Dating can often seem hard. It’s about combining two worlds into one and some things are bound to be left out. Some things we need to let go in order to embrace new ones. It’s about opening yourself up to someone in a way you never dared to dream about. It’s about giving our hearts to others and trusting that they will keep them safe.

But love is so much more than just that.

Love is laughing till you can feel abs forming and your face hurting. Love is dancing in the rain and feeling good about embarrassing yourself while singing at a karaoke bar. Love is cooking dinner and then forgetting all about it, because you started making out.

Love is knowing that no matter how rough life gets, it’s still good because you have that special someone by your side.

Which is why we need to cherish love. We need to work on it and fight for it. We need to water it with our laughter, with our joy and our pain as well. We need to chase our loves even when they’re already ours and date them no matter how much time passes by.

Since I’m a great sucker for all those magical love stories, the ones that you see in the movies or read about in books, I gathered twenty best late night date ideas you can always try to give that extra kick to your relationship.

And the best part? They’re not complicated at all. There’s no need for you to spend hundreds of dollars to do them. There’s no need to bust your ass to impress the other person. They’re all about bonding, spending time together and enjoying each other. Like I said, I’m a sucker for romance, so here are my twenty best date ideas:

1. Truth or dare

Create your own truth or dare game when you’re together. Bonus points if you’re playing it while you’re somewhere outside the house. Dare him to scream your name at the diner or to propose to a random girl at the bar. Or you could dare him to seduce you like you guys just met. Only the sky is the limit and this is a sure way you can get to know each other better and have fun while doing, Besides, this way you can ask him all about his deepest fantasies without making it awkward.

2. Roaming around late night markets

Buy each other the most random stuff you find there. It may sound like dull, but there’s something about roaming endless isles of a random market and looking at people who are there to get what they need. And you can make up all little stories about the people you see to find out who has a better imagination. Or you could find random food you never tried before and try it out together.

3. Moonlight walks

If you’re looking for something more romantic and perfect for those late night long conversations, this is it. You know, those conversations where you can talk about your deepest fears or meaning of life without feeling awkward because it feels so easy to talk about things under the moonlight. And there’s only one kind of a kiss that’s more magical than the one under the moonlight, and that’s kissing under the rain.

4. Netflix and chill

You can go to the movies or stay at home and challenge yourself to see how far you will actually go into the movie. Or if you’re both passionate about some TV show, this one is actually perfect. Buy yourselves a bunch of ice cream, beer—whatever favorite snacks you have. Order take out and get lost in that amazing world of your favorite show. Plus, you can use all of that ice cream later for a different kind of fun that involves just the two of you and ice cream—minus the clothes.

5. Cook dinner together

If you combine this one with shopping for the groceries together, get ready for one hell of a night. And it’s okay if you mess up the food. It’s okay if something burns because it’s all about spending time together and having fun. You can always order a take out to treat yourself for all the hard work you did! Besides, getting it on in the kitchen is truly something. Or it’s just because you’re close to the food, but either way, it’s something. And I love it!

6. Massage time!

I mean, who doesn’t enjoy good a ol’ oily massage? And it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s the idea that you care about each other enough to devote time to actually making each other feel good. And it’s about spending time together and finding out what your partner enjoys and what he doesn’t. Once you’re done, switch places and let him work you over And the best part? You get to have a happy ending!

7. Strip poker

Or strip anything, really. I never cared to learn the rules of poker, so I’m not of any use to explain them to you, I just know that playing strip poker is one hell of a lot of fun. And somehow, I always end up being a winner, since I got what I came for—if you know what I mean, and I’m sure you do.

8. Wait for the sunrise together

There is something in looking at the sunrise together. In that moment, you feel like anything is possible. In that moment, it feels like the whole world is in your hand and you can do whatever you want with it. In that moment, you can see all the beauty of this crazy universe we’re living in, the warmth of sun and your man beside you.

Maybe I’m looking at this in overly romantic way, but this is something I truly enjoy doing alone and asking someone to do it with me is the most intimate thing I do. It’s like sharing the most vulnerable part of me because in that moment, I still feel like a kid who woke up early just to see the sun while you can still look at it.

9. Night swimming

Same like you want to share your bare soul with someone, you also want to share some fun. And is there a better way to do it than to go night swimming? And if there’s no sea near you, you can always crash some pools and add a little bit of excitement and adrenaline to the whole thing. The fear of getting caught and the knowledge that you’re doing something you shouldn’t adds to that bond you two are creating. Now you’re some sort of ‘criminals’ who share a dirty little secret.

