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5 Reasons Why He Pulled Away (And What You Can Do About It)

5 Reasons Why He Pulled Away (And What You Can Do About It)

Why do men pull away in the first place? If he already showed interest in you, if he made an effort to win you over and make you his, why is he doing all of this right now? Why does he think that it is normal to just make that ’switch’ in his head and start acting in a different way? This happens in almost every love relationship and it would be nice to know why men do that.

It would be nice to know that it is just a phase in their life where they maybe don’t feel good in their skin and they crave a change. And that’s why I decided to make a list of the most common reasons why men pull away and what you can do about it. So stay tuned!

1. He pulled away because you are stronger than him

You probably never thought that your strong character would affect your love relationship but now you see that it really does. Maybe your man didn’t mind that you were stronger than him at the beginning of your relationship but maybe he is in a bad life phase now and he wants to be the dominant one in the relationship. Maybe he doesn’t want a woman who will tell him what to do but he wants one who will follow him.

What you can do about it: If you know for sure that he pulled away because of your strong character, you should talk to him about that. Maybe he has issues and maybe he doesn’t like some of your behavior. I am not saying that you should change because of him but at least listen to all that he has to say and try to find out if you offended him with some of your actions. If he is willing to come back, he will listen to you and try to compromise but if he doesn’t want to be with you, he will easily find an excuse to not meet you.

2. He pulled away because the communication is not good

Maybe the communication between the two of you is not so good and all that he wants to say simply can’t come out of his mouth because you will criticize it. He just feels like you are pushing him away by telling him what to do and how to behave. No man loves that so your partner won’t be an exception.

What you can do about it: Change your perspective about him. He is not a little child so you don’t need to tell him what to do or what to say. He is a grown man and he can make decisions by himself. Try to communicate in a different way. Try to listen to what he has to say and let him tell you about his ideas on how to handle things. I am sure he would be just fine on his own if you let him decide about the big things. Try to make a compromise where you will decide about something and he will decide about something else that’s just as important as the first thing.

3. He pulled away because he has someone new in his life

In most cases, men pull away if they are not satisfied in a relationship and they find someone new who will make their dreams come true. So, check if your man has someone else in his life who satisfies him completely. Check if there is another woman he devotes himself to and gives you only the crumbs from his table.

What you can do about it: If the main reason why he pulled away is someone new, ask him why he did that. Ask him what he needed in the relationship that he didn’t get from you. Ask him why he didn’t tell you all about it and why he pretended that everything was okay. If he says that he is sorry, just know that you shouldn’t forgive him just like that. Just because you caught him in his lie doesn’t mean that you should also give him a second chance. If he truly loved you he would have never done that to you. Tell him that he should have chosen another way of dealing with that problem and that you can’t stay with a dishonest man like him.

4. He pulled away because he feels comfortable in the relationship

You see, if the two of you are in a long-term relationship, there is a chance that he just takes you for granted, thinking that you will always be there. He wants to have fun and enjoy his life no matter what you have to say about it. So he totally stopped chasing you, thinking that he doesn’t need to do that anymore. And day by day you feel like he is pulling away more and more and when you tell him about it he freaks out, telling you that it is the way things work in a relationship or marriage.

What you can do about it: First of all, don’t trust him when he says that things in a long-term relationship have to be like that because that isn’t true. If you love someone, you will chase them even if they are already yours. If you truly care about your partner you will do anything to make them happy, you won’t pull away if you don’t have a damn good reason for that. So, be harsh on him and explain to him that he will lose you if he continues to behave like that.

5. He pulled away because he is scared of a future with you

One of the reasons why he pulled away can be that he was thinking about a future with you and he realized that being with you is not what he really wants. Maybe he was head over heels in love with you but all those years spent together and the problems that you had somewhere along the road made scars in your relationship. He doesn’t see the same woman he fell in love with when he looks at you and he wants to change that.

What you can do about it: If you feel that the two of you can make it no matter what happens, then fight for him. But if you feel that he doesn’t love you the way he loved you before and that he is staying with you just because everything about you is familiar to him, then you should just leave. A man who stops loving you the way he loved you before will never give you the love you crave so much. He will never make you feel special and he will never give you chills on your skin when he hugs you. And baby, you deserve all that. And nothing less than that.