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5 Mind-Blowing Tips On How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

5 Mind-Blowing Tips On How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

When the right time comes, kissing seem like a natural thing to do. The only problem occurs when you’re not sure whether you’re the one who wants to kiss or be kissed.

If you try to kiss her, you may be anxious that she will reject you, which is totally expected if the timing is not right and she’s not in the mood for kissing. So, the safest option is to get a girl to kiss you instead.


Now the question is how to achieve it naturally so that she completely ‘surrenders’ and throws herself into your arms and starts kissing you. To achieve this, you have to prepare her for what is about to come.

Creating the perfect moment for kissing is not an easy job and there are many factors that you should pay attention to. For example, it could be the perfect time and place but somehow she’s not in the mood for kissing.

Perhaps you pay too much attention to unimportant details instead of making her feel relaxed and appreciated. Girls can be really tricky when it comes to this.

You have to push the right buttons in order to get your reward. The following tips will help you achieve the perfect moment that will get her to kiss you.


Please, do yourself a favor and don’t take her to mainstream places. By mainstream places, I mean classic dinners at bars or restaurants. I know we all enjoy eating and drinking but these are our basic needs for survival.

Remember that girls want to feel special. They want you to make an effort about every single detail so that they feel appreciated. So, choosing the perfect place is of the utmost importance.

If you want to get a girl to kiss you, you have to show your creativity and impress her (though if you’re not that creative, you can always Google it).

Take her out to the countryside, go watch the sunrise or sunset, have an old-fashioned picnic, watch the stars together or plan some trespassing… Whatever you choose, just show her your bold and adventurous spirit and she will most certainly want to kiss you.

I mean, who wouldn’t?


Most guys forget to be creative when it comes to talking as well. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian but knowing how to relax a girl with two or three jokes is really important.

If a girl doesn’t feel relaxed, she will not want to engage in any kind of activities and especially not kissing ones. But make sure that you don’t overdo it because that way you’ll do the opposite.

Instead of getting her to kiss you, you’ll most likely end up with her leaving early (without kissing you).
When talking to her, be sure that you’re making eye contact 99% of the time and that you’re talking in a low voice instead of yelling or similar.

Do not talk about your job or some irrelevant things that will not intrigue her. Let her lead and you’ll be safe. The most important thing is to pay attention to the tone of your voice.

Your low voice will soothe her and create the perfect atmosphere for her to come closer to your lips. Use your words to create a mysteriously romantic atmosphere that will make her feel special.
For example, don’t use clichéd sayings like: I like you. Instead, try with: You’re so beautiful in this light. She will instantly fall for you and she will not be able to resist kissing you.


Whatever you do, be sure that you’re not making her feel uncomfortable. Don’t ask intrusive questions like How many guys have you kissed before? or suchlike.

Pay attention to her body language to recognize if she’s bored or if she feels uncomfortable around you. If she feels uncomfortable, she will most definitely not kiss you.

Don’t invade her personal space. Talk to her for a while, retreat, and then talk to her again, etc. Make her thirsty!

Make sure that you’re giving her some space and she will be thirsty for more. And then if you choose the right words at the right time, she will get thirsty for your lips as well.
Give her some space to dance but make sure that you’re the one who’s playing the instrument.


Small gestures are your best friends when it comes to getting a kiss from a girl you like. Most guys think that every girl will fall for an expensive car, a charming outfit and everything else that has something to do with their appearance.

By paying too much attention to the external, you may forget to nourish the internal. While some girls may fall for expensive cars, etc., it will not make them feel appreciated.

In order to get a girl to kiss you, you have to astonish her and make her feel appreciated at the same time. So, don’t forget to open doors for her, give her a flower, hold her hand, do some DIY, buy her something she mentioned to you before, just to show her that you were listening to her.

Girls want to be listened to and paid attention to. If you achieve making her feel that way, she will want to kiss you as some kind of reward! Small gestures will get you an expected kiss in no time.


Whatever you decide to do, don’t overdo it, so that you don’t look desperate. You want to send her the subconscious message that you’re an awesome, romantic guy who knows how to get anything he wants.

If you follow all of the steps above but you don’t see any results, make sure that you didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. Remember that whatever you do, it has to look like you’re not even trying.

Avoid acting like you have a certain scenario in your head that you have to follow blindly in order to get a girl to kiss you.

Just be creative and feel free to improvise!