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What Does Chemistry Feel Like For A Man? A Complete Insight

What Does Chemistry Feel Like For A Man? A Complete Insight

What does chemistry feel like for a man? There is no group of female friends who haven’t asked this question.

Men and women are similar in many ways. However, when it comes to relationships with each other, not only are they distinct, but they are two totally different worlds.

They always say that women are the ones who are totally incomprehensible and that there is no manual in the world that will give you insight into women’s thinking. But what about men?

What is chemistry to them? Just another subject in school? Do they think of chemistry as a form of physical attraction? Or is it something more than that?

This article is for everyone who has doubts about how men perceive chemistry between two people. We will provide a deep insight into how men view chemistry. So don’t go anywhere!

What Does Chemistry Feel Like For A Man?

We women often don’t realize that men have and know how to develop deeper feelings in the beginning and think that only physical attraction is important to them. However, this is not the case.

Although they always like to hide their emotions, men are creatures of feelings and great affection. So how do they feel about chemistry?

1. They love spending time with you

When it comes to chemistry, the one thing every man will like is spending time with you. This means that they will never feel exhausted because of you. You are the one who charges their batteries.

They could spend hours and hours with you and not get bored. Not just that, but when they are around you, they feel like time flies so quickly.

And although you spent hours together, even that is not enough for them.

2. It just feels right

A great indicator of good chemistry for men is definitely just the feeling of it. You two are in perfect sync.

There are no restrictions separating you from one another by even tiny walls. They balance out your yin and yang. You connect on a deeper level regarding both sexual and emotional connection.

As this is not a common phenomenon, you might expect that they don’t want to stop at that and think of you as their true love.

It’s as though you mirror each other as you are both at your best when you are together.

3. The feeling won’t fade

Everything else fades, but chemistry stays. When you have strong chemistry with someone, you will never get bored of that feeling. The feeling stays for life.

If not given the necessary attention or care, everything in our world begins to decay with time. The same is true of relationships.

However, when a man feels that you two have real chemistry, he will always cherish you and the relationship that you two have. This doesn’t mean that he will need to make a huge effort in doing so – the cherishing will come naturally.

This sign of chemistry is, therefore, another perfect sign that he can have a long-term relationship.

4. Sexual attraction

Although many people think that chemistry means bare sexual attraction, this is not the case. At least not for men.

Chemistry doesn’t mean sexual attraction. However, one part of chemistry belongs to sexual attraction. Your stomach starts to burn with the smallest contact from them, and you immediately want to give them a huge cuddle.

The need to just be close to them and hold them in your arms, however, is just one way that sexual chemistry might manifest.

It could also be a stronger need to get them into bed right away, which is more overpowering. In any event, powerful feelings of sexual tension are mostly what define chemistry.

5. Complete trust

Everyone will say that it is naive to trust someone at the very beginning of a new relationship. They will say that trust needs to be built.

Just to mention, yes, they are right. But this doesn’t matter to a man who feels chemistry with someone. Although they may not have known someone for too long, the feeling of strong chemistry will be enough for them.

This feeling will serve as a sign that they should trust you at all costs and vice versa.

6. Same interests

One thing that contributes to the chemistry that men feel for their loved ones is having many things in common.

Have they spotted that you have the same sense of humor as them? That’s a plus! Do you also love the countryside rather than big, crowded cities? A plus! Do you have the same love language? Another plus.

Although complementarity is also important and is a crucial factor in developing a healthy relationship, great chemistry is usually developed when you have the same interests.

Also, one good thing is that these similar interests can be noticed on the very first date. And this is why the first impression, especially for men, is so important.

If they see that there is no compatibility, you shouldn’t expect a second date.

7. Eye contact isn’t awkward for them

Many people feel awkward when somebody looks them in the eyes more than is socially acceptable. This is not the case with men.

So, what does chemistry feel like for a man, and how does eye contact play such an important role?

Well, as a lot of men aren’t too good with words, they let their eyes speak for them. How come? When words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.

Eye contact is a simple tool for connection and communication. So, if a man is using a lot of eye contact with you, this is most probably because they are comfortable being around you.

8. He becomes interested in you

Besides physical and romantic chemistry, seeing him being interested in you is also a huge sign that a man has chemistry with you. But how do you know that he is interested in you?

His body language alone will be enough as a sign. He will always look for an opportunity to hold your hand or hug you. He won’t let a single millimeter of the space between you slip away.

These signs will be enough for you to know that he feels that you two have some chemistry. But in fact, all these little things are proof to him of how much chemistry he feels with you.

9. He is himself

As I mentioned already, physical chemistry is not the only thing men think of when chemistry is mentioned.

If you two have chemistry, then he will be comfortable enough to be himself around you. This type of chemistry is valued most by men.

He loves the fact that you’ve met his good and bad sides and that you still decided to stay. He will love the feeling of not being judged for who he is, and this will make him even more confident.

This will make your relationship work, and he will enjoy the love life he has with you.

10. He sees you as his best friend

Although he will enjoy the romantic relationship that you two have, the chemistry between you two will increase when he sees that you are, first of all, best friends.

If anything in the world, men love to be around their best friends. No matter if they are 14 or 44. They just love spending time with them. You may wonder why?

Because they can be completely honest with them, without any restrictions and without worrying whether they said the right words.

So, imagine if he finds a partner that is also his best friend. By being a best friend to a man, you can be sure that the infatuation phase will last forever! This is a tip every relationship expert will tell you about!

What Is Going On When A Man Feels Real Chemistry?

The key elements are dopamine and oxytocin. Both are known as ‘‘love hormones.’’ So how can we link these hormones with romantic or physical chemistry? What is the real science behind it?

Easy! When a man loves spending time with you, it’s not just about you being an interesting person…It is also about the release of a hormone known as dopamine.

This hormone will make you joyful, enthusiastic, and giddy. Eventually, a man will become addicted to this hormone, and as it is linked with spending time with you, he will become addicted to you!

The ‘‘cuddle hormone’’ is extremely cute! This is the oxytocin hormone. So, when a man thinks, ‘‘Oh, she really makes me happy,’’ that is oxytocin at work!

So, when they say that there is a lack of chemistry, this, in other words, means that there is no release of these two hormones!


What causes chemistry between a man and a woman?

The chemistry between two people is a complex feeling. In many cases, this feeling cannot even be described. However, here is a list of things that cause chemistry between a man and a woman:

• Similar interests (same sense of humor, love for the same genre of books and movies, same hobbies)

• Sexual attraction

• Same love language even though you’ve just met them for the first time

• The feeling of being understood

• Similar life goals and ambitions

• Easy communication

These causes are well known by many relationship coaches, and they will always provide you with a better insight into the underlying cause of chemistry between two people.

What is the difference between intense chemistry and butterflies?

The main difference between intense chemistry and butterflies is the amount of time it takes place. Butterflies are something instant, something that happens in a moment and passes when you aren’t in touch with the person.

Usually, butterflies only last during the infatuation phase. When this phase is over, so are the butterflies. However, when it comes to intense chemistry, this feeling has a strong basis.

It has emerged from the feeling of being understood, trusting that person, and being physically attracted to them. Therefore, this intense chemistry will last forever if you’ve found the right person.

Bottom Line

It’s one thing to understand women but quite another to understand men. The main problem when it comes to understanding men is that they don’t really like to talk about their feelings and emotions.

Therefore, it makes it impossible for us women to understand men and know how to react to different behavioral changes.

So, what does chemistry feel like for a man? The only relationship advice that I can give you is to not dig deep into men’s behavior and simply trust your gut. If you feel chemistry with him, it is most probably because he feels the same way!