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5 Signs You’re Stuck In Bad Relationship Patterns

5 Signs You’re Stuck In Bad Relationship Patterns

What are relationship patterns? Those are the things you keep on repeating in every romantic relationship you get yourself involved in and the behaviors you display, regardless of the boyfriend you are with.

In most cases, you’re not even aware that you repeat these toxic, unhealthy templates with every guy who enters your life. That is why we’re here—to open your eyes and help you stop with these behaviors and to escape this endless circle in time.

1. You blame yourself for everything

The first sign that you’re trapped in bad relationship patterns is the fact that somehow, you always think of yourself as guilty for everything wrong in your relationship. No matter what, you end up being the one taking all the responsibility and you end up blaming yourself.

Well, let me tell you one thing—in a healthy relationship, things don’t work out that way. Instead, both partners are equally responsible for everything that happens between them.

It is one thing for you to have enough self-awareness and to be mature enough to accept and admit your mistakes. However, it is something else if it is easier for you to blame yourself than to open your eyes and see your partner’s real face.

2. You have communication difficulties

Communication is one of the bases of every successful relationship and not knowing how to express yourself leads to many problems between couples. However, before you learn how to verbalize your desires, doubts and fears, you have to do some introspection and be certain about what you want. The next step is to be brave enough to talk to your partner honestly about everything that’s bothering you without hesitation and without holding yourself back.

Remember that you won’t achieve anything by holding grudges or giving him the silent treatment. Instead, act like the grown-ass woman you are and speak your mind. Otherwise, you can’t expect things to ever change for the better.

3. You give more than you receive

When you come to think about it, you were the one who loved more in every romantic relationship you had. And this one is no exception.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you’ve always been the one who puts more effort in and who gives way more love than she receives. The one who makes sacrifices and the one who struggles for the relationship, while the other person couldn’t care less.

It’s time you think about why things are like this. Do you think of yourself as less worthy than your partner?

4. You are emotionally dependent on your partner

One of the most alarming signs that you’re stuck in bad relationship patterns is that you feel like you can’t live without your significant other. You don’t feel complete without him by your side, which makes it impossible for you to leave him, despite the way he treats you. Your romantic partner becomes the center of your world and you don’t feel like yourself without him.

If this is something you can relate to, one thing is clear—you’re emotionally co-dependent on your partner and that is nothing more than a toxic relationship pattern. Instead of expecting a man to make you happy, put your own life in your hands and make something out of it, without anyone’s help.

5. You don’t know how to call it quits

How many times have you found yourself giving endless second chances to men who never deserved them? Making excuses, justifying their shitty behavior and desperately waiting for a change you knew deep down would never come? How many times have you reconciled with a man you had no future with?

It is more than obvious you don’t know when it’s time to break things off with someone you care for. You don’t know when to give up on a relationship when it is not worth fighting for.

Instead, you keep dragging yourself around in endless circles of love and hate, happiness and despair, make-ups and break-ups. The worst part is that this is exactly how you end trapped in these bad relationship patterns over and over again.