. I can guarantee you this. It will make her feel like you love and adore and cherish every little part of her.

She will look at you as you’re kissing her hand and her eyes will be full of tears. It’s the most romantic thing ever.

Pillow talk.

Is there anything more beautiful and intimate? When you’re laying down together, cuddling, and you start talking about the good and the bad things.

It’s a cute thing to do and it’ll bring you both much closer.

Simply ask her

It won’t kill you. Just ask her what can you do to make her feel happier. Ask her if there’s anything you need to do for her. That will show her that you truly do care.

Dress nicely.

Try looking your best every time you go out and don’t let yourself get dirty, even when you’re home alone.

Also, always put a little bit of deodorant or perfume on you. Everyone knows that women fall for great smells.

Make her a CD of songs that remind you of her.

As cliche as it gets. But it’s so freaking romantic. Make her a playlist of songs that you both love and songs that remind you of her. You can say so much more through music.

Kiss every little part of her body.

When she’s just laying there, looking so sexy, move to her and start kissing her body. Doesn’t matter where you start, nor does it matter where you end.

It’s important that you go over every little part of her body. Let your kisses be light at moments, barely touching her, then intensify at moments and let your lips travel over her. It will give her chills all over.

Take good care of her when she’s sick.

This isn’t a small sign that you care, but rather a huge one. If she’s sick and you take care of her, she will know that you care so much and that she is safe no matter what.

Make a gift basket.

This doesn’t have to be super expensive, either. You can give her a basket filled with her favorite chocolate. But you can also fill it with cosmetics that you saw she used and a plush animal. It’s up to you. She will love it either way.

Show her that you have your life together.

If she has to worry about your life too much, she won’t have time for her own. So keep it together as much as you can. Don’t get stuck in a rut.

Don’t do the same things all over again. Start a new habit, read a book she recommended to you, go for self-improvement and growth. It’s what turns girls on the most.

Say you’re sorry.

Be calm and collected. If you’re in an argument and you see that she’s freaking out, just back down and ask her to explain her side of the story.

You might understand her reasons better now and if you simply apologize, it might save you so much time. Don’t focus on being right, but rather be the good listener and be generous.

Make her breakfast.

When she wakes up in the morning, she’s sleepy and making breakfast is a huge task to accomplish. So get up a bit earlier and make her breakfast.

It’s also cute to put a single flower (her favorite) next to it to make it even more special.

Go for a picnic.

Out in nature, surrounded by everything green, it’s such a relaxing moment for both of you. Maybe you shouldn’t even be telling her that you will take her on a picnic.

Just go for a walk and the moment you see a nice place, get out the blanket and the food. It’s a surprise and she will freak for how cute you are.

Compliment her.

If she’s insecure about something, compliment her every time she tells you about it. Of course, don’t let it be too obvious and don’t do it too much.

Also, throw in casual compliments about a certain part of her body or something that she has done right. It will mean so much to her that you have really taken the time to see her effort.