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5 Secret Fantasies We’ve All Had & Why They Shouldn’t Be Taboo

5 Secret Fantasies We’ve All Had & Why They Shouldn’t Be Taboo

A fantasy is a powerful sexual tool that elicits great excitement and passion. It’s actually totally normal to have them, as they enhance our libido and help us feel better and more satisfied during sexual relations.

It’s not true that only sexually unfulfilled people fantasize about sex, quite the opposite actually. Fantasies exist in the minds of both men AND women and they are here to make our experience and the ultimate goal as amazing as possible.

They can be about some experience from our past or they can simply be our secret fantasy that has never come true but we don’t even want it to. Sometimes we prefer it to stay hidden in our mind, just for us. It can be sexier that way.

More often than not, we’ll read or hear about men’s fantasies and what THEY want and fantasize about in bed but what about us? We have needs too.

For some reason, it’s this big taboo, like we’re not supposed to have our ideas of what’s hot and what turns us on, as kinky as it is. So here are some fantasies I’m sure we’ve ALL had (and have no reason to hide):

1. Sexy foreigner

Most women have this sexy fantasy of meeting a complete stranger, having a wild night of passionate sex with them, and then never seeing them again!

So, what is it about this that is so alluring? It’s because we often hold back during sex with someone we know, afraid of saying out loud our every thought or saying that what he’s doing just isn’t working.

But when it’s a stranger, we have no reason to hold back as we’ll never see that person again in our life, therefore we can go wild and not be in our head as much. It allows us to be ourself, free and untamed. It’s the ultimate hot adventure!

2. Doing it with a (really hot) friend

We’ve all been there. You have a really cute guy in your life but he’s just a really good friend, who just happens to have a great body and a face you want to lick. You’re not going to try anything, you don’t want to jeopardize the friendship, but luckily, nobody knows what you have going on in your head, do they?

In your thoughts, you’ve done him in every way possible and it was just as good as one would expect it to be, or even better! Thank god for private thoughts, right?

If you have to see him on a regular basis, you might as well allow yourself a kinky fling in your head and repeat it over and over again. If he only knew…

3. A three-way

This is not just in men’s heads, we want it too, more than you think actually. What makes a three-way so tempting is the fact that it’s not considered ‘the norm’.

Sex usually involves two people, so adding a third makes it outside of what is considered the norm, and is therefore a fantasy most people end up having! And us ladies cannot resist the thought of two people, instead of one, fulfilling our every need and desire, focused only on us and our body. Be that two guys, or a guy and a girl.

We don’t mind either way! We might not say it out loud to you, for God knows what reason, but we sure as hell enjoy it in our mind, a LOT.

4. Dominance

Sex when one partner is dominant is a fantasy for many women. Who doesn’t like having a partner who knows EXACTLY what to do, how to do it and when.

When we don’t have to say anything but rather just let them passionately take our body and do what they do best, while we moan with excitement, wanting them never to stop! Not to mention how much more exciting we can make it in our mind.

Nobody will ever know the kinky ways of our mind and that in itself is very hot.

5. Sex with another girl

I don’t think there’s a woman out there who hasn’t thought about what it would be like to touch another girl’s soft lips and engage in a sexual adventure, even for just one night. We know how we like to be touched and we can appreciate another female body better than any guy, so naturally it evokes a certain curiosity in us! Nobody has to know this but in our head, we enjoyed it at least once.

What makes it so hot is keeping it to yourself. Your boyfriend will never know that his ultimate fantasy is something you fantasize about as well. This can only help your sex life, so knock yourself out… Nobody can tell you no in your head.