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8 Things You Unconsciously Do That Reveal Your Insecurities

8 Things You Unconsciously Do That Reveal Your Insecurities

We are all sometimes insecure about things that happen in our lives. It is an emotion like any other and it is healthy – until we cross the line.

Once you feel that your insecurities affect your private and business life in a way that is not normal anymore, you should do something about it.

Maybe you do some things unconsciously that reveal how insecure you are. If that is the case, then you can’t know what to do and how to make it right.

That’s why I decided to make a list of the most common things we all do that make us look extremely insecure. So, keep reading.

1. You ask for other people’s help too often  

If you ask others about their opinion or their suggestions too often, it can reveal how insecure you are.

You are showing that you are not smart and intelligent enough to handle the situation alone and that you need someone else to tell you what to do.

The catch is that you always panic when you have to do something and that’s why you ask others to help you.

But if you just give yourself some time, I am sure you will be able to come up with a solution for every issue that you have, and that it will likely  be better than what others told you to do.

2. Your facial expression shows you are worried

Even if you don’t feel bad or worried, you will have a facial expression showing those emotions.

You would like to change it, but unfortunately you can’t affect it.

Sometimes you feel great, but people figure that something is wrong with you because you don’t talk too much, or you’re thinking about something important, so you are not present with your spirit.

When others see you looking like that, they will immediately think that you have problems and that you are insecure because of them.

If you try, maybe you can do something about it. The most important thing is that you are happy, and sooner or later everybody will somehow get it.

3. You always talk about yourself and not about others

When you mention some details from your life, you talk about some amazing things that you achieved.

You forget to talk about others and in that way you are sending the wrong message.

Even if you are not that kind of person, you are showing to others that you simply love yourself and that talking about some amazing things you have done is extremely important to you.

If you want to change this, just try to listen to others a bit more and try to answer the stories they talk about.

It will help you to get to know them better and others won’t think you are some kind of a narcissist who just thinks about herself.

4. Trying to defend yourself, no matter how guilty you are  

If you did something bad, you will try to defend yourself by explaining to others that it wasn’t your intention to do that.

You will come up with so many excuses that will prove you right, but what you don’t know is that by doing so, you are just showing how insecure you are.

Instead of admitting that you did something wrong, you are trying to be good in people’s eyes so they wouldn’t think less of you.

You care about their opinion so much and that’s why you are doing all you can to wash the mud from yourself.

5. You believe others’ opinion more than you believe your own

If you have to do something at work, you will cherish other people’s opinion more than your own.

That is the most basic example of insecurity and it happens pretty often.

The catch is that you have low self-confidence and you believe what others have to say about something rather than your own gut.

The good thing is that you can improve this if you work on yourself more and if you give yourself enough time to change.

Just be patient because good things don’t happen overnight.

6. You overthink a lot

People who overthink a lot do that because they are insecure.

They don’t think that they acted well in front of someone and they will overthink it because that is the way their mind works.

They will always have a feeling that they didn’t do something in the right way.

No matter if someone compliments them or tells them they did a great job, they won’t interpret it that way.

It is because those people are projecting their insecurities on their private and business life.

If you’ve recognized yourself along these lines and have problems because of this way of thinking, just know that you can do better than this.

With some help from others and a changed mindset, you can be like others who never overthink or never worry if they did something wrong or not.

7. You are extremely jealous

One of the most common traits of an insecure person is their jealousy.

If you noticed that you are way more jealous of your partner than you were before, maybe it is about time to do something about it.

By acting like a real weirdo because your boyfriend drinks coffee with another woman, you are only sending him a false message about yourself.

You are presenting yourself as a control freak and clingy person, and you know you are not like that.

That’s why you should think before you act because others get to know us only by how they see us act.

8. You want others to believe you are simply perfect  

It is extremely important what others think about you, so you will want to impress them.

You will even do things that you don’t like, just so people you hang out with start believing you are an amazing person.

But what you don’t know is that you have a totally wrong idea pictured in your head.

If someone doesn’t like you, they don’t have to, and you should accept that.

Instead of worrying about why some people don’t like you, you should focus on those who do. Trust me, your life will be much easier this way.

8 Things You Unconsciously Do That Reveal Your Insecurities