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Letter To The Man God Promised Me

Letter To The Man God Promised Me

What if you already know your ‘one’? The one you’re supposed to be with. The one who was made just for you. The one you’ve been seeking and waiting for your whole life. The only catch is, you have to wait for them. You have to wait for them to be ready for you.

Though waiting doesn’t sound that bad, it’s honestly the hardest thing to do. It’s a long process of praying, having faith and waiting. Before you two can be together, you both must grow and become whole by yourselves. God must change them and you.

You can feel it in your heart that you were made to love this person. You want to love them with everything in you. You just want to show them what real unconditional love is.

You two belong together; it’s clear for you to see but still, it’s just not time. During this waiting period, there will be circumstances that will cause you to doubt and lose hope at times but that’s where prayer and faith will kick in.

While waiting, you both are going to come across so many different people but none of them will work out because they weren’t made for you. I mean, it may feel right and there may be ‘flaws’ that you’ll ignore and choose to accept but in the end, it won’t work out simply because they’re not your one.

How I wish you would just give me a chance but you won’t right now because it’s not our time.

We have some more growing to do; there’s more to learn before we can be together. I don’t want you to be what completes me. I want to be completely whole within myself. I want to know myself and love myself completely before I can share my life with you. Likewise, with you.

There’s more life to experience. You’re worth waiting for though. We’re worth it.

It just gets hard sometimes because on most days it’s like my soul craves you. My heart cries out for yours. Can you hear it? I constantly miss you; I can’t wait until you miss me the same way.

I sit and think; because we’re meant to be, are we connected even apart from each other?

I remember when we held hands for the first time. It felt as if my hand belonged in yours. I could feel my spirit connected to yours. I still wonder till this day If you felt what I felt? Maybe I’m crazy but I still believe you didn’t wanna let go. We held hands twice that morning.

The first time we held hands, we didn’t hold them the correct way, so it didn’t feel right lol but still, we stayed there. Then the second time, you corrected your hand position, took mine and held it so tight. My hand felt so weightless in yours. Your strong hand just held mine so effortlessly and it fit so perfectly. I wonder if that’s how it’ll be with us. I wonder will everything come together between us and fit so perfectly.

Over time, I had to let go of every guy who came across my path because they weren’t my one. They weren’t you.

I still remember that morning back in the summer when I prayed and asked God for you. Though I didn’t know it was you that He sent until after we spoke for the first time. “It’s him, God!

He’s the one I want!” I prayed those words over and over again after leaving you that night. Ever since then, I’ve been holding on to my promise from God that you’ll be my one when it’s time. Until then… I’ll be waiting.

by Shanequa Fleming