Have you ever met a girl whose heart had been shattered into pieces in the past? A girl who was hurt more times than she could count? A girl who’s been through hell? A girl who almost gave up on love?

But this girl didn’t let all of the pain she experienced break her spirit. Even though she was just one step away from losing all faith in love and even though she almost gave up on the possibility of ever finding happiness, this girl decided not to allow toxic people or everything bad that happened to her to change the essence of who she is.

She didn’t allow all the pain she experienced to fill her with negativity and pessimism. Instead, she came back stronger and more determined than ever to find true happiness and true love.

But all that has happened left a mark on her. Everything she’s been through left consequences on her heart and it definitely doesn’t mean that she is ready to put her guard down for just anybody.

That is why there are some crucial things you need to know before loving this girl and here are the 4 most important ones.

1. She has a hard time relaxing around new people

Even though she’ll never show this to you, the truth is that this girl will be pretty nervous around you when she first meets you. She won’t show you her true colors right away. Instead, she’ll reveal one layer of her personality at a time.

Don’t get me wrong—this doesn’t mean that this girl will pretend to be someone she’s not just to please you. It only means that she wears the mask of a tough girl because she is overly careful with anyone unfamiliar.

This girl will think every little detail through and she’ll try her best to analyze each and every aspect of your personality before she gives you a chance. At first, you might see this as a sign that she’s too picky when it comes to men. But the truth is quite different.

The truth is that she has a hard time letting new people in, especially men. That she has a hard time allowing anyone to jump over the walls she’s built around her heart. And the truth is that she has a pretty damn good reason for being this way.

2. She has trust issues

A girl who almost gave up on love did so for a reason. This girl was hurt so many times in the past and got her heart broken so severely that she was one step from allowing this pain to overwhelm her completely and to kill all of her hopes of a better tomorrow.

The ones she loved the most betrayed her in the worst possible ways. They abandoned her when she needed them the most and left her hanging when she just wanted them to be there for her.

Consequently, now she has a hard time trusting anyone. She assumes that every man who walks into her life will be exactly like her exes and that everyone will hurt her the same way.

3. She won’t settle for less than she deserves

But at the same time, this is not a girl who will accept the crumbs of your love and attention. She knows how to be single and she doesn’t have any problem spending the rest of her life alone. And that is exactly what she’ll do—she’ll remain single until the right guy comes along.

And if you are not the right guy for her, she’ll see it right away. She won’t waste years of her life waiting for you to change your ways or to come to your senses. She won’t beg you to be with her and she won’t be giving you endless second chances, no matter how hard she falls for you.

This girl hasn’t stopped believing in love. But she knows exactly how true love should look and she will never settle for less than that.

4. She is worthy

When you see all of this, you might think that this type of girl is too challenging. You might think that she is difficult to handle and that she’ll give you a lot of headaches.

Well, let me tell you one thing—this girl is worthy of all the effort you’ll be putting into her. Because trust me—she’ll give you much more in return.

As soon as she puts her guard down, she’ll show you that she knows how to love and how to be loved. As soon as she allows you to see the real her, you’ll see that she is one of a kind and that she is the girl who will make you the happiest man alive.