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5 Things Every Empath Tries To Hide From The Rest Of The World

5 Things Every Empath Tries To Hide From The Rest Of The World

Do you consider yourself an empath? If you do, there are some of your characteristics that you probably keep a secret from everyone, including yourself from time to time. And here are 5 of them.

1. How sensitive they actually are

One of the most important traits of every empath is their hypersensitivity. Because that is exactly what makes them an empath.

But what you might not know is that most empaths are actually trying to hide how sensitive they actually are. They are very well aware of their vulnerabilities and they do their best not to expose them to the rest of the world.

They also know that not everyone is like them and that there are some bad people out there who will take advantage of their kind and good heart. That there are people who will do everything in their power to discover their weaknesses and use them against them.

And that is why all empaths will pretend to be a lot tougher than they actually are. After they’ve had their heart broken many times, they usually decide to put their guard up because it is the only way for them to protect themselves.

2. They are overly forgiving

Also, most empaths always justify the ones who have done them harm. An empath will always somehow find an excuse for you, no matter how deeply you hurt them.

These people are in fact ready to give endless second chances to those they love. But their reason is what prevents them from doing so.

And that is why they do everything in their power to hide the fact that they are overly forgiving.
Because they know that by acknowledging this, they would just give the green light to everyone toxic in their surroundings to keep on breaking their soft heart. They know that this personality trait of theirs would be used against them on every occasion and they know better than to show it everyone who comes their way.

3. How deep their love is

When an empath loves you, they do it with all of their heart. When they care about you, they will always put your needs in front of their own and they will give you their unconditional love, no matter what you do and despite the fact that you might not give them everything they deserve in return.

But sometimes, their ability to love them scares even them. They are very well aware that there are just a few people who can love to the extent they do.

And that is why empaths try hard to hold themselves back, even when it is the last thing their heart is telling them to do. That is why empaths hide the actual depth of their emotions.

4. Sometimes they are scared to love

Almost every empath was hurt in the past, before they realized the cruelty of the world they were surrounded by. These are the people who were giving their heart out to the wrong people and who were letting in the ones they shouldn’t have.

And all of this taught them a tough lesson. It taught them how to act heartless when that is the last thing they are. It taught them how to put up steel armor around their heart and how to build different defense mechanisms to protect themselves.

But it also made them almost give up on love. It made them scared of allowing anyone to enter their sensitive heart and it made them afraid to love.

5. They crave meeting someone just like them

Another thing every empath tries to hide from the rest of the world is the fact that deep down, they long for love, even though they won’t admit it. But this doesn’t mean they want a regular, everyday type of love because this is something they are simply not cut out for.

No, they want it all or nothing. They want a meaningful connection and true intimacy.

But most of all, they want someone they can be their true self in front of. Someone they can be emotionally naked with.

They want someone who is just like them. Because that is the only person who can understand them completely and who can give them everything they need and crave.