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5 Ways In Which Your Rough Patch Will Strengthen Your Relationship

5 Ways In Which Your Rough Patch Will Strengthen Your Relationship

While you’re in the midst of a relationship crisis, it’s hard to see a way out.

It’s especially difficult being aware that this rough patch might just prove to be exactly what you needed to make your relationship as strong as ever.

In hindsight, we all see things more clearly and understand why certain things had to happen.

Usually, it is necessary for us to realize what we have before we lose it or to grow from that experience and learn how to appreciate those around us more.

I personally believe that we all have to go through a certain amount of heartbreak and pain in order to fully grasp the true meaning of love, commitment and sacrifice.

When I look back at all my hardships, I realize that I most certainly would not be the woman I am today had those things not happened or taught me so much about myself.

All those heartbreaks I suffered taught me how to protect my heart and to walk into new relationships more carefully and cautiously.

All the pain I went through, with regards family, illnesses and challenging times, made me see the value of people, health and time.

Now, I appreciate those around me with all I’ve got, because I know that I might not get the privilege to love them tomorrow.

And whenever my relationship hits a bump in the road, I tell myself that this too shall pass, because it truly will.

I know it’s hard to stay sane and positive as you’re going through a rough patch with your partner but there are certain things that keep me above water when I feel like just letting go and drowning.

When you’ve been through enough shit in life, you learn to see things for how they really are and not just for how they seem at that particular moment in time.

So here are 5 things that have always helped me see a way out of a rough patch with my man and kept me sane throughout all these years.

1. Experiencing challenging times in your relationship gives you more clarity on what you really want

5 Ways In Which Your Rough Patch Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Usually, when my man and I are in the middle of a huge fight where we just can’t agree on a solution that we’re both okay with, I remind myself of what I really want out of this.

And that’s my man. I am immediately reminded that all I have wouldn’t mean much if I didn’t have him by my side and that helps me be a bit more understanding and less stubborn.

Only then do I see this argument as something that is inevitably going to pass without endangering my relationship.

It helps me gain perspective and be more lenient, even if it means taking one for the team, because he’s more than worth it.

2. Going through difficult times makes you more empathetic toward your partner and helps you appreciate their vulnerable side

5 Ways In Which Your Rough Patch Will Strengthen Your Relationship

When you’re dealing with tough shit, your emotions are going to be all over the place. You’re going to be a mess but so will be your partner.

The man with a tough exterior that you know so well will let his guard down and show his emotions and his vulnerable side.

You’re going to be able to empathize with that without judgment because men do not often show their feelings as openly.

And this will show you just how much you and this thing you’re fighting about mean to him and you’ll suddenly back up a bit, having gained a whole new outlook on things.

3. When you finally patch things up, you will appreciate him and your relationship that much more

5 Ways In Which Your Rough Patch Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Like with any other fight, this one will find its solution as well.

When the thing you have is the real deal, it’s only a matter of time before the going gets good again.

And once you get to that good place again, you’re going to hold it and safeguard it with everything you’ve got.

You know the pain of losing somebody you love, so you are going to cherish it with all of your heart and do everything in your power not to risk losing it again.

Experiencing profound pain makes you appreciate what you’ve got on a deeper level.

4. You will realize that you’re much stronger as a couple than you ever could’ve thought

5 Ways In Which Your Rough Patch Will Strengthen Your Relationship

When you love someone so much and cannot fathom losing them, every little argument scares you and makes you fear that this one will be the final nail in the coffin.

It’s only natural to feel this way when the love you share is so intense.

But every single time you find your way out, it makes you see just how strong of a unit you two really are.

You have weathered so many storms together and every time you’ve come out stronger and happier.

And whatever comes next, you know you’re ready because you’ve been through it all and you’re still standing.

5. The things you learn in the process are going to stay with you for a long, long time

5 Ways In Which Your Rough Patch Will Strengthen Your Relationship

The way in which you found common ground is something you will always be able to use again, should similar issues arise.

The deeper level at which you get to know your man while trying to save your relationship will remain with you and it will be what helps you see things more clearly and possibly prevent another fight.

This whole thing can turn out to be a useful learning experience for both of you and any positives that come out of it will make you appreciate and love each other that much more.

5 Ways In Which Your Rough Patch Will Strengthen Your Relationship