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5 Things You Would Never Say If You Were Truly Happy With Him

5 Things You Would Never Say If You Were Truly Happy With Him

If you have to convince yourself that your relationship is a happy one and that you have found the right guy, then you probably aren’t as content as you would like to be.

If you find yourself in situations where you keep finding excuses as to why things aren’t that peachy anymore and are constantly trying to make yourself believe that this is how it’s supposed to be, then you probably aren’t that happy with him anymore.

When you have to convince yourself that you’re happy, that is a clear sign that your relationship isn’t fulfilling anymore.

Here are 5 things people only say when they’re no longer happy with their partners but are trying to convince themselves otherwise.

Don’t lie to yourself anymore, and figure out what makes you happy. Then go for it!

1. “After being together for a while, the excitement is supposed to go away.’’

It is impossible to have those first-date jitters and butterflies for the duration of your entire relationship. That usually occurs at the beginning of the relationship while you’re still falling for each other.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop being excited about seeing your man! He is still the one you come home to every day, and if the thought of seeing his face at the end of a long day doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re probably not as happy as you think you are.

Your man is someone who should make you feel warm and happy to be home, not someone whose presence annoys you and makes you go crazy or even worse—uninterested. That is a sign of a bigger problem.

2. “Work is just stressing us out, that’s all.’’

You will go through challenges in life. It’s not always going to be easy, and you’re not always going to be happy with one another. All relationships go through their ups and downs, but the important thing is that you both want to work on it.

But if you keep blaming outside influences for your perpetual problems, that might mean there is something bigger going on. When you always find a good excuse for why you and your partner have disconnected—like work, family and other stuff—you will never be happy. You’re just lying to yourself.

Try to find the real issue here, and stop blaming your unhappiness with each other on things that have nothing to do with it. If you two simply aren’t working anymore and there is no more spark or mutual respect, it’s better to call it quits than to keep finding excuses.

You’re making yourself more miserable than you need to be.

3. “I don’t want to bother him with my issues; it’s not important.’’

Your man is your sanctuary. He is the person who is supposed to be there for you and be your helping hand through life’s unpredictable storms.

You should always want to vent to him and share your deepest and darkest issues with him because he should be there for you through thick and thin.

If you find yourself not wanting to open up to him, and instead, talk to your friends and family while keeping him in the dark, you’re probably no longer feeling connected to him and need to reevaluate your relationship.

4. “We’ll deal with it eventually.’’

If you have problems in your relationship, you need to deal with them promptly. Putting things off and not dealing with them while the feelings are still fresh is going to put a damper on your relationship.

Being committed to one another doesn’t mean being without issues. It means dealing with them in a healthy way and wanting to fight for each other—always.

If you don’t have the will to talk things over anymore and would just rather sweep things under the rug, eventually, it’s going to seal the deal—and not in a good way.

Either talk about your issues and work on your relationship or break it off and focus on finding someone who will make you want to put in the work.

5. “It just makes sense to stay together, for practical reasons.’’

If you’re only staying with him for things that have nothing to do with love and respect, you’re in it for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t keep being in a loveless relationship just because it’s more convenient that way! If you two are living together and it would just be so complicated to move out and find a new place, you should break it off ASAP.

You deserve to be with someone out of love and not out of practicality! Everything can be worked out. Don’t be discouraged just because it seems a little complicated right now. Make the best decision for yourself, and don’t stick around just because it makes more sense on paper.

Listen to your heart, and do what feels right—not what feels practical.