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32 Undeniable Signs That You Are In Love (Which You Missed Completely)

32 Undeniable Signs That You Are In Love (Which You Missed Completely)

1. You’re not afraid. You don’t have that weird feeling in your gut that something isn’t right. You want everything and you want it now. Honey, you’re in love and you don’t even know it.

2. Everyday activities become fun for you. Those mundane, boring things that you have to do every day become interesting because you’re with him. Pretty much anything would be fun as long as you are with him.

3. You can’t look away from your phone. You constantly keep on checking if he texted you. You feel butterflies in your stomach when your phone buzzes.

4. You imagine your future with him. You talk about being with him in the future and you make plans with him. That’s definitely a sign that you’re falling for him hard.

5. He pops up in your mind all of a sudden. Let’s say you’re doing something completely unrelated to him and he pops up in your mind suddenly. And you can’t stop thinking about him for a while. Then you snap out of it and continue doing what you were doing.

6. You choose to spend time with him over anything else. If you have to choose, you’ll choose him. When you’re infatuated and in love, that person you’re fixated on is the only thing that interests you. He makes you feel happy and relaxed. You’re comfortable around him.

7. Your relationship is so easy. There is no drama, no unnecessary complications. It just feels right to be with him. It’s so effortless and that makes it so beautiful. Relationships take work but this one doesn’t.

8. Nothing he does grosses you out. Stuff that you normally can’t stand doesn’t bother you at all. You see him in a completely different light and if he does something gross, you’ll just label it cutely weird.

9. Everything reminds you of him. Everywhere you go, you see him. You’ll see a man wearing a blue scarf and it will remind you of the color of his eyes. You’ll see a man and his hair will look exactly like his.

10. You won’t be able to shut up about him. You’ll find a way to mention him in every conversation. Usually, this can be very frustrating for the people you’re talking to but your friends will get it. It will actually be kind of cute.

11. Your phone is full of your selfies together. It’s a freakin’ museum of your photos together.

12. You re-read all the messages you have exchanged. Admit it! You read all his social media posts and regular texts all over again because you can’t believe this is happening to you and you simply can’t get enough of him. Well, that’s love.

13. You miss him. You can’t help yourself. You miss him even if just a day has gone by. You’ll text him that you miss him and you’ll mean it. You won’t be able to stop thinking about your next meeting.

14. Your love doesn’t hurt. There is no pain. You have read so many broken heart articles so it kind of scares you to fall in love in the first place. But when you actually fall in love, it’s so different to what you’ve heard about and read. It’s the real deal.

15. You’re not wasting time with him. Even if you spend the whole day snuggling on the couch, it’s not a waste of time. You feel happy and satisfied when it’s over but a bit sad too. Not a second of your time together is a waste of time.

16. You want to know everything about him. You’ll ask a million questions and you won’t get enough of his answers. You’ll absorb every word he says because he is so interesting.

17. You don’t freak out if you don’t hear from each other for a few hours. Okay, you talk all the time but we all need a bit of space now and then. You won’t freak out and have a panic attack while imagining him with another woman. You trust him and you know he’ll text you when he can.

18. You know exactly what gift to buy him. If you want to surprise him or if you want to buy him something for a special occasion, you won’t have any problem because you know exactly what he likes and doesn’t like.

19. Two hours with him feels like two minutes. Time flies when you’re with him. It’s like you can’t get enough of him. But you know what they say, though? All good things come to an end, and so does the time you spend together.

20. Your ex is nowhere near your mind. You just can’t remember the last time you thought of him. It’s like he never existed. That’s because you’re in love and the only man in your life right now is the new guy.

21. You’re on a love drug. It’s like you’re high. You’re walking on cloud nine and nothing can bring you down. Nothing can destroy your happiness. Your outlook on life is positive because you are positive.

22. When your friend says something bad about him, you become defensive. You have the need to protect him because you’re in love with him. So if she says something bad about him, you’ll jump to defend him.

23. You’ll sacrifice something for him. That is the point of every happy relationship. You need to make compromises and you need to realize that not all things can go your way. Sometimes you just have to let go.

24. You can talk to him about everything. You’re not ashamed of anything because you know that he’ll understand everything. If he doesn’t, he’ll still listen to you and try his best to put himself in your shoes.

25. You feel safe around him. You know that no one can harm you. You know that nothing can touch you when you are with him. You know that he will be there for you in the blink of an eye. Simply put, you’re safe.

26. You can’t concentrate because he is always on your mind. You can’t do whatever you’re doing at full capacity because a part of your mind is drunk with love and can’t stop thinking about him.

27. You stop noticing other men. Brad Pitt could walk past you and you wouldn’t even notice him. That’s how much in love you are. If someone is hitting on you, you’ll be completely disinterested even if you realize he’s hitting on you. Your heart belongs to someone else.

28. You don’t care if you cracked a bad joke. You know that you can’t embarrass yourself, you know that he’ll find it cute and will never mock you.

29. When he’s sad, you’re sad too. You can’t bear the thought that something is bothering him. It reflects how you feel because you care about him.

30. You want to show him all your favorite things. You want to include him in your life as much as possible. You’ll try to get him to share hobbies with you and get him to like the same things you like.

31. You’ll always choose to do nothing with him rather than go out and have a good time. Spending time with him is much more valuable than anything else.

32. You want to relive some things in life but this time with him.