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5 Things He Cares About If You’re A Fling And 5 If You’re The One

5 Things He Cares About If You’re A Fling And 5 If You’re The One

If you’re the one, he’ll make sure you know it

Talking about their feelings might be difficult for most men. It’s intimidating even when they are sure about you.

But if he is serious and if he feels deeply for you, he will get out of his comfort zone.

If he can’t say it, he will show it. He will introduce you to other people as his girlfriend, he will keep in touch, he will make time, he will do all the little big things to show you he is all in.

If you’re a fling, he will be vague about his feelings

You will never know where you stand. He will give you the world in one moment and pull away the next.

He will be the most attentive creature for a while, then disappear.

Even if you try to have ‘the talk’ with him, he will find some excuse why he can’t be in a committed relationship, he will probably blame the timing or a past relationship.

He will be good at sweet-talking you into staying hooked on him but he won’t show any signs he wants you to be his girlfriend so be careful not to fall under his spell.

If you’re the one, he will care to know who you really are

When a man sees his future with you he will, first of all, listen to all you have to say.

He will remember details and little things about your hobbies, interests, and goals, which will leave you in awe.

He will surely be amazed by how you look but somehow you will feel that that is secondary and that your personality is the thing that captured his heart.

There is nothing sexier than a real conversation and a deep connection—a real man will know that.

If you’re a fling, he will only care about your looks

He won’t care about how you spend your day, who your friends are and what you do in your spare time.

He will concentrate more on telling you how beautiful, hot and attractive you are.

Your outer beauty will be his sole interest because getting to know who you are on the inside will mean that he plans on sticking around and that’s not something that is in his plans.

If you’re the one, he will want to meet the people who are closest to you

Meeting your friends and family might make him nervous and he might put that off for a while.

But once he realizes you are the one, he will get out of his comfort zone, meet your loved ones and show you that he can handle the heat.

This is the best indicator that he is thinking about your relationship as something long-term and you and your feelings are what he cares about the most.

You don’t meet just anybody’s friends or family, now do you?

If you’re a fling, he will stick to his own people, not caring about yours

He will act like he had some kind of seizure every time you even mention the possibility of him meeting your loved ones.

That’s not in his plans and he finds it uncomfortable and unnecessary.

He will have limited time to spend with you too because he will be too occupied with hanging out with his friends.

He will cancel your plans last-minute because something more interesting turned up.

There is nothing wrong with a guy hanging out with his friends but it should never be at your expense, it should never disrespect you or make you feel like he is spending time with you only when it’s convenient.

If you’re the one, he will spend time with you no matter what

Your presence alone will always be enough for the guy who thinks you are the one. It won’t matter where you are or what you do, as long as you are together.

He will be more than happy to cuddle on the couch, watch movies or cook for you, he will be full of some innovative late night date ideas and he will make sure he makes plans in advance.

If you’re a fling, he will spend time with you only if…

A guy who considers you as a fling will be there only if it’s fun, interesting and at a place and time that suits him.

He will have demands and you will clearly notice when he is flaking out on something he doesn’t find interesting.

He will choose dates that include going out to bars or clubbing.

On occasions when you are somewhere quiet and alone, you will find out you don’t have much to talk about.

If you’re the one, you are making love

Sex is an integral part of any relationship and it’s often hard to differentiate between a casual and serious relationship.

But he will show all the signs that you are making love.

With time, your lovemaking skills get better and better, he never skips foreplay and he stays and snuggles with you when it is all over.

The biggest difference is that you are making deeper emotional connections.

If you’re a fling, you are just having a lot of sex

If 90% of your get-togethers end up with you getting it on between the sheets, everything is clear.

He will make sure that he finds an excuse not to see you when you are on your period or when you are feeling under the weather.

He will mostly care about his own enjoyment and he won’t pay much attention to whether you orgasmed or not.

If he is selfish in bed that will be one of the most obvious indicators that you are just a fling to him.