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5 Proven Ways to Make Him Miss You Madly

5 Proven Ways to Make Him Miss You Madly

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

In most cases, this is true and women know how to use this heart-missing weapon to make their men powerless.

They have their special ways to make miss them like crazy. Actually, with these ways, women are not tricking men or deceiving them in any way.

They are only reminding men how great their women are and that they really are the luckiest men to have them. This is completely innocent but effective.

Sometimes it may happen that the two of you are growing apart for some reason or are about to break up. So, in situations like that, it would be best to aim for all or nothing.

It’s best to bring out the big guns because when you look at it, you have nothing to lose. If he wants to break up with you, he will do it no matter what you do.

So there is no harm in trying to use one of the aces up your sleeve to try to prevent the inevitable.

When I say ‘all or nothing’, I mean you have to gamble, take a risk.

If you broke up or if you sense that you are about to because there is trouble in paradise, try to do some of the things written below to make him miss you like crazy.

“He who risks nothing can gain nothing.”

1. Shut him out

If you love someone, it’s completely normal that you want to be with and communicate with that person on a daily basis. You should cut off contact if you want to make him miss you.

Take it down a notch. It’s normal that you want to spend your every second by his side, but for the sake of the result, you have to fight your natural urges.

Usually, most women can’t resist texting their men when they really want to.

Heck, it has happened to me, too. I know what I want to achieve, but I can’t help myself, so I text him.

If you succeed in cutting him off, he will (I promise you) start to wonder why you aren’t returning his texts and calls and he will most probably do something about it. He will start missing you.

Remember: Be persistent in doing this if you want to achieve your goal.

2. Let him go

You have to stop checking his profile on social media. You have to stop nagging about him coming in late from a night out.

You have to stop checking up on him while he’s out with his friends. You simply have to pretend you’ve lost interest.

Pretend like you are not so into him anymore. Let him do whatever he wants.

He will probably even do things on purpose to see how far you are willing to go. Don’t fold under pressure and instead endure what you have started

This will make him think. He will start freaking out because he will think you’ve cooled off and you no longer have the hots for him and he will most definitely do anything that is in his power to bring you back.

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3. Be the one who ends the conversation

After you’ve shut him out and reduced your contact with him, he will contact you first. He will send you texts or call you to chat.

Every time the two of you talk, you have to be the one who ends the conversation—whether you hang up the phone first or send the ‘goodnight’ text first.

I know this is going to be hard for you because you care for him and you want to talk to him, but you have to stay strong in order to get what you want.

You have to show him how it would be for him if he didn’t have you in his life.

4. Spend more time with your friends

No, this is not about pretending to have a good time by posting photos on social media. There’s no point in that. You have to genuinely be happy and have a good time.

Go out with your friends, simply enjoy yourself and try not to think about him. Try to erase him from your memory to take the pressure off.

Relax and forget about him for a few hours. You should go and have a couple of drinks, go to a concert— you should go wild.

Show him you can have fun and enjoy life without him. He’s not the center of your universe (at least he shouldn’t be) and you have to make him aware of that.

5. Leave him wanting more

You should always leave him craving for more. That is not an easy game, especially if you are crazy about him, but if you put all your cards on the table right away, then where’s the mystery in that?

He will get tired of you if you show everything that you’ve got. Give it to him bit by bit so that each time you’re together, you can surprise him with something new. He will be hooked!

Ladies, in the end, all that matters is that you have to show him that you love yourself and that you will be just fine with him or without him!