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6 Bulletproof Ways To Respond To His Mixed Signals

6 Bulletproof Ways To Respond To His Mixed Signals

If you are with some who is indecisive, someone who appears in and disappears from your life as the wind blows, you must be sick of it all.

Instead of wasting your time deciphering his mixed signals, there is something better you can do.

You can already have an answer ready for some of the most probable situations. These are 6 bulletproof ways to respond to his mixed signals:

1. Don’t get ahead of yourself

You went on a few dates, you texted every day. It was nice and you got used to it.

The bad side of this is that he is starting to pull away and you are scared that everything between you will end before it even had a chance to begin.

You want to text him and demand an explanation for this behavior.

However, that’s the last thing you should do. It will only make you seem desperate and it will make him pull even further away.

So, return his silence with silence. Ignore him to get his attention. If he is really into you and he just got scared of how things are going he will come to you after he comes to his senses.

If he doesn’t, that’s his loss and you will have your dignity intact. There is no point in chasing after anybody who isn’t chasing after you.

2. Stop overthinking and start doing

Instead of spending your days and nights replaying every possible scenario in your head, you should redirect your focus onto yourself.

Keep yourself busy. Find something you are interested in. Enroll on some course, sign up for dancing classes, read a book, go jogging. Live your own life.

Isn’t that better than staring at an empty screen trying to find hidden meaning behind his behavior? Learn to be your own priority and treat yourself with respect.

3. Don’t act like you are in a relationship until you officially are

You probably like him so much that he is all you think about. You feel connected.

There is some serious chemistry between the two of you but you don’t know where you stand.

Don’t stop texting other men, don’t cancel dates, don’t close your other options until he is ready to close his. Don’t treat him like your boyfriend until he is ready to be one.

4. Research his past

Thanks to social media, finding out things about the guy you like isn’t so difficult.

Go through his Facebook or Instagram account. Is there anything out there that can tell you a bit more about him?

If you get a chance to talk to his friends, you can ask them about him but in a subtle way.

Ask about his past and see whether he is the type of guy who is into something committed or if he likes playing games.

Does he have a habit of disappearing when things get a bit more serious? Does he talk about you at all? Those questions are general but you can find out a lot from them.

5. Don’t tolerate his behavior

Don’t tolerate someone who is flakey. He will text you all the time, then disappear for days.

He will promise you the world one day and act like he doesn’t know you the next.

The more time and effort you give him, the more opportunities you give him to trample all over your feelings. You don’t need a man who will only think of new ways to hurt you.

If he doesn’t have his shit together, if he is still not making your relationship official after you have been seeing each other for some time, don’t waste time on him. You will be so much better off without him.

6. Have ‘the talk’

Sooner or later his mixed signals will drive you nuts. When you reach that breaking point, you won’t hesitate to ask where you stand and if this is going anywhere.

Ask direct questions so he can’t talk his way out of giving you concrete answers. Ask, “What are we?”, “ Are we exclusive?”, “Can we see other people?” or something along those lines.

If you don’t get a concrete answer, you will at least know you are not in a relationship and that you should let him go.

On the other hand, if he tells you he is serious about you and that you are in a relationship, you can finally breathe easy.