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5 Things That Can Make A Man Finally Commit

5 Things That Can Make A Man Finally Commit

He’s perfect! I mean look at him.

He cooks, he’s good with children, he appreciates you a lot and he makes you happy but there’s just one thing that bothers you more than anything else: he doesn’t want to commit.

A committed relationship can, for some people, be very frightening, possibly because they haven’t had any experience with it before or they had an extremely bad experience with love in general that made them doubt their decisions.

Many people fail in committed relationships. You look at him and you simply see everything you want in your life, so what are the things that can, without a doubt, make him commit to you?

The thought that he might lose you

Obviously, the thing that will scare him the most will be if you show any signs of leaving or becoming less interested in him.

I know that you can’t make a guy commit to you using manipulation but this isn’t manipulation, this is the truth—he will lose you eventually.

You won’t be settling for something less just because of a man who clearly doesn’t know what he wants in life. If he wants you, he’ll commit to you completely and that’s it.

With that said, do something that will show him that you’re not constantly available and that you will leave him if he doesn’t take you and the relationship seriously.

Go out more and exchange looks with other men who flirt with you.

Emotional intimacy

Men don’t get emotionally intimate with many people (if any at all) and it’s something new in their life to have someone they are emotionally intimate with.

Simply start with questions about his everyday life and then go deeper, asking him about his philosophy of life or his perception of the divine power.

Ask him about how he felt when he broke up with his last girlfriend and don’t judge him—most importantly, don’t judge him.

Try to understand his position and his way of thinking. Of course, emotional intimacy doesn’t appear overnight but it comes with a lot of communication.


When you cross a line with him and you two become emotionally intimate, it’s time to get vulnerable.

People have commitment issues mostly because they’re scared that they might get hurt and if he is able to see in you someone who will be there for him without a doubt, then he will be able to commit very soon.

Knowing that he can take off his mask of a strong man in front of you will give you two a connection that can’t be explained.

Even if he cries, please don’t use harsh words like ‘man up’ but rather let him be weak for a moment.

Also, know that showing your own vulnerability should never scare him. It should instead make him see that vulnerability is the main asset of strong women.

Sexual attraction

Men love sex. It’s that simple. You don’t have to be a model in order to be sexually attractive to him, you simply have to be yourself.

Be confident in who you are and wear all the clothes that make you feel comfortable and sexy.

You don’t have to wear fancy lingerie or skin-tight dresses, it’s just that your sexual desires match.

Make sure that they match so that you don’t have a problem later on if he has a high desire for sex when you don’t crave it that often.

A relaxed environment

If you keep on complaining to him how he’s unavailable for a committed relationship, then he’s going to leave sooner or later.

Don’t. Instead, create a relaxed environment where you two can easily grow together into an amazing couple rather than forcing it, which won’t make either of you happy.

Simply stop talking about commitment and see what happens, because he might even get scared that you don’t want to commit anymore and it will make him think about it seriously.