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5 Zodiac Signs That Make BEST Friends

5 Zodiac Signs That Make BEST Friends


Gemini are very caring people. They are also great listeners. They will sit and patiently listen to every detail you have to say and when you’re done, they will try to help you with some advice. They are very communicative and open—helping and listening to other people comes naturally to them.

People born under this sign will most definitely take their time if you’re in need just to be with you and to make you feel better. If you need a friend to confide in, go with Gemini.

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Leos are extremely proud but generous as well. If they connect with you, they will invest all they’ve got in your relationship. They will show you their selfless love and they will take care of you because they are protectors.

If you’re having a bad day, you can count on Leo’s positivity and cheerful smile to lift up your spirits and to make your day beautiful. Their confidence may seem intimidating at first, but as soon as you get to know them better, you’ll see they are not scary big lions, but cute and cuddly kittens.


Virgos are perfectionists in everything including friendship. They are extremely loyal and they will stop whatever they are doing if you need them by your side. You can always count on a friend like Virgo.

Virgos act like caretakers in their group of friends because they genuinely love people, especially their friends. If you are in need of a friend, Virgo is an excellent choice who won’t let you down, ever!

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Libras are the most devoted signs of the Zodiac. If you want a lifelong friend, choose a Libra. They will always be there for you—at 2 a.m., if you need them, they will be by your side. They are very supportive and patient.

Libras are going to listen carefully to all of your problems, and they will try hard to help you out because if you’re hurting, they are hurting as well.

Libras know exactly what you need. If they see you need a little bit of cheering up, they will turn on their humorous side and make you laugh your ass off. If they see you want to talk seriously, they will provide you with deep, meaningful conversation.

Anyhow, Libras are a whole ‘best-friend’ package—they have it all.

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They value friendship and family above all things. They will be the ones who will stay by your side when you break up with someone. They will be the ones who will comfort and even cry with you in your hard times.

They will be the ones who will take you to concerts and suggest some therapy shopping at the mall, just because they feel you need it.

They will invest in your friendship like you are a part of their family. But be careful not to hurt a Capricorn because they won’t forgive you so easily—just because they will go ‘all-in’ with your friendship.