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5 Signs You Have That ‘Grown-Up’ Type Of Love

5 Signs You Have That ‘Grown-Up’ Type Of Love

When you were a kid, the idea of love was probably a fantasy you didn’t know much about, except from what you saw from your parents and Disney movies you watched.

As a teenager, you probably saw love a little differently and dreamed about meeting your forever person in school, hoping you’d be able to tell your kids all about how their parents were high-school sweethearts who withstood the test of time.

And now, you know that love isn’t as movie-like as you imagined it to be way back when and meeting your soulmate is a little more complicated than that.

Now, you just hope that you meet a guy who will be exactly what he appears to be—honest, kind and open to love. A guy who will treat you with respect and prioritize you at all times.

Now, you don’t need that love from the movies. You know that’s not real. You just want to know that the guy you’re with isn’t playing games and cares for you the way you do for him.

If you’re with a guy who you feel is your forever person, the following 5 signs will probably make you that much more sure of your relationship, as they are all clear indicators that you finally have that ‘grown-up’ love we all eventually long to have.

1.  Your priorities have completely shifted

5 Signs You Have That ‘Grown-Up’ Type Of Love

When you were younger, you probably just wanted a hot boyfriend with a great body who you could parade around proudly and enjoy the fact that you were the one who managed to hook him.

But now, all that is lower on your priority list. You understand now that life doesn’t work that way and appearances are most definitely not everything.

Even if you found a guy who you actually liked and who was at the same time good-looking, you know that it doesn’t guarantee anything.

Only time will tell if he really as good as he seems on paper. Because now, you value a kind heart and an honest man above any other superficial aspect you used to long for.

2.  Now you see the difference between lust and love

5 Signs You Have That ‘Grown-Up’ Type Of Love

At the beginning of any relationship, a little bit of lust is always welcome. It means that there is an undeniable sexual chemistry between you two, which is always a great thing.

And when you were younger, that was probably all you needed and wanted out of a lover. But now, you realize that you need that deeper connection that goes beyond sexual desire.

It’s important, for sure, but in order for a relationship to last, there has to be a real connection with your partner that is about love, life and your mutual plans for the future.

You can’t sustain a healthy long-term commitment that is based solely on sex. That’s not love and now you know that.

3.  Your joint future has become more important than your individual needs

5 Signs You Have That ‘Grown-Up’ Type Of Love

Now you see that in order to prosper and sustain this beautiful love you have with your man, both your needs and wants should be equally important.

Your own needs take a back seat, because you realize that compromise is what fuels you to go forward.

You used to think that what you wanted was of the utmost importance and if a guy couldn’t handle it and please your every need, it was time to call it quits.

And no one blames you, we all had our priorities twisted at a younger age.

The important thing is that now you see that your partner’s needs are just as important and finding a common ground will help you maintain this love you now share.

4. You have started thinking more long-term

You like where you two are now and things are going really well but for it to stay that way, you know you need to start thinking about things moving forward if this is a long-term thing.

You keep finding yourself thinking about where you’ll be in a few years and how things will turn out for you two.

You are focused on always giving each other what each of you needs from the other and being a truly present, committed partner.

You know that things that will keep you together are based on compromise and you are adamant to always be there for your partner and listen to his needs in order to find the best thing for the both of you.

5.  You know it’s not always going to be perfect and you’re okay with that

5 Signs You Have That ‘Grown-Up’ Type Of Love

Now that you’ve finally found the love of your life, you know that it’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows. You know that it’s childish to expect things to always be perfect and nothing ever to go wrong.

You’ve been together long enough and you’ve been through a lot together as a couple, so you know that life will sometimes throw you a curveball.

But unlike all those other boys you dated, you know that this one is worth fighting for.

To expect things to always be perfect is far-fetched and you know that all you can really do is be there for one another and always try to understand where your partner is coming from.

You’ve been through too much to give up at the first sight of trouble.

And now that you know you have that ‘grown-up’ type of love that everybody is dreaming of, be sure to nurture it and cherish it.

That love is what will keep you sane in this world of unpredictability.

5 Signs You Have That ‘Grown-Up’ Type Of Love