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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Love (No Matter How Hard You Try)

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Love (No Matter How Hard You Try)

Although being single has its benefits, and it can be very empowering, we are not meant to spend our life alone. We are made to have someone by our side to help us when we are feeling down or to share our happy moments with.

Being single is great because you can use that t3ime to devote to yourself. All of us have to spend a certain period in our life alone. In that time, we will see who we truly are and what we truly want.

But if you’re really trying to find love and it’s not going the way you want, maybe there is something more to it. It’s not you, you don’t have to worry about that. You are lovable and you deserve to be loved, no matter what.

Don’t think that if you can’t find love you will always be unable to find it. There is someone out there for you,waiting to be found. Maybe it just takes more time because you’re doing something wrong.

Take a look at why it’s hard for you to find love no matter how hard you try:

You’re needy

You see a man as something you really need and men love to be needed because it gives them a sense of importance. They want to be caretakers, but when that neediness crosses a line, it becomes too much.

You have to want a man and not need one. You’re perfectly capable of being on your own and taking care of yourself and you don’t have to have a man to fill that void you feel.

A man will sense that and run away because he won’t want to be tied down and restricted like that.

You have to respect yourself more and have more self-esteem. You have to know that everything starts with you. If you feel like crap, you will send out that signal and transfer it to others around you and they will avoid you.

If you feel less worthy, you will seek validation in the form of needing someone and men will run away from you. Try to be the best version of yourself and the rest will fall into place.

You fall for the ones you can’t have

It’s not that you can’t have them, it’s that they are unavailable to you. Maybe they want to be with you, but something is in the way and the situation is far from ideal.

Maybe they are still married, or they live far away from you. Whatever it is, don’t force those kinds of relationships because you’re going to end up hurt and alone.

These kinds of men are the ones you can’t have, so you might as well give up on them right now and save time. Focus on yourself and happiness will come knocking on your door.

You are insecure

There are a lot more issues you have to solve for yourself. There are a lot of things about you that are not clear to you, let alone someone else.

You are still afraid to make a move, so you lock yourself inside the house and hope that someone will fall from the sky just for you.

You have to get out there and find courage for the real world. As soon as you break down your walls, you will see the light and everything will be much easier.

You don’t know how to deal with rejection

This is so obvious; you are sabotaging yourself. As soon as things go your way and you find someone you could love, you back out for some made-up reason.

You do this because you are afraid of getting hurt. You are afraid that he will reject you at some point. Well, look, all of it is a part of your life. Getting hurt is something we’ve all been through and it made us stronger.

It will make you stronger, too. It will turn you into the person you were supposed to be. So, don’t be scared of rejection and open your heart because your heart is strong enough to take anything that life throws at it.

You have high standards

You expect too much of men. You have to understand that no one is perfect, neither him nor you. Give him some slack because if he tries hard enough to win you over, it means that he truly cares for you.

Don’t obsess over his flaws because you have flaws too and he finds a way to ignore them or look the other way. When you love someone, you love him because he is the way he is.

He is not perfect and he doesn’t have to be. He is unique, like you are. Therefore, lower your expectations and don’t be so harsh.

See who you are and how you can make yourself better before you judge anyone else.