1. Annie, 24

When we were on a barbecue with his friends, he told me to help him bring some drinks from the car. And when we were alone, he put his hands around my waist and whispered: “I want to be inside you right now.” That was so hot!

2. Rachel, 27

While we were preparing for work in the morning, he came in while I was picking something from the floor and said: “If you don’t get up in a second, you will have to call into your job that you are sick!” That sentence gave me chills all over my body!

3. Yvonne, 31

After a month of dating, my man came to dinner and while I was telling him about my day, he just hugged me and said: “Shut up!” so he could kiss me. That was so sexy but yet sweet of him to do.

4. Zoe, 29

romantic couple lying on bed under blanket

While we were making love, he asked me: “Can I cum inside you?” That was mind-blowing in that situation!

5. Patty, 25

After a wild night under the sheets, he didn’t let me go home, so he said: “You belong to me now and I am not letting you go!” That was so hot and it kind of turned me on!

6. April, 28

I got a text in the middle of the day saying: “I want to taste you right now”! I don’t need to mention that it brought a smile to my face.

7. Kim, 32

At his friend’s house, he leaned toward me and whispered: “Go to the bathroom and wait for me without your panties on!” It made me feel so desirable.

8. Sarah, 30

side view of woman on man in bedroom

While we were in bed, he told me: “Your boobs are perfect. Can I cum over them?”

9. Caroline, 22

While I was sleeping, he came to bed and started touching me. He said: “Can I play with you?” It made me so horny in a second!

10. Hannah, 28

While we were lying in bed in the morning, he got up and when he came back, he had some finger food, wanting to feed me. So he said. “Open your mouth and don’t ask me anything!” Even though he was so strict and wanted me to obey him, it was so hot for me. I was melting with every touch of my lips and his hands.

11. Mia, 30

While I was at work, my boyfriend texted me: “Tonight, I will do all the work and you will just scream!” I don’t need to tell you how turned on I was at that time.

12. Tia, 29

naked woman decorated by fruits while man holding glass of champagne

When I asked my boyfriend what he would like for dinner he just replied: “I will just take dessert, but this time from your body!”

13. Katy, 20

While my man was kissing me and running his fingers through my hair, he said: “You smell so nice!” Maybe it is something that many guys say, but at that time, it meant so much for me.

14. Mary, 23

My boyfriend told me: “You are so fucking clever! I really like it!”

15. Missy, 33

I love the way my boyfriend would be naughty when we were in public. Even if there were a lot of people around us he would say: “I would love to have you here, right now!” And just because it was impossible, it was so damn good!

16. Ashley, 22

man takes off woman's red dress

He said: “When I am with you, I can’t think normally!” That made me so damn hot!

17. Marianne, 24

My boyfriend loved my voice in the morning so he would say: “If you continue talking when you get up in front of me, I will take you right here. I warned you!” That was so sweet and hot at the same time!

18. Tina, 21

When he puts his hands around my waist while we are in public and whispers: “Come here!” that is the sexiest thing ever and it always gives me chills.

19. Patricia, 30

While we are in bed, my man would often tell me: “I can’t get enough of you!” So sexy!

20. Alison, 34

young smiling woman lying on bed and typing on smartphone

My boyfriend once texted me: “I am texting with my left hand and thinking about you with my right one!” It was so naughty and I got turned on in a second!

21. Jolie, 32

My boyfriend told me once: “Don’t come for dinner if you are planning to leave right afterward. I have plans for you tonight!” You can imagine what happened later!

22. Joanne, 33

When I slept with my boyfriend for the first time he said: “I can’t believe this is happening to me. I am one damn lucky guy!”

23. Angela, 35

It was when he said: “Your butt is so perfect! I can’t stop touching it!”

24. Jane, 26

woman going on man while he is lying on bed

My man said: “You make me come as soon as I see you!”

25. Scarlett, 27

My boyfriend once told me: “I love the smell of your skin after we have sex! It really gets me going!” That sentence after having sex with him was mind-blowing!

26. Julie, 30

While we were doing our thing, my man told me: “You are so wet! I don’t want to stop fucking you!”

27. Lucy, 29

While I was going down on my man, all of a sudden he said: “Good girl!” That made me feel so naughty!

28. Jennifer, 22

couple kissing under shower
When my boyfriend and I came back to the hotel room from the beach, he offered to wash the salt off my back. And after he stepped into the shower with me he said: “I am not going anywhere until I make you orgasm”! Yes, those were the best 5 orgasms of my life!

29. Anita, 33

My man told me once: “What kind of spell have you used to make me think of you all the time?” It was so sweet but hot at the same time.

30. Lilly, 20

I suppose it was when he said: “I just want to feel my skin on yours. And it will be enough for me”

31. Leah, 27

My boyfriend told me that he was cold, so he squeezed next to me under the blanket telling me: “It is so warm here. Can I check how warm you are inside?”

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