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Things To Do When Your Crush Likes You Back

Things To Do When Your Crush Likes You Back

Your crush likes you? Congrats!

It somehow turned out easier than you thought, right?

Your dream has now become a reality.

Now you don’t have to spend hours and hours trying to figure him out.

Instead, you can focus on winning him completely and be sure he’s yours and yours only.

However, it can be a very nerve-wracking experience, because you’re left thinking: What do I do now?

No need to panic, that’s why this article found its way to you—to tell you how to make him fall head over heels for you with these subtle and less subtle signs.

1. Tell him you like him back, as soon as possible

Don’t wait! Tell him how you feel right away.

There’s no reason to assess things or feel nervous.

Maybe he’s feeling nervous too and needs you to reassure him.

The sooner you tell him you like him, the sooner it’s going to progress to a relationship.

Being bold and honest is sometimes the best way to get what you want.

2. Start asking meaningful questions

Try asking him about what he likes and his views on life.

Do it subtly, don’t make it sound like an interview.

Start by mentioning something universal or some trending topic and ask him about his opinion.

This way, you’re going to find out more about his preferences and then you could use that knowledge to make sure your future date goes the best way possible.

3. Talk to him in person when you can

If you sometimes see each other in person, make sure to use that time to captivate him with the right questions, looks and body language.

Try to be relaxed and act natural.

Smile often and slip in some small accidental touches.

4. Be flirty

This is the time when being flirty is a must.

Make sure he knows you’re attracted to him in every way.

Test your chemistry.

When a person likes you as much as you like them, flirting is so fun! Compliment him and don’t be shy.

Laugh and show your excitement.

Flip that hair and lock your eyes with his.

5. Plan the perfect date

Dinner dates can be great but try to think about something that will make him remember you forever.

Try going to a concert, an amusement park, to karaoke or a stand-up comedy show.

Why not?

You’ll feel more comfortable and less stressed when there’s something happening around you.

Besides that, it’s a great way to get to know a person a bit more by watching their reactions.

6. Don’t talk about your past relationships

This is a BIG no.

Don’t mention your ex, nobody wants to hear about their crush’s ex on their first date.

He will assume you’re not over him or that you have some sort of a relationship trauma.

There’s no need for that right at the beginning of your relationship.

Also, don’t talk about your job.

It’s just not fun to hear when you’re supposed to be having an entertaining night out.

7. Joke around

When you think of a funny remark, say it!

Show him your personality.

Men like light-hearted women who know how to have fun and take a joke too.

Of course, all of that has to be done tastefully, otherwise someone could get offended and we don’t want that to happen.

8. Make innocent physical contact

You love when he does it, so what’s stopping you?

It doesn’t even need to be a kiss or a hug, it can be just a light-handed touch.

Men like when you show them you want them; they become more confident feeling you actually like what they’re doing and saying.

9. Get dressed up and smell divine

It seems obvious but there’s no harm in reminding you!

Pick an outfit that looks great on you and you feel great in, something that goes well with your complexion or simply something you get many compliments on, on the days when you’re wearing it.

Do a little research on the perfumes that men like. Go with something on the sweeter side and put a spell on him.

10. Be confident

Whatever you do, be confident while doing it.

Confidence is the sexiest thing and no one can resist it.

You already know he likes you—isn’t that a big confidence booster?

After your first date, tell him you loved the time you spent together and say you would love to do it again sometime.

This way, he will know he has the green light to ask you out again.

The only thing that is left to do is enjoy it all!

Embrace your happiness and enjoy the reciprocated affection.