10. Bowling

A little bit of competition never killed somebody. You can even spice it up a bit by agreeing that the winner gets to do whatever they want in the bedroom that night—or anywhere really. And think of all the possibilities you can get by winning. You can dare him to bring you that ice cream you love all across town or to give you the longest massage ever. Or you can simply tell him to lay down and go as you please with him.

11. Karaoke

Getting embarrassed together is the best kind of bonding. Find some bar that hosts karaoke nights and you can either sing a duet or sing separately while cheering for each other. It’s the cutest way possible to spend your night while still having fun. You never know—your man could be an incredible singer but you never got the chance to hear him sing. Or you could have another embarrassing memory you can tell your children about some day.

12. Pub crawling

Okay, I know that this is something you usually do with a bunch of your friends until one of you passes out and the rest of you give him hell time about it for the rest of the month. But getting drunk with your significant other is so much better than that. You get to see each other getting totally wasted and once again, you’re moving those boundaries of being comfortable about each other. The best way to get to know someone is to get them drunk because it’s like all of the things you’re keeping buried down get out. Some people cry, some people laugh uncontrollably and some people simply go to sleep. The whole point is that you do it together.

13. Picnic under the stars

Bring some wine, some blankets so you don’t get cold (although you sure know a way to warm up yourself when you’re with a boo), some strawberries and snacks and just enjoy yourselves. You can play some easy music while watching the stars and feeding each other. The thing is, it’s night and no one can see you, so you can be as cheesy as you want and do it like Hollywood does—over the top and sprinkled with cheesy lines and moves.

14. Get the kink on!

There are a few ways you can do this one. You can play a game and pretend like you two are strangers and you need to seduce each other. You can even come up with different identities and role playing. Or you can get yourself a sex dice and play it all night long. To make it more adventurous, you can play it at random bars or diners, whatever rocks your boat.

15. Skating

You can go ice skating, roller skating or regular skating, as long as you’re having fun. And is there a better person to teach you how to skate if you don’t know how than your boyfriend? It’s even better if you’re teaching him how to do it. The thing with dates is that they’re opportunities for you two to create memories together and with every date, you have another opportunity to do something together you’ve never done before. Skating, cliff climbing, cooking, dancing—the list goes on and on. You just need a little bit of imagination and well, a person to do it with.

16. Go camping

Far away from all the noise of modern world, far away from all the electronics, phones, Instagrams and social media. This is the perfect way to have time just for the two of you, to get away from everything that’s stressing you out and to commit to each other completely. Build a tent together, cook some food and just enjoy the time you have without all the distractions. Push the boundaries of your strength together and face your fears or enjoy your time—depends on how much you like or hate camping. The point is, this is time just for the two of you and no one and nothing else.

17. Romanticize each other’s pants off!

Cook him some dinner, buy some expensive wine (or the cheapest one—no one really cares), put on a fancy dress, light the candles and play easy music while you’re eating. Do it like they do it in the movies and don’t feel weird about it. Your relationship is one place where you can be yourself, where you can do whatever you want without being judged. And if that means bathing in thousands of rose petals, so be it!

18. Road trip

There is no better therapy than hitting the road and driving around aimlessly while some music is playing. And when you’re doing it with the person that means the world to you, it’s whole other level. Feeling the breeze on your face, while you’re just wandering around with your thoughts, your car. It’s pure magic, really.

19. Visit a local carnival

Another movie cliché, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less magical or fun. Hit the roller coasters and win each other stuffed animals. Get sick with a huge amount of candies, sugar cotton and corn dogs. Just pretend like you are teenagers all over again and enjoy the night filled with fun and excitement. And the best part? You can scream with laughter, run around and play tag and no one will look at you. Everyone is there to have good time and so are you.

20. Dance to your own music

Dance at the bar, dance around your apartment, dance around your kitchen or your hallway. Dance at the beach, at the carnival or in the middle of the street. Imagine that the whole world is gone and there’s no one left but you two and your own music, your favorite song and your heartbeats. And cherish that moment you shared and keep it close to your heart when he’s not around to dance with you. Memories are what keeps us going when distance drives us apart. Memories are what keeps us coming back to each other, and is there a better one than dancing slowly to your own music?