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4 Things Only Insanely In Love Men Do

4 Things Only Insanely In Love Men Do

He loves me, he loves me not? This question goes through your head so many times, but you still can’t figure out what he really feels for you. Did you focus on his body language? Did you pay attention to the things he says to you?

A mix of all these components can help you find out if someone loves you or he wants you only for a one-night stand.

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Here are 4 signs he loves you but is scared to admit it. Wait no more and reveal that man’s enigma once and for all!

He looks at you all the time

Sometimes you will catch him staring at you, so you will wonder if he is a fucking obsessed freak or what. Don’t worry—some men overreact when they are in the presence of a girl they like. They just can’t get enough of you and your beauty.

This is a good sign, though. It is a sign that what he feels for you is stronger than anything he has ever felt before. He feels that he found his soulmate and is trying to make a deep bond with you. What is better than catching eye contact?

He gives you all his attention

A man who truly loves a woman will give her all of his attention. He will want to spend as much time as possible with her, trying to get to know her better.

And on the other hand, girls really enjoy this attention because most men stop doing this in long-term relationships. So, be happy and enjoy it—this is a sign he really likes you!

He would do anything for you

If you tell him to jump off a bridge, he would do that just to impress you. Guys like to show off because they think that makes them look masculine. If he is good enough to do all this because of you, don’t be too harsh on him. Show him that you also like his presence, and that there isn’t any place you would rather be than in his arms!

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He says he loves you

It takes a lot of courage to have your heart on your sleeve and to admit to a woman that you love her. From men’s perspectives, this is one of the toughest things they ever have to do.

Maybe at the beginning of your relationship he was giving you signs he cares but is scared to admit it, but once he says he loves you, the game is over. He decided to commit to you, and he realized that you are his soulmate. Just hope that you feel the same for him!

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