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35 Signs That Your Relationship Is Coming To Its End

35 Signs That Your Relationship Is Coming To Its End
  1. You are more often anxious in the company of your partner than you are happy.
  2. He often forgets about common plans. You feel the need to remind him of your plans.
  3. He criticizes you often and without any good reason.
  4. He comes to you only when he needs emotional, financial support or something else.
  5. You are not fighting with him because you are afraid of his reaction.
  6. You have no need to hug him or cuddle with him.
  7. Lately most of your dates are in very late hours and always end up with sex.
  8. He is always too busy and that wasn’t the case before.
  9. You started to think that he is cheating on you.
  10. He is completely different person when you are in the company of your parents and friends from the person he is when you are alone.
  11. He does not like to talk about the future.
  12. You know absolutely everything about your partner because you always talk about him and his problems. You are not sure whether he knows basic things about you.
  13. He seems to be more patient with strangers than with you.
  14. He used to text you after work, now he forgets that too.
  15. Your partner becomes uninterested when you talk about things that matter to you.
  16. He finds your ideas boring.
  17. When you said to him that he hurt you, he apologized, but he didn’t change his behavior.
  18. You found yourself jealous on your friends relationships.
  19. He shows little interest for your friends and family.
  20. He doesn’t ask you about your problems and when you try to talk with him about it the only thing he says is that he is sorry, but he doesn’t know how to help.
  21. He always has an excuse for all the wrong things he did, for failures and mistakes.
  22. He is not trying to involve you in his plans with his friends and family.
  23. You feel like he wakes up the worst in you.
  24. You feel like you need to ask him permission for everything.
  25. He blames you for every problem in your relationship and does not want to accept any responsibility.
  26. You accidentally took his phone and he reacted too negatively, it seemed he was hiding something from you.
  27. He often stays out of date at work and that can usually be just a banal excuse to avoid hanging out with you.
  28. He is jealous without reason and if your partner starts to behave excessively jealously for an inexplicable reason, check what’s wrong.
  29. People often enjoy the public expression of their feelings, so if you notice that this irritates him or makes him feel uncomfortable, check what it is all about.
  30. If there is no intimacy like it was before it can be a worrying sign and you should talk to him. Intimate life is important to balance the relationship. If your relationship was very passionate at first, it is possible that this passion will fade over time but in combination with other signs, there is a problem.
  31. People in the relationship like to talk about a common future, especially at the beginning of the relationship. If, over time, your partner becomes completely uninterested in plans for a common future, try to find a reason.
  32. He gives you too many gifts – Although everyone is fond of getting gifts, something is wrong if you start getting them from your partner more than usual. It can be some kind of guilt he is feeling.
  33. We are all exposed to stress and no one has been spared from a sudden change of mood, but if this is happening too often and you know that your he has no problems at work, you should talk to him and see what’s going on.
  34. He is changing the topic during an important conversation – It is not a good thing to talk about serious things right after your arrival or before going to sleep, but if your partner constantly refuses to talk about key things, you may need to worry about the future of your relationship.
  35. If you are together for months or years, but your partner still has no intent on getting you to know his best friends or parents, consider this as an alarming sign.