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5 Dating Styles In 5 Different Countries

5 Dating Styles In 5 Different Countries

Modern dating can be ridiculously exhausting. Because it all happens so fast, it gets boring even faster.

If you’re fed up with the same old dating habits and the commonly known dating scene, maybe you should try something else.

Maybe you should mix it up a bit by throwing in certain dating moves from different countries to enrich your wooing repertoire, to get things a bit more exciting.

Learn how other people act and behave when dating. See what the upsides or downsides of foreign dating are. Is speed dating Glasgow right up your alley or are you more of a coffee dating Sweden type of person?

1. Pub Dating England

Dating in England is pretty much relaxed. It’s almost the same as in the States, although there is one big difference. In England, drinking alcohol is part of the culture and they do it on pretty much all occasions, especially when dating. While in the USA, hardly anyone drinks on their first date.

Alcohol calms down the anxiety you get because of the date. Drinking it loosens them up to be the best version of themselves on the date. Of course, the amount is the most important factor. You mustn’t drink one too many because you don’t want to embarrass yourself.

2. Group Dating Japan

Group dating is very popular in Japan. How does it work? Well, the point is to create singles social gatherings. For example, you and your friend invite a few more single friends each to go out for dinner.

Next on the evening’s program is moving the party to a pub and at the end of the evening, those couples who click stay in touch and later, they go on their separate dates. Think of this as a great tool for meeting potential dates. You should definitely try it!

3. 3 Date Rule USA

Although Americans are pretty much open about almost everything, they have this one rule most of them follow. You can’t have sex before you go exclusive.

If the relationship is not official yet, then you won’t get any fun in the bedroom. Usually, this happens after three dates. You will have had enough time by then to establish if you’re interested in the person you’re dating or if there is anything you have in common.

4. Coffee Dating Sweden

It’s true that the Swedes appreciate their independence above everything else. With that being said, you can conclude that dating is not as popular in Sweden as it is in all other corners of the world.

But even if it’s not popular, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist at all. It does and it’s pretty casual and relaxed. There are no norms you have to follow, no rules. Dating in Sweden revolves around coffee drinking.

Both of you know you are dating but no one will use that exact word. But it’s pretty much clear to anyone that if you’re drinking coffee, it means you’re definitely dating and exclusively.

5. Conservative Dating India

In India, you don’t have much say in who you want to date. Arranged marriages are still too much of a big deal there and from the comments I’ve read on the Internet, it seems like the opinions on that vary.

Some oppose arranged marriages but a lot of people agree on letting their family choose the ideal partner for them.

This makes sense, especially if you are a hard-working individual who has no time to go soulmate hunting. When you think about it, letting your family choose the right partner for you is pretty much the same as if you try online dating or dating services.

You don’t have to be with them if you don’t like them. You just simply refuse and your family is back on track to find someone else you’ll approve of.