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These 4 Red Flags Will Push Every Man Away From You

These 4 Red Flags Will Push Every Man Away From You

Same as men, women might do something or act in a certain way that can push others away from them. We often don’t even realize the way we’re acting sometimes can send men running for the hills!

We are quick to judge others and say they’re a major red flag but at the same time, we’re not ready to look deeper into ourselves. I remember when I was really into one guy and he liked me too but still ended up leaving me.

After some introspection, I realized that I might have been too cold or given him mixed signals. I often told acting that way would attract him even more. Well, I guess that’s not true at all!

Luckily, a relationship coach Asia Elaine finally revealed the 4 major mistakes women make that men always notice and run away from. According to the numerous men in her comments, everything she said is extremely true and accurate!

1. Expecting everything but not giving anything

As soon as Asia started her TikTok I already felt called out!

Source: TikTok

She said the first red flag is non-reciprocal energy:

“You hear a lot of women in the dating market saying when the right man comes along you will not have to try. And although it’s true you won’t have to try too hard, there’s a difference between not trying too hard and not trying at all.”

Of course, you don’t want to seem desperate and all over him but you still gotta act interested enough to keep him around. You probably wouldn’t be crazy about someone who’s not giving you enough attention or acting cold and distant. So why do you think a man would like that energy?

2. Wanting him to be your ATM

This is a red flag a lot of women have today. And I can’t even blame them since society has normalized it too much.

Source: TikTok

As Asia explains:

“Feeling entitled to lavish treatment or financial assistance from a man that you barely even know that’s still trying to get to know you is an extremely unrealistic expectation. And social media has done a really bad job of making modern women think that that behavior is normal.”

Expecting a man to be your personal ATM as soon as you meet is not something he will appreciate. Although paying for a first date is completely normal and most men are fine with it, wanting more than that can send a wrong message. 

If he’s willing to go above and beyond because he wants it, then let him, and enjoy your privilege. Otherwise, don’t think he’s required to do everything girlies on TikTok have convinced you is a standard.

3. Acting immature or crazy all the time

Oh, this is a big one. Ladies, we have to admit we can be drama queens sometimes. I know you want to spice things up and create a bit of drama here and there, but that’s not the right way to make things more interesting.

Source: TikTok

Asia also said:

“When good men get a sense of that behavior, you lashing out, blocking their number, cursing them out, they either just stop taking you seriously from that point forward or they don’t tolerate it all together. Because you’re coming across to him more so like a child who’s throwing a temper tantrum than you are as a woman who wants to be taken seriously as an adult.”

So yeah, acting crazy and having uncontrollable outbursts of emotions without any good reason just so you could get their attention is completely wrong! Instead handle every situation maturely and with grace. Even if he annoys you, show him he can’t get to you so easily.

4. Not being in your feminine energy

Asia says this might be the most controversial red flag and that the reason behind it is also often hidden deeper in our society. She said:

Source: TikTok

“A lot of women will shy away from being feminine now because of the negative connotation that’s associated with that in modern society. Whether you like it or not, the reality is that men like feminine women.”

She also mentions that some women avoid being feminine because of their past experiences so they put on a protective shield to prevent getting hurt. As she explains:

“Blocking your feminine energy is often a defense mechanism for a lot of women so they don’t get hurt in the future but don’t let the experiences of the past turn you bitter.”

So don’t be afraid to nurture and show your soft side. It’s what makes us women special. You’ll see that the moment you embrace your femininity, you’ll attract your Prince Charming!

Both women and men in the comments agreed with all the points she made. Men thanked her for bringing this topic to light while women were grateful she was honest and called out some behaviors they should avoid. 

While it’s fine to talk about red flags men have, we have to be real with ourselves and acknowledge our bad sides. Self-reflection is an incredibly important part of our improvement. If we want to attract the best partner, we also need to strive to be the best versions of ourselves.