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6 Heartbreaking Lessons I Learned After Losing My Soulmate

6 Heartbreaking Lessons I Learned After Losing My Soulmate

I’ve met my soulmate. I fell for him from the moment I met him. We were perfect for each other. Right from the start, both of us knew we were supposed to meet and be together.

We laughed together; we cried together. It’s was all I’d ever dreamt of. But, sadly, it didn’t last that long

We couldn’t be together. It was impossible for us to be together.

I can’t even begin to explain the heartbreak of meeting your soulmate and losing him shortly after.

When I finally realized that there is no way our situation could end up happily, I hit the breaking point in my life. I was falling apart, and I couldn’t pick myself up. I didn’t have a reason to move on because my life wasn’t worth living without him in it.

I really thought my life was over. I thought happiness had found me and walked right by me.

Thankfully, I bounced back from the horror I was faced with—the horror of living without him. I managed to find purpose and joy in my life once again.

It was hard. It was a period of my life filled with tears and despair. But when you hit rock bottom, the only place to go from there is up. And in the meantime, you rediscover yourself and learn to appreciate the person you are.

Here is what I learned after losing my soulmate:

1. Love will find you again

Life goes on. You aren’t stuck in the moment. You aren’t going to be unhappy for the rest of your life. It will take time to heal. It will be hard to move on, but you’ll make it.

It may seem hard and impossible at that moment, but later on, when you look back, you’ll see it wasn’t that bad. You’ll see how that experience made you stronger and better.
Life goes on, and you can’t stop it. You can’t do anything about it.

Your life didn’t begin and it doesn’t end with your soulmate. Each day passes, and you feel an inch better up to the point where you no longer feel pain.

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2. Memories will stick around

You’ll never forget about him. No matter how many years go by, you’ll always have memories. This is the hard part of letting go of your soulmate. Every time you feel sad in your life, you’ll go back, imagining the times when you were happy with him.

You’ll go to a safe place when you had your soulmate, and it will be hard to let go of the memories. But memories can’t haunt you for that long. They appear in the moments of your weakness, and as soon as you snap out of it, those memories are gone.

3. You’ll become a different person

You’ll never feel the same after losing a soulmate. A part of you will disappear with him. But that is not a bad thing. You’ll let go of that part of you like you let go of the person you can’t be with.

Then, reinventing begins. Then you learn and build another part of yourself. You’ll find things that make you happy, and you’ll fill that big void you had after you lost him.

You’ll become a different version of yourself, indeed a better one. It’s because you’ve grown and you’ve learned so much since your heartbreak. Things look so much clearer now because you know who you were and what you’re becoming.

4. You’re so much stronger than you think

When we said goodbye to each other, my world fell apart. Even to this day, I remember that time to be just one big blur. I was a dead person walking.

But I didn’t stay in that mood for long. I moved on because I didn’t have any other choice. Time was passing by, and I had to move on as well.

Only then, when something big like that hit me, I realized I had so much strength in me. After feeling so much pain and after dealing with such a loss, I picked myself up and moved on with my life. I had it in me, and I didn’t even realize it then.

5. Sometimes love is just not enough

We loved each other so much. But for us, love wasn’t enough. We met at the completely wrong time in our lives. We were at different stages in life with a timing which couldn’t be more off. We had to go our separate ways despite the fact we wanted to be together.

We loved each other. We were meant to be with each other, but we didn’t choose each other. We didn’t want to commit because us being together would hurt so many people around us. We couldn’t be that selfish.

6. ‘The one’ doesn’t exist, only the more suitable one at that time

We were soulmates, but that didn’t mean we agreed on everything. We loved each other, and we had a feeling we could love each other to the day we die, but that didn’t mean we were perfect.

We argued because we both had opinions of our own. But the beauty of it is that despite our differences, we knew how to find a way back to each other and understand each other. We made it work.

You’ll never meet a person who is just like you. You’ll never meet someone who doesn’t disagree with your points or argue for their cause. You don’t have to be like that person, and that is okay.

A lot of people are compatible but in a lot of different ways. The thing is whether you’ll find the right thing you need from someone at the right time. If you do, then that person is ‘The One’.