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In 2024, I Hope You Learn To Let Go Of Everything That Is Breaking You

In 2024, I Hope You Learn To Let Go Of Everything That Is Breaking You

Even if we are miles apart, I want you to know that I know what you are like. You are the type of girl who gets attached so easily. You always give people so many chances and you think that they will figure out how amazing you are over time. But that never really happens, right?

I also know that you care about others more than you care about yourself and that it hurts you to see bad things happening around you. I know all those things because I am the same as you.

You give your love unselfishly to everyone, thinking that they will reciprocate it in the same way, just because you have such a big heart. But darling, you should know that girls like you and me are so rare nowadays. We are like diamonds in the rough and no matter how much we try to put ourselves first, we somehow don’t succeed at that every time.

But before you get your heart broken again by a guy who doesn’t deserve you or a friend who will betray you, know this: “I hope that in 2024, you learn to let go of everything that is breaking you!”

I hope that you will see how amazing you are and that you will let go of all those toxic people around you. They don’t deserve your time nor your love. They don’t deserve for you to take care of them because they will never be able to truly understand you.

After you let go of them, please do the same with guys who don’t deserve you. Don’t be with someone and think that they will change over time. The harsh truth is that they would have changed by now if they already felt something strong for you. Don’t let them break your heart and leave you wondering if you could have done something better. Because you couldn’t.

It was all their fault. They were guilty of making mistakes and blowing every chance they had with you. So leave them now and don’t risk getting a broken heart again.

Once you finish with them, think about yourself only and the things that are bothering you. You know that feeling of guilt, that you haven’t done something right? Just let it go. It is the past, so leave it where it belongs. Start the New Year totally fresh and get rid of the things that bothered you for such a long time.

You won’t get anywhere if you keep worrying about things that you can’t affect. Live in peace and don’t think about your mistakes; that is the only way you can find your happiness.

When you feel that you have made it, I want you to let go of some other things. Let go of negativity because it will bring you down to its own vicious circle and will play with your thoughts in a way you can’t imagine.

Get rid of the fear of what the future might bring because you think that you haven’t done anything to deserve a bright future. Remember that you fought for yourself as hard as you could and don’t let anyone convince you of the opposite.

In 2024, I want you to stop putting others first, not because you don’t want to but because they don’t deserve you. They have had many chances with you but somehow you would always end up being the one who would choose the short straw.

Don’t compare yourself to others because you don’t know what lies behind their fake smile. Maybe all of them have a worse life than you but you don’t see that because they know how to lie better.

Stop taking things personally because sometimes you just bother your head with some stuff that wasn’t even directed at you. Remember that all people will try to hurt you at some time in your life but you are the one who will choose who is worthy of your tears.

Please, let go of saying ‘yes’ to everyone just because you feel sorry for them. Tell me, when was the last time someone felt sorry for you? Bear in mind that people will use you as much as you let them, so don’t think that you will hurt their feelings if you say ‘no’ from time to time. It is for your own sake.

In the end, let go of your past because that can’t define you. It is true that you might have done some things that were not right in your past but you can’t think about them all the time. Leave the past where it belongs and look in the eyes of your future because that is where you have to go.

Make sure that you are happy with your life and your decisions because the only person who needs to justify herself is YOU!

  1. Shelley kaigle says:

    This fit me so perfect I’m going through a very hard divorce right now I gave all I had nerve good I felt bad forwhat I did in the relationship and still do and he reminds me of it all the time I wanted to fix it but he also cheated in the marriage and most likely more times I forgave that now Isaid we can’t talk the hardest thing I had to do was let the man I married and loved with all my heart go Tha kyou for this