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How Guys Hug: 4 Different Ways And Their Real Meanings

How Guys Hug: 4 Different Ways And Their Real Meanings

Sometimes you can tell more from a hug than from all the words in the world. That’s why we are into hugging so much.

Hugs give us that feeling of ease, comfort, and connection we all want from the people we love.

We welcome hugs from friends and family. But when we get a hug from a guy we like, that’s something else.

A hug can show us how much we matter to them. Hugs show love and affection.

Guys are usually not good with expressing their emotions, so hugs are their thing.

They can show you if you have a connection with the guy you like or he just considers you as a friend.

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Types of hugs:

1. Buddy Hugs

To start with what we don’t want to hear.  If you are really into a guy, you don’t want him to look at you like you are just friends.

These are the hugs that reveal he is not thinking about you romantically.

Reserved hug

He is hugging you in a way that makes space between your bodies. He is not holding you too tight or too close.

He is letting the gap between your bodies let you know that he is keeping his distance.

One-armed hug

He puts his hand on your shoulders but he doesn’t hold too tight. Just to let you know he cares for you and values your friendship. Nothing more.

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2. Are you more than just friends?

These are the hugs that happen when you are unsure where you stand.

If you are really into someone, these might be the most frustrating of all hugs.

Your head is hurting from trying to figure out whether his hugs mean more than friendship.

Bear hug

If we Google bear hug, The Urban Dictionary will define it as “A tight, strong, loving, breathtaking embrace that makes one feel safe” and that’s just the right way to describe it.

But what it doesn’t tell you is that you can be hugged that way by your family or friends as a show of their endearment.

So, you have to be careful in detecting if a guy is hugging you like a buddy or someone who wants something more.

One-armed hug (when you are already in a relationship)

It falls into a category of friendly hugs as well as in the category of ‘he is into you’ hugs.

When you are starting to date someone, this could be a good start. It should eventually gradually move up to more intimate hugs. If it doesn’t, I am sorry to say you are just friends.

3. Intimate hugs

Regardless if you are starting a relationship or you are already in one, these hugs are a must. They can vary in form but the basic principles are there.

Squeeze me, hold me tight hug

An intimate hug that gives you that feeling of safety and belonging we long for.

You can actually feel your bones ‘breaking’. Well, not actually breaking but you get the point.

It’s a breathtaking kind of hug you just want to last forever.

This kind of hug happens in situations when you haven’t seen each other for a while or someone is going somewhere, traveling or something.

But the best situation is when they happen for no reason at all.  

Hug & Cuddle

The sweetest kind of hugs. Innocent yet caring. Indicates that you are really close to each other.

Your bodies are as close as they could be, and you are gently cuddling each other.  They give you a sense of warmth and belonging.

The Surrender Hug

Your arms are wrapped around each other, but his head is right between your collarbone and your neck.

The perfect spot. This is the sign he is now completely yours. He is surrendering himself completely. He might be even afraid of losing you. No more games.

4. Naughty hugs

This kind of hug is saved for when you are deeper into your relationship, and you start to be more intimate. There can be many versions of them, and they are special in their essence.

Back hug

When he sneaks up on you and hugs you from behind your back putting his arms around your waist.

He could also be kissing your neck. This hug is full of intensity and passion.

This hug also shows he has your back in a manner of speaking. He is protective of you and wants you to know you can rely on him.

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His hands on your butt kind of hug

These hugs are a form of expressing he desires you. They are quite usual in those heat of the action sexual moments.

But if they happen in public in front of other people, it might mean that he is marking his territory and wants other guys to know that you are taken. You are his.

Pocket hug

Your hands in the back pockets of his jeans. They show your attraction to him, but on the other hand him, allowing you to hold him this way shows that he is comfortable with you as much as you are with him.

Hugging in bed

When he lays front to back with you and wraps both of his hands around you. This can also be spooning.

It’s not a good way to fall asleep. It is a good way to cuddle and show closeness after the lust and thrust action.

Hugging is the perfect and the most intimate form of communication. Hugs can reveal more about a relationship than words ever could. With just one hug, you say a lot without saying nothing at all.  

You never seem to get enough hugs, especially the kinds of hugs listed here as intimate hugs and naughty hugs.

There must be more versions of hugs you are familiar with but these are my personal favorites.

Keep in mind: every hug is unique and dependent on your feelings towards that person.

The higher the emotions, the better the hug. That’s why no hug feels the same. Some people hug harder, tighter, more intimately, and more specially than others ever could.

  1. Evelyn says:

    My Cush today hugged me in P.E 1st period even though I’m not friends with him or even talk with him.I was so stocked and I think it was a surrender hug or an Reserved hug.