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3 Main Types Of Chemistry That Make Your Love Real And True

3 Main Types Of Chemistry That Make Your Love Real And True

Falling in love is a spontaneous act. It happens all on its own, and we have no power over it. We don’t choose who we fall for.

It’s just something that happens. It’s a ‘click’ you can’t experience with just anybody.

We can’t force ourselves to fall in love even if someone checks all the boxes, and we know that they would be a perfect match for us on paper. There needs to be that ‘chemistry’.

Chemistry is the very thing that unites two people. It’s a spark, magnetism and bond between two people that joins them together.

Most people relate chemistry to the sexual type which is the easiest to recognize, but there are two more types that have to go alongside with it to make love real.

Love based on physical chemistry alone won’t last for very long. Once the honeymoon phase is over, couples realize that there is nothing else holding them together.

That’s why there are three main types of chemistry that have to coexist, so that the love two people feel for each other can reach its full potential and be real, true and long lasting.

1. Physical chemistry

People are very visual creatures and driven by their basic instincts. Physical chemistry, or better said sexual attraction, is the first thing that draws two people together.

It’s definitely the most powerful type of chemistry because we mostly fall under its influence, and we can’t help ourselves, but it’s just the part of the equation.

Great sex can be mind-blowing. It can get you to the point where you can’t distinguish lust from love. It can be thrilling and exciting, but you always run the risk of getting your heart broken.

Physical chemistry is the starting point, and it can transform into love, but if it doesn’t evolve further, if it misses its two other chemistries, it will be fleeting and short-termed.

2. Intellectual chemistry

The best way to describe this type of chemistry is that ‘click’ you get when you feel like you are finally talking to somebody who gets you.

You can talk non-stop for hours at a time and not get bored. You can skip topics and go back to them again. You can sit in silence for a while without things getting awkward.

It’s really a great feeling. It’s like you found a part of yourself in somebody else. It fills you with a sense of safety and unbelievable bliss because you found your intellectual match.

If you are a saphiophile, this type of chemistry can make you really sexually attractive to someone. If that’s the case, you are in luck because all you need more is emotional chemistry to make the relationship work and never end.

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3. Emotional chemistry

Have you ever had that one-of-a-kind feeling you get when you think you must’ve met that person in some other life? There is something familiar about them, and you can’t help but feel close to them, even if you have known them just for a while.

They matter. They are important in your life, even though you don’t have concrete evidence. Well, that’s what emotional chemistry.

Your souls recognized one another, and they knew they have to be joined.

While intellectual chemistry makes two people connect through conversation, the emotional one makes them connect through their feelings. That’s why sometimes you get more than you could ever imagine.

Being with them fills you with safety and harmony, and you know that you are where you belong. They won’t leave when things get rough. They are there through thick and thin.

Now you see why these chemistries have to coexist. Alone, they are unable to move to something greater, and they won’t last for very long. But together, they are in perfect synergy, and they are 3 main components of love that is real, true and made to last a lifetime.