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22 Men Uncover The Real Reasons They Lost Interest Early On

22 Men Uncover The Real Reasons They Lost Interest Early On

1. She kept talking about her ex

Worst date ever! She just wouldn’t shut up about her ex. She was clearly not over the whole situation yet, and I didn’t want to waste my time with her.

Daniel (35)

2. I just kept on thinking, “Is this a date or an interview?”

She was really sweet at first. All of a sudden, she started asking me all these questions. What are my plans for future? How many kids do I want to have? Do I have a middle name? And so on and so. Millions of random questions coming out of nowhere. I just kept on thinking, “Is this a date or an interview?” The conversation wasn’t flowing like it should. She was asking the questions. I was answering and the moment the whole thing was done, I never wanted to go out with her again. It was just exhausting.

Matthew (24)

3. There was no chemistry

She was great. The conversation was solid. I was comfortable around her. But I couldn’t ignore the fact that there was no chemistry between us. I believe she felt the same.

John (26)

4. She had a hickey on her neck

She had a hickey on her neck. She tried to get out of it saying that her friend’s kid bit her. But she didn’t seem sincere and I didn’t want to be one of the men in her life. When it comes to relationships, I am not the sharing type.

Richard (22)

5. She was a smoker

She was a smoker and I can’t stand it. I wanted to look past it She was hot and smart and I wanted to give us a chance. But it really bothered me. I felt really bad about it. But I can’t be something I am not. I can’t date a girl I don’t like to kiss.

Sam (33)

6. If you ask me she had an alcohol problem

It was a blind date and I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It was about 2 pm and we were sitting in this bar. The waiter came to take our order. She ordered a vodka and I lost my ability to speak. She had 3 more in two hours we spent there. I didn’t like the vodka and I didn’t like the attitude.

Tom( 29)

7. She was rude to the waiter

On our third date, I asked her out to dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Everything was going great until she started criticizing everything. She was so rude to the waiter. She nagged about every little thing. The food looked “suspicious”, the waiter was too slow, etc. I never wanted to see her again and I was too embarrassed every other time I would see that poor waiter.

London ( 27)

8. She bragged a lot

She presented herself as one of those overly ambitious girls whose every sentence started with “I”. I did this, I did that, I went there, I have the best and so on. It was excruciatingly painful to hear. The worst part of her bragging was she had nothing to back all that talk up with. I think it was all words without any substance.

Peter (39)

9. She spent more time on her phone than talking to me

During that whole damn date, she never put her phone on the table. She was taking pictures and typing. She was more interested in sharing her location than sharing her real life story with me. Needless to say, I never asked her for a second date.

Leo (27)

10. She never laughed at any of my jokes

I like to think I am a pretty funny guy. And a lot of people around me laugh at my jokes and applaud me for my sense of humor. This girl, though, she never once smiled during our entire date. She wrote to me later wanting to know why I didn’t ask her out again. But if I can’t make her laugh, I will just feel like she doesn’t find me interesting. We clearly don’t share the same sense of humor and for me, that’s a big deal.

Philip ( 29)

11. She was moving too fast

Everything was amazing. We hit it off. We could talk endlessly about everything and I opened up to her really fast even though I have a hard time doing that. But very early on—I believe it might have been like the 10th time I saw her—she wanted to know where this is headed, where do I stand when it comes to marriage, how many kids do I want to have, etc. I called it quits immediately. I was still in the phase of getting to know her and she saw us moving down the aisle. It was all just too fast.

Lucas (31)

12. I was not physically attracted to her

To be completely blunt, I was not physically attracted to her. Don’t get me wrong—I don’t think I am all perfect. There are probably a lot of women out there who don’t find me attractive either. That’s something you can’t force. A person you are dating has to have something you find appealing and attractive. I just didn’t find that in her.

Adrian (34)

13. She was boring

She was drop-dead gorgeous but her communication skills were not all that something. Whatever the topic was, she had nothing meaningful to say. Her only interests included shopping, hair and makeup, and I couldn’t relate. The entire evening was boring.

Marc ( 26)

14. She had somebody else’s photos on the online dating account

We were texting back and forth until we finally decided to meet. She approached me, and it’s a good thing we did because she looked nothing like her profile picture or all those she was sending me. She wasn’t bad looking, but the sole fact that she was hiding behind somebody else’s face was a major turn off.

Patrick ( 38)

15. She was an insecure drama queen

We went on one date and it was pretty good. However, I had to postpone our second one because I had a family emergency. My explanation didn’t go well with her. She sent me a long text telling me how I didn’t know what I was missing out on, how I will regret standing her up and so on. I couldn’t believe it. On top of everything that was going on with my family, she made my day even worse. She is probably insecure and that’s why she acted like that. I don’t need that kind of pointless drama in my life.

Robert ( 30)

16. She had a dog and he was the only subject of our conversation

When she was showing me about the 27th photo or video of her dog being cute doing this or that, I already had one foot out of the door. I am a dog person, too, but a few photos and a 5-minute conversation would suffice. Instead, I got a full night of dog conversation I didn’t know how to get out of. Weird!

Milo ( 26)

17. We just didn’t have anything in common

My date with that girl was really something. It was interesting because we spent the whole night debating, but we couldn’t agree on anything. Our views, goals, and interests were completely opposite. We couldn’t find common ground. We decided this date was a one-time thing only. We were not compatible in any way.

William (38)

18. She seemed uninterested

We went out a couple of times and she seemed uninterested—like her mind was elsewhere, so I didn’t even bother asking her on one more date.

Jacob (34)

19. The case of bad hygiene

That girl needed a shower and deodorant. I couldn’t believe that a woman could take such bad care of her hygiene. It was just nasty and I ran out of the date as soon as I could.

Amel (23)

20. She wanted to change me

I think she didn’t actually like me to begin with. She saw me as a clear canvas on which she wanted to paint. She didn’t like the way I dressed. She didn’t like the way I wore my hair. She didn’t like my choice of profession or the way I expressed myself. She basically didn’t like anything about me, but she gave all these suggestions on what I should do differently. I told her to find herself another project. I like me just the way I am.

Mason ( 37)

21. She was arrogant

She talked down to me like I was some small clueless creature in need of her guidance. She knew anything about everything, and she was so stuck up that she believed the world revolved around her and my sole purpose in life was to be at her service.

22. Worst sex of my life

I had to go to the ER after having sex with her. I don’t want to go into details.

David ( 27